Where Was Gotham Filmed? The Scenic City Of Crime!


Action-packed and crime-related movies are loved by viewers because of the exciting experience. The city of Gotham is one of the most famous fictional places among viewers due to it being the center of the DC universe. If you are a fan of DC, you must have watched the series, Gotham. If you want to know where was Gotham filmed, you have come to the right place.

Gotham presents the journey of the crime city, and the rampant evil in the streets before Batman made himself known. The series has five seasons so far and revolves around the journey of a detective who tries to solve crimes in the city.

Gotham was filmed primarily in New York. Most of the filming happened in Long Island, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. It is a given that the huge buildings and metropolitan area of New York provided a perfect backdrop for creators to create the fictional city of Gotham. If you are a fan of DC movies and shows, you will for sure want to check out the show if you haven’t done that already.

We will be discussing where was Gotham filmed and what the show is all about. But if you want to find the filming locations for some other titles, then you are free to check out the places where titles like In The Key Of Love and Lies And Deceit were filmed.

Gotham | The Crime City Before Batman!

We will be taking a look at the plot of the action-packed storyline before we discuss where was Gotham filmed.

Gotham is an action crime drama that presents the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. However, the case is simply shoved under the rugs and no one attempts to solve it. Bruce Wayne feels traumatized by the events and the lack of action by the detectives regarding his parents’ murder.

Moved by Bruce’s drive to achieve justice, Detective James Gordon decides to uproot the crime activities within Gotham city. As Bruce grows with the drive to seek justice for his parents, Gordon tries his best to go against major criminals within the city to uproot them. However, this act of his gradually makes the criminals frustrated and he paints a target on his back.

We all know that Bruce will eventually seek justice in the city by becoming Batman, but what will happen until then? Will James Gordon be able to move against his own team and fight against the criminals all alone? 

IMDb Rating7.8
Runtime (per episode)42 minutes
Creator(s)Bruno Heller
CastBen McKenzie, Jada Pinkett Smith, Donal Logue
Release DateSeptember 22, 2014 (United States)
Production(s)Primrose Hill Productions, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Television

Where Was Gotham Filmed? 

Where Was Gotham Filmed? The Scenic City Of Crime!

Gotham is one of many movies and shows that present viewers with a sneak peek into the DC universe and the origin stories of one of the most famous characters in the universe. But do you know where was Gotham filmed, and what locations were used to recreate the fictional city of crime and evil?

You might also want to check out the places where some amazing movies like Last Seen Alive and Rush Hour 2 were filmed as well. But for now, let’s find the filming locations for Gotham.


Where Was Gotham Filmed? The Scenic City Of Crime!

The series Gotham was filmed in multiple regions across New York. The Steiner studios in Brooklyn were used for the sound engineering of the series. Other places in Brooklyn that were used for actual filming for the series are, Brooklyn Navy Yard, and some minor scenes were also filmed in the streets of the city.

Brooklyn has a lot to offer for travelers, as the metropolitan city has a lot of local attractions for people to visit. The city has some amazing lush places like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Prospect Park. The city is also home to museums like Brooklyn Museum and New York Transit Museum.

You will also be able to travel to places like Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Dyker Heights, Bushwick Collective Street Art, and Brooklyn Tabernacle. The city is also quite famous as a filming location among creators. Movies like Do The Right Thing, Brooklyn, Saturday Night Fever, Goodfellas, The French Connection, and Sophie’s Choice were also filmed in Brooklyn.

Staten Island

Where Was Gotham Filmed? The Scenic City Of Crime!

The scenes in the series Gotham that feature Arkham Asylum were filmed in the Richmond University Medical Center situated in Staten Island. Multiple scenes from the series were filmed in Staten Island because it had a perfect backdrop to portray a gloomy city. 

If you plan to travel to Staten Island, you will be able to explore multiple amazing attractions for sure. The island is home to multiple restored gardens like the Fresh Kills Park, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, and the Chinese Scholar’s Garden. You can only visit the island by ferry and it is undeniably an amazing experience. The museums situated on Staten Island are quite amazing, and you can explore the Staten Island Museum and the National Lighthouse Museum.

Staten Island has also been the filming location for multiple exciting classic movies over the years. The island has been home to classics like Perils of Pauline, The Battle Cry of Peace, That Kind of Woman, and The Godfather. Recent movies filmed on Staten Island are The Avengers, Sleepwalk With Me, and The Bourne Legacy.

Long Island

Where Was Gotham Filmed? The Scenic City Of Crime!

The Wayne Manor in the series Gotham is situated at Glen Cove which is on Long Island. Even though not many places in Long Island were used for the filming of the series, it is undeniable that Wayne Manor is one of the most important places in the series.

Long Island is a haven for people who love to travel to scenic locations. The island has a lot of picturesque places to visit like the Montauk Point Lighthouse, Cooper’s Beach, Long Beach, and the Cross Sound Ferry. The island is also home to multiple state parks like the Jones Beach State Park, Caumsett State Park, Robert Moses State Park, and Montauk Point State Park.

Besides these places, Long Island also houses an aquarium, and places like Tanger Outlets Riverhead, Antique Carousel, and Long Beach. The island is also quite famous among creators for filming. Some of the famous movies filmed on Long Island are Batman Forever, Cruel Intentions, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, and Sabrina.

Final Words

This is all the information about where was Gotham filmed. Movie nerds can also check out the streaming options for titles like Call Her Daddy Podcast and Baddies South Online.

If you are interested in content like this read about where was Gotham filmed, you can also find filming locations of your favorite movies and TV shows with us as well.

What is the cast of Gotham?

The cast of the series Gotham is Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Zabryna Guevara, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Camren Bicondova, Cory Michael Smith, and Victoria Cartagena.

Where can you watch Gotham?

You will be able to stream the series, Gotham, on Amazon Prime Video.

How many seasons are there in Gotham?

There are a total of 5 seasons in the series Gotham.

Is the trailer of Gotham available on Youtube? 

Yes, you can check out the series trailer for Gotham on Youtube.

Is Gotham a real place in New York?

No, Gotham is not an actual place in New York and is a fictional city.

Where is Wayne Manor in Gotham?

The Wayne Manor portrayed in the series Gotham is at 1007 Mountain Drive, Gotham. It is a fictional location, and the actual manor is at Glen Cove in Long Island, New York.

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