Where Was Grumpy Old Men Filmed? A Vintage Comedy Drama Flick From 1993!!


If you want to know where was Grumpy Old Men filmed, then continue to read this article till the very end. Today, I’ll acquaint you with the vintage comedy-drama film, Grumpy Old Men, starring Jack Lemmon. Plus, later in this article, I’ll also let you in on its filming locations.

The American romantic comedy flick, Grumpy Old Men released almost 30 years back, was actually inspired by a fictional story by Mark Steven Johnson. This hysterical flick stands as the first installment of the Grumpy Old Men film series and was followed by Grumpier Old Men.

The basic premise of Grumpy Old Men revolves around the character of two senile old men, who live in the same neighborhood. The age-old feud between them amps up when a new lady moves in as the new neighbor.

Commercially, Grumpy Old Men performed decently. This super-exciting film went on to gross over $84 million at the box office, against the production budget of just $35 million. Comedy flick lovers enjoyed the story of the film thoroughly and generally gave positive reviews to the film. Grumpy Old Men earned multiple nominations and also won a major award.

Now, let’s explore where was Grumpy Old Men filmed. So, that you can take a closer look at the astounding filming locations. Furthermore, I’ll also give you an overview of this comedy-drama film.

Where Was Grumpy Old Men Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Drama Flick Closely!

The story of Grumpy Old Men is set in a small town in North Carolina. This shooting was supposed to take place on location, as planned by the creators during the initial days of pre-production. However, after a major disagreement, Donald Petrie, the director of the film, decided to shoot the entire film in and around the state of Minnesota.

After joining this project, Donald asked the production members to scout for various filming locations around the state of Minnesota. Soon, a number of suitable shooting locations were scouted and the director eventually decided to commence shooting there.

The principal photography began in the first week of February 1993 and continued till the end of April of the same year. The majority of the shooting took place around the city of St. Paul, while a few pivotal sequences were also filmed in Chanhassen.

The shooting schedule remained unchanged, as the production members pre-arranged the logistics and managed to stay on top of the filming dates. So, without further ado, let’s discuss where was Grumpy Old Men filmed in-depth.

St. Paul, Minnesota | USA

Where Was Grumpy Old Men Filmed? A Vintage Comedy Drama Flick From 1993!!

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the characters of Max and John, was actually filmed in the city of St. Paul. The production members used a medium-sized house located at 1133 Hyacinth Avenue to capture the sequences of John’s family home. 

In fact, the sequences depicting the house of Max in the movie were also captured around the same location. A considerable amount of changes had to be made to the exterior structure of the properties, to give them a vintage look. The interior setting remained the same, for the most part, as only minor changes were made.

Other important sequences in St. Paul were filmed near Divine Redeemer Hospital and Half Time Rec. The scenes depicting Slippery’s Tavern in the movie were captured inside Half Time Rec, located at 1013 Front Avenue, St. Paul. Special shooting permission had to be acquired, before filming inside this commercial property.

Filming in St. Paul continued till the middle of March 1993, after which the production members moved to the next filming location in Minnesota.

Chanhassen, Minnesota | USA

After shooting the majority of the sequences in St. Paul and several other cities in Minnesota, the production members finally arrived in the city of Chanhassen. The sequences showcasing Chuck’s Bait Shop and Rebecca’s family home were captured here.

Additional sequences were also filmed near the famous Paisley Park, located near the downtown area of the city. The production members then used the well-equipped Paisley Park Studios situated at 7801 Audubon Rd and filmed the remaining interior sequences.

Shooting in Chanhassen continued till the end of April 1993. The production members then wrapped the entire filming process and returned back to California.

Ok amigos, now allow me to discuss the plot of Grumpy Old Men in brief. So that you can get a better grip of the narrative of this film. Meanwhile, you can check out Central Intelligence, Kindergarten Cop and Paul as well.

Plot Of Grumpy Old Men | What’s It About

Where Was Grumpy Old Men Filmed? A Vintage Comedy Drama Flick From 1993!!

The basic premise of Grumpy Old Men is centered around the characters of Max and John, two old men who are always at each other’s throats. At the beginning of the film, Max plays an insensitive prank on John, to get back at him for ruining his Christmas decoration. But soon John retaliates by setting Max’s backyard on fire.

As the story progresses further, the banter between the old men continues. However, when a middle-aged woman named Aerial moves to the same neighborhood, the rivalry amps up. John and Max compete with each other in trying to impress their new neighbor and end up pulling ruthless pranks on one another. Watch Grumpy Old Men to find out who gets to be with Ariel, eventually.

Final Words

Alright friends, so now that we’ve reached the end, I hope now you finally know where was Grumpy Old Men filmed. If you enjoyed the read, don’t forget to let us know, in the comments section below. If you’d like us to cover any other title, you can mention that as well. That’s all for now, see you next time!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Grumpy Old Men?

The cast of the film Grumpy Old Men includes Jack Lemmon, Walter Mathau, and Ann-Margret along with some other actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Grumpy Old Men?

Johnny Jensen is the cinematographer of the film Grumpy Old Men.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Grumpy Old Men?

The film Grumpy Old Men has a Pg-13 rating.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Grumpy Old Men?

1h 43m is the runtime of the film Grumpy Old Men.

Are There Any Sequels To The Film Grumpy Old Men?

Grumpy Old Men was followed by Grumpier Old Men, which was released three years after the original film.


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