Where Was Hell Fest Filmed? Intriguing Locations Of A Slasher Movie!


Have a thing for horror films? Does the thought of a frightful maniac with a knife in his hand make your Friday night more exciting? If yes is the answer, then you should consider the slasher movie Hell Fest (2018). Today, in this article, you’ll get to know about the movie and where was Hell Fest filmed. Make sure you read the entire article!

The slasher film, Hell Fest was directed by Gregory Plotkin and released on September 28, 2018. The movie follows a group of teenagers who are being followed by a serial murderer while attending a traveling Halloween fair. The critics’ opinions of the film were divided. So, the movie got only an average rating from the critics.

For fans of the genre, “Hell Fest” is an entertaining ride with lots of thrills on display. The atmosphere of the movie constructs a facade that shields spectators from seeing the looming danger. The friends have the difficult chore of defending themselves from the psychotic killer while navigating through monotonous mazes.

So, you were intrigued by the lavish setting of “Hell Fest” and wanted to learn more about where was Hell Fest filmed? Then we have covered the details for you, continue reading and find the filming locations.

The Plot Of Hell Fest | What Is The Story About?

A young woman is killed by a masked assailant after becoming lost in her group. The murderer hangs the body so that it blends in with the park’s decorations. Natalie, Brooke, and Taylor, three pals, go to Hell Fest on Halloween with their boyfriends.

Believing that it is all an element of the Hell Fest, Natalie tells the killer where she is. Natalie is shocked when the murder occurs in front of her, but she continues to believe it is a ruse. But the murder appears too genuine to be denied. They begin to feel the killer’s disguised gaze.

The attacker tries to target the group members as his next victims, bringing Natalie’s fear a step closer to reality. However, the carnival’s setup makes it challenging for the friends to spot the danger because the majority of the staff are dressed in the same kind of masks as the murderer. The killer starts killing them horribly as the gang disperses.

Will they manage to leave the park and stop the murdering spree? To know this, you should watch the movie.

Where Was Hell Fest Filmed? Check Out The Locations Here!

Where Was Hell Fest Filmed? Intriguing Locations Of A Slasher Movie!

After reading the scary plot, your interest in knowing about the locations might get increase. The movie was entirely filmed in Georgia. Beginning in February 2018, production was completed on April 13, 2018. To know the specific locations where was Hell Fest filmed, then have a look at the below points.

Atlanta, Georgia

Where Was Hell Fest Filmed? Intriguing Locations Of A Slasher Movie!

Atlanta served as the primary location of the Hell Fest movie. Atlanta served as the primary setting for “Hell Fest’s” on-location filming. At Six Flags White Water near Marietta, the Hell Fest theme park was built from scratch. Due to time constraints, the Six Flags amusement park was unavailable, but the water park was free because it was closed for the winter. 

As a result, under the direction of production designer Michael Perry, the production team constructed the sets at the water park. The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Paris is where the Emmy-nominated art director first gained experience with eerie settings.

The city of Atlanta is situated in Georgia’s northwest. Georgia State’s capital city is Atlanta. Atlanta is the ninth-largest city in the United States and the most populous city in Georgia. In addition to its involvement in the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta is renowned for its extensive history. The city is well known for its diversity, music, and culture.

It’s a popular location for tourist attractions as well. Atlanta offers a variety of options, whether you’re seeking opulent resorts or rustic country eateries. Are you prepared to visit one of the ripest peaches in Georgia? If so, then pack your things and travel to this beautiful city.

Interesting Filming Details To Know

Where Was Hell Fest Filmed? Intriguing Locations Of A Slasher Movie!

In order to build the set, Plotkin and Perry followed a strict timeline and used a catalog with roughly 300 pictures. The production team also had access to the props from one of the biggest haunts in the nation, Netherworld Haunted House.

The Netherworld crew sold the filmmakers some costumes as they were moving to a new destination in Atlanta. In addition to the costumes and props, some performers from the Netherworld were employed as scare actors.

The producers avoided CGI in favor of physical effects in order to give their gore some appearance of authenticity. The different backgrounds of the crew and the cool weather induced a dreadful atmosphere on the sets, which helped the storyline of the movie. So, the filmmakers were able to develop Hell Fest in a timeless manner with the help of the experts.

Final Words

Thus, I guess now you know the efforts of horror filmmakers to give thrilling effects to the audience. Also, you got the answer to your question about where was Hell Fest filmed. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then I suggest you watch it.

If you find this content interesting and prefer to know other fascinating locations, then do check out where were the movies like Midsommar, and Unlocking Christmas filmed. Visit our website every day to gain amazing stuff.

Will There Be A Hell Fest 2?

Although there have been no formal statements regarding the release of “Hell fest 2,” we can probably expect it to happen around 2023 or later.

What Occurs To The Girls In The Movie?

Unfortunately, Taylor passes away. To survive the terrifying situation, Natalie and Brooke use their intelligence and grit.

Who Is Hell Fest’s Murderer?

The main antagonist of the slasher movie Hell Fest is The Other.

Is There A Beach In Atlanta?

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is a landlocked location at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. So yeah, Atlanta doesn’t have any actual beaches.

Is A Trip To Atlanta Worthwhile?

Atlanta has so much to offer that multiple visits are necessary to see it all.

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