Where Was Beyond The Edge Filmed? A Gripping Russian Action Adventure Film!!


If you wanna take a break from watching over-the-top romantic films, then follow this article to know more about the action-adventure flick, Beyond the Edge, starring Milos Bikovic. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Beyond the Edge filmed.

The Russian crime thriller flick, Beyond the Edge released in 2018, was primarily inspired by a fictional story, written by Aleksandra Primachenko. Francesco Cinquemani later worked alongside Aleksandr B. and further developed the screenplay to make it more intriguing.

The basic premise of Beyond the Edge revolves around a mysterious Russian gambler, who assembles a team of criminals with special abilities. The plot thickens when the lead actor trains the criminals to use their special abilities and later heists a multi-cooperation bank.

The makers of Beyond the Edge were massively disappointed with the underwhelming commercial performance of this film. Beyond the Edge somehow, only managed to surpass the nominal production budget, in global collections. Plus the fans, who were eagerly waiting for this sci-fi film, were disheartened to witness the shambolic performance of the actors.

However, if you’re intrigued to know where was Beyond the Edge filmed, then continue to read this piece.

Where Was Beyond The Edge FIlmed? Let’s Know This Action Adventure Film Closely!

The story of Beyond the Edge is set in Russia, however, you’d be amazed to know that the shooting of this gripping film also took place in Georgia. That’s right guys, during the initial stages of pre-production, the makers arranged a special meeting to discuss the filming locations.

Subsequently, after reviewing the production budget, the makers decided to shoot a few sequences of the film internationally. Thus, a special team was then sent to Italy and Georgia to locate potential shooting sites.

After several weeks the filming crew scouted a number of places in Georgia and Italy and then submitted the same list to the creative heads. The makers then finally decided to shoot a few sequences of the movie around the country of Georgia. However, the majority of the sequences were filmed in Russia, specifically around Moscow.

The principal photography began in the summer of 2018 and was concluded in two months or so. Thankfully, during the course of shooting no major issues arose, which forced the production members to halt shooting. The entire filming schedule remained the same, as it was originally planned.

Now, are you ready to know where was Beyond the Edge filmed? Then without waiting any longer, let’s get started.

Moscow, Russia

Where Was Beyond The Edge Filmed? A Gripping Russian Action Adventure Film!!

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the lead character being released from prison, was actually filmed in Moscow. The production members had to take special shooting permission, to capture this sequence outside one of the state penitentiaries.

Other pivotal sequences of the movie were shot near the iconic Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral. The scene where the gambler meets with other criminals and later devises the plan for the heist was filmed inside a local cafe located near Red Square. 

Special lighting equipment had to be used for capturing the outdoor sequence of the first meet, during the night. Additional sequences of the movie were captured around Gorky Central Park, after which the production members moved to the next filming location.

Other Filming Locations

Where Was Beyond The Edge Filmed? A Gripping Russian Action Adventure Film!!

After the majority of the outdoor sequences were shot around Moscow and a few other places in Russia, the filming crew moved to Georgia. The sequence depicting the actual heist in the movie was filmed in the city of Tbilisi. 

The production members then finally moved to Italy, to capture the remaining sequences of the movie. All major indoor sequences of the film were captured inside Cinecitta Studios, located on the outskirts of Rome.

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Alright friends, now allow me to give you an overview of Beyond the Edge. In the meantime, you can check out True Detective, Magnum PI and The Pianist as well.

Plot Of Beyond The Edge | What’s It About

Where Was Beyond The Edge Filmed? A Gripping Russian Action Adventure Film!!

The story of Beyond the Edge revolves around the character of Michael, a chronic gambler, who is a master of his trade. At the very beginning of the film, the lead actor gets released after he completes his due time in a state prison in Moscow.

As the story gradually progresses, the gambler devises a plan and then arranges a number of criminals for a daring heist operation. The criminals which the lead actor arranged possessed special abilities, which became more powerful after the special training. Watch Beyond the Edge to find out how a gambler performs a heist with a team of amateur criminals.

Final Words

Alright friends, I hope you’ve gathered where was Beyond the Edge filmed. If you enjoyed the read do let us know in the comments section below. But, if you’d like us to cover any other title of your choice, you can mention that as well. To read similar pieces, you can check out other articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Beyond The Edge?

The cast of the film Beyond The Edge includes Milos Bikovic, Antonio Banderas, and Yuriy Chursin along with some other actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Beyond The Edge?

V. Lisnevsky is the cinematographer of the film Beyond The Edge

What Is The Rating Of The Film Beyond The Edge?

The film Beyond The Edge has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Beyond The Edge?

Alex HarDrum is the music director of the film Beyond The Edge .

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Beyond The Edge?

Viktor Demseyuk and Adrea Lervolino are the producers of the film Beyond The Edge amongst a few others.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Beyond The Edge?

1h 51m is the runtime of the film Beyond The Edge 

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