Where Was Best In Show Filmed? Christopher Guest’s Mockumentary Film!!


Have you watched enough war dramas like Saving Private Ryan and are looking for a rib-tickling comedy film? If the answer is yes, you can definitely watch Best in Show, starring Fred Willard. Read this article to get all the details and also find out where was Best in Show filmed.

Best in Show is a satirical film that was released in the year 2000. This hysterical comedy movie mocks the typical behavior of over-enthusiastic dog owners, who would do anything to watch their pet win a competition.

Apart from directing this comedy-drama movie, Christopher Guest actually pitched in as a screenplay writer, working alongside Eugen Levy. While Karen Mark and Gordon Murphy gave funds for the completion of this project.

Even though Best in Show wasn’t particularly best in its class per se, however, this movie still went on to gross over $20 million at the box office. The unorthodox comedy film lovers appreciated the overall storyline of Best in Show and the on-screen performance of the actors.

But, before I let you in on other nitty-gritty details of this movie, let’s discuss where was Best in Show filmed.

Where Was Best In Show Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Drama Film Closely!

The basic premise of Best in Show is set around various locations in America, However, the majority of the events in the movie take place in the states of Florida and Pennsylvania.

But you’d be surprised to know that more than half of the entire film was shot in Canada. Guest specifically wanted to shoot the majority of the outdoor scenes in the province of British Columbia to basically keep the production budget low.

The filming locations, which were scouted in Pennsylvania and Florida during the initial stages of production, were way too expensive. Plus, the fact that most of the scenes involved filming with animals, and the production members were required to get special shooting permission from the authorities of each filming location in America.

Even if the director could have arranged the required shooting budget from his sources, he wasn’t necessarily interested in acquiring filming permission each time. 

So to keep things fair and simple and gain filming tax credit, Guest and his team decided to shoot the majority of the outdoor scenes of Best in Show in and around the province of British Columbia.

The principal photography commenced in the second week of November 1999 and was completed before the end of the year. The shooting schedule was quite short because the production was able to successfully arrange the logistics in advance.

Plus, the fact that the interior scenes were filmed within a week in California also helped the crew to stay on top of shooting dates.

Alrighty, friends! It’s time for us to discuss where was Best in Show filmed in depth.

British Columbia | Canada

Where Was Best In Show Filmed? Christopher Guest’s Mockumentary Film!!

The shooting process of Best in Show commenced in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. The opening scene of the film, where we see the characters of Cookie and Gerry Fleck giving an interview to a news channel, was filmed in Vancouver.

The production members used a medium-sized house located in the southern part of Vancouver. Since the director wanted to depict the affluent lifestyle of Cookie and her husband, he decided to shoot this scene around a posh location in Vancouver.

After the interior shots of Cookie’s family home were captured by the crew, some additional shots were taken around the same property. These shots were mainly filmed to depict the upscale neighborhood of Cookie and Gerry.

Other important scenes, such as the Bait Shop scene, were filmed in the village of Anmore. This beautiful village is an integral part of Metro Vancouver and is located in the northern part of Port Moody.

After these scenes were captured, the production members moved to the township of Langley. The motorhome driving scenes were then filmed near Aldergrove, after which the filming crew moved to the downtown area of Vancouver.

The final scene of the movie, featuring the pet competition, was filmed on an exhibition ground located near Pacific Coliseum. The remaining interior shots were captured in California during the last stages of filming,

Let me now walk you through the plot of Best in Show. In the meantime, you can also check out other filming locations for Menu and Top Gun Maverick.

Plot Of Best In Show | What’s It About

The story of Best in Show revolves around a middle-aged American couple who go to all lengths to make their pet dog win a competition. At the very beginning of the film, the character of Gerry appears to be delighted after his wife informs him about a pet competition.

The couple soon fix up their motorhome and plan for a road trip from Florida to the city of Philadelphia. While on the road trip, Gerry’s wife starts prepping the Norwich Terrier for the dog show. However, when Cookie and Gerry make a quick stop at a gas station, their pet dog escapes from the vehicle and gets lost.

Watch Best in Show and find out how Gerry ends up finding the Norwich Terrier and finally reaches Florida to participate in the competition.

Final Words

We’ve reached the end, guys. But, I hope you enjoyed the read and noted all the filming locations of this comedy film. If you’re interested in reading other articles like where was Best in Show filmed, let us know in the comments.

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Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Best In Show?

Robert Schaefer is the cinematographer of the film Best In Show.

What Is The Rating Of The Best In Show?

The film Best In Show has a PG-13 rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Best In Show?

C.J. Vanston is the music director of the film Best In Show.

Who Is The Producer Of The Best In Show?

Gordon Mark and Karen Murphy are the producers of the film Best In Show.


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