Where Was Free Guy Filmed? Ryan Reynolds Comedy At Its Best!


Ryan Reynolds has it all. He plays a cool anti-hero character loved by all, has a ripped body, a beautiful wife, and a wicked sense of humor. Taking advantage of the last one, we see Ryan Reynolds in a hilarious role in the comedy movie Free Guy. Today, we’re here to tell you all about it, and also where was Free Guy filmed! So keep on reading till the very end.

Right off the bat, Free Guy takes place in an online game world known as Free City, so does the place really exist? Well no, Reynolds didn’t actually become a game character. Directed by the legendary Shawn Levy the movie takes place across various real places in the US. 

So if you’re wondering where was Free Guy filmed, then we have your answer. Free Guy was mostly filmed across the region of Massachusetts. Various cities like Boston, Worcester, and Revere were used for filming. Some parts of the movie that required visual effects and CGI were filmed at Paramount Studios in LA, California.

Due to the filming locations within the movie being well known, the local residents will feel that Free City looks familiar. That usually happens when popular spaces are used to film movies and series. Something similar has happened with popular shows like The Vampire Diaries, Heartland, and many others!

The Plot Of Free Guy | What Is The Movie About?

Now, before we move on to see where was Free Guy filmed, we need to know more about the movie! Besides Ryan Reynolds, we also see Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, and Taika Waititi in the movie! While Taika might be more familiar with a director’s seat, he does a cameo in the movie that is really worth watching!

Free Guy takes place in the universe of an online multiplayer game called Free City. the game consists of real online players and lots of Non-Playable Characters. There is no standard premise to the game and all the players are free to do what they want. They can wander around aimlessly, level up by doing various tasks, or fight each other. 

It’s all mayhem in the game. ‘Guy’ is also an NPC and works as a bank teller. Sticking to his routine is all he knows and he is content with the job he has. Until one day he meets a player called Millie. The real person behind this character is actually the one who developed the concept of the game but had her idea stolen.

The two are set on an adventure to try to find the answers and codes that would prove Millie actually owns the game. Along the way, Guy and Millie meet friends as well as enemies. The scariest of them all is ‘Dude’. An NPC that is big and strong and almost indestructible. Does Millie succeed in finding her answers? What happens to Guy as the gaming studio plans to launch Free Guy 2? Well, you will have to watch the movie to find out!

Where Was Free Guy Filmed? All The Important Locations You Need To Know About!

Free Guy was released in theatres across the US on August 13, 2021. It received a positive response from the audience as well as good reviews from the critics. This made the movie a commercial success.

So, where was Free Guy filmed? Let’s right into that then!

Massachusetts, USA

Where Was Free Guy Filmed? Ryan Reynolds Comedy At Its Best!

Most of the filming of Free Guy has been done in Massachusetts. Most of the main cities in the region were used for filming and feature extensively throughout the movie! Folks native to the region will notice a lot of common landmarks that pop up in the movie.

Boston, Massachusetts

Where Was Free Guy Filmed? Ryan Reynolds Comedy At Its Best!

If there is one place that every filmmaker loves, it is to at least have one film shot in Boston. So in order to have a real city be the stand-in for Free City, the city of Boston was used. Most of the filming in Boston took place in areas like the Financial District in downtown Massachusetts. We also see the cast and crew around areas like Liberty Square and Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge.

Worcester, Massachusetts

Just like Boston, Worcester is also a veteran of hosting awesome movies. Some that are quite famous include movies like American Hustle. Free Guy has been filmed mostly around the Franklin Street area. The city is quite famous for its tall buildings and busy city streets. The iconic police car chase in Free Guy has been filmed in Worcester too!

Framingham, Massachusetts

Where Was Free Guy Filmed? Ryan Reynolds Comedy At Its Best!

The premise of Free Guy is set from the start when we see Guy working as a bank teller. The filming of scenes involving the bank was filmed in Framingham. A building on Concord Street was used as the building for the bank and all shots were filmed there. For those who are interested in the history of the city here’s an interesting fact. Till 2018, Framingham was considered a town and only got its city status recently.

Weymouth, Massachusetts

Lastly, another key place that was used to film Free Guy is Weymouth. More specifically a place called The Hangout is located at Union Point. The area has a big hanger that can accommodate any big aircraft, which means the location is often used to make sets for movies. And Free Guy happened to make good use of the space too!

Paramount Studios, Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Where Was Free Guy Filmed? Ryan Reynolds Comedy At Its Best!

There are no outdoor scenes that needed to be filmed in Los Angeles. But due to the post-production requirement of computer graphics, the movie had to be taken into a studio. Paramount Studios in Los Angeles provided the perfect spot for that.

The game-like look of the city of Free City has been done in the studio. We see Dude looking exactly like the character of Ryan Reynolds, but the person is gigantic and huge. The face of Reynolds was superimposed artificially on the stand-in actor to make it seem so. So if you were wondering did Reynolds really bulk up so much, then the answer is, no, he didn’t.

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Free Guy filmed! The movie will make you laugh out loud, but it also has moments that will make you go ‘aw’. Let us know which of the two emotions you end up feeling.

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Is Free Guy released on Netflix?

No, Free Guy is not on Netflix

Is Free Guy inappropriate for children?

Free Guy is rated PG-13, so it might not be appropriate for little children.

Will there be a Free Guy 2?

According to movie insiders, Free Guy 2 is in the works, but there is no official confirmation yet.

Who plays Mr buttons in Free Guy?

Channing Tatum plays the character of Revenjamin Buttons, an avatar in Free City who owns a stash house that Guy and MolotovGirl try to break into to obtain incriminating data involving Life Itself.

Where to watch Free Guy in 2022?

You can rent or buy Free Guy Apple TV in 2022!

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