Where Was Band Of Brothers Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Drama Series!!


Are you looking for a well written show, depicting the brotherly love of army men on the battlefield? Well, then look no more! Because today I will share with you a drama show, Band of Brothers. And later in this article, I’ll also share with you, where was Band of Brothers filmed.

The American mini-series, Band of Brothers, released in 2001, was inspired by a book by Stephen E. Ambrose, published 9 years prior to the show. The series showcases the historic events that transpired during World War II. Specifically the part that the American Airforce and Easy Company’s 2nd battalion played in destroying enemy battlelines. 

Band of Brothers was super successful. The show won a number of prestigious awards, including the Golden Globe and the Emmy Awards. Commercially the show performed decently as well. Band of Brothers, has only 1 season with 10 episodes that aired on HBO upon its release.

Now, before we explore where was Band of Brothers filmed. Let’s discuss the plot of the show in brief. So that you may get a better understanding about the actual storyline.

Plot Of Band Of Brothers | What’s It About

At the very beginning of the show, Band of Brothers, the rigorous training of the Easy Company is depicted. Each corporal soldier is inspected minutely before deploying them to fight alongside the allied forces, in Britain.

The real drama in the series unfurls from episode 2 and 3 onwards. The newly recruited army men adjust themselves to the hard and horrid situations in England. And the initial disagreements and banters amongst their own battalion, makes them develop a strong bond. Soon after they are commissioned for the Battle of Carentan, where they come head to head with the German troops.

Midway through the show, a series of horrific and exhilarating fight sequences portray the events of the war in Germany. As most of the new soldiers die fighting for their country, they are readily replaced by the Easy Company men.

Finally, towards the end of the series, only a handful of Easy Company men remain alive. And they get sent to fight the axis power countries, mostly against Japan. Eventually after the Hiroshima bombing, the declaration of Japan from World War II, brings the show to an end, as the allied forces and Band of Brothers finally rejoice.

It’s time for us to find out where was Band of Brothers filmed. So that you may enjoy the filming locations of this miniseries!

Where Was Band Of Brothers Filmed? Let’s Know This War Series Closely!!

Creators of Band of Brothers, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, were pretty certain while choosing the filming locations for this mini series. Without looking anywhere else, they had sent their filming crew to scout for perfect filming spots in England and Switzerland. After which Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and East Sussex were selected to be the major filming spots for the show.

The principal photography began in March 2000 and was completed before the end of the year. The production unit shot highflying action sequences over the span of 7 months in England before moving on to Switzerland. 

Let us now discuss where was Band of Brothers filmed, in depth. And find out more about the exact filming spots!

Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire | England

Where Was Band Of Brothers Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Drama Series!!

The production crew, after reaching England, directly moved to its first filming spot in Buckinghamshire. The small village of Hambleden, located a few miles south-west from the Shire County, is where the filming of the initial episodes was done. 

The production selected an open field, to shoot the initial sequences which feature the training scenes. And a set was constructed in the village, to portray the barracks of Easy Company, before they were commissioned to go for war, in the show.

The scenes which showcase the events that took place in Britain, were filmed in the Goldings Estate in Hertfordshire. The filming crew transported all the logistics from the village of Hambeleden and a similar set was made! The exterior shots of the estate and the scenes which depicted the final preparation of the allied troops were filmed here.

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East Sussex | England

Where Was Band Of Brothers Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Drama Series!!

Subsequently, the production unit moved to its final filming location in England, East Sussex. The historic Ashdown Forest, located 30 miles south of London, was used to film the scenes where the Easy Company is shown fighting against the German troops. 

The filming crew filmed extensively on this location, capturing different angles and experimenting with different light settings. To bring out the natural beauty of the place and make it look more realistic.

Kanton Bern, Switzerland

Where Was Band Of Brothers Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Drama Series!!

The production unit, after completing shooting the majority of the scenes in England, flew to Switzerland. The logistics were pre arranged and were kept at its place, before the filming crew arrived at the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

The outdoor sequences of the idyllic location were filmed for the final episodes. Magnificent scenes of Lake Brienz were also captured, to depict the waterbody scene. To shoot the interior scenes of the celebration of Easy Company after the war was concluded. The Giessbach Hotel was used. Special permission was acquired from the hotel authorities and an entire floor was booked to film the interior sequences.

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Final Words

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I’ve shared with you where was Band of Brothers filmed. I hope you enjoyed the read and got what you were looking for. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section below! Be sure to visit Viebly, to check out more interesting articles.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Show Band of Brothers?

The cast members of the show Band of Brothers includes Kirk Acevedo, Eion Bailey, Dale Dye, Scott Gomez, Rick Grimes and Damian Lewis amongst many!

How Many Seasons Are There In The Show Band of Brothers?

As this is a mini series, Band of Brothers has only 1 season! There are a total of 10 episodes in season 1.

Are There Any Sequels To The Show Band of Brothers?

No, unfortunately there are no sequels to the series Band of Brothers.

Who Is The Director Of The Show Band of Brothers?

Phil Alden Robinson and Richard Loncraine were the directors of the show Band of Brothers.

What Is The Rating Of The Show Band of Brothers?

The show Band of Brothers has a TV-MA rating.

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