Where Was Maneater Filmed? Locations Of Horror Flick!


Do you love watching horror films that deal with wild animals? If yes, then Maneater (2007) is the right choice for you. To know more about this movie’s plot and where was Maneater filmed, read this article till the end.

The American television natural horror film, Maneater was directed by Gary Yates. Before making its official premiere on the Syfy Channel on September 8, 2007, the movie aired on different video-on-demand channels. This is the third film in the Maneater series.

You may be not familiar with the Maneater series if you don’t spend your Saturday nights before the SyFY channel watching people eaten by real and fictional monsters. So, there are more than 12 movies that are made for television all of which center on animals that enjoy eating people.

Whereas this Maneater movie depicts a Bengal tiger’s murderous rampage after it breaks free in a small Appalachian Trail town. The movie moves to the next level when the hunters try to stop it and a young boy attempts to save it.

Interesting storyline right? But before getting into this in detail, let us quickly discuss where was Maneater filmed.

Where Was Maneater Filmed? Here Are The Filming Locations Details!

Where Was Maneater Filmed? Locations Of Horror Flick!

Usually, in Syfy’s natural horror films, you can see only CG animals, but in this Maneater series, the production team used a real tiger. The tiger is a well-trained one and in the chasing scenes of the movie, the tiger is actually on the leash with its trainer following behind it. Later, the post-production team edited the leash and trainer from the scenes.

Even after all the efforts by the team, the movie only received criticism from the critics. Because of the overuse of stereotypical characters, and a plot hole.

Now, coming back to your main concern where was Maneater filmed? The major scenes of the movie were filmed in the region of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The below sections will explain the specific filming locations of the movie in detail.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Where Was Maneater Filmed? Locations Of Horror Flick!

As mentioned, all the scenes of Maneater were filmed in and around the Winnipeg region. Winnipeg is one of the popular destinations in Canada and many popular movies used this region for filming. Winnipeg is a modern architectural city with a lot of lush green around it. This is why the production team selected Winnipeg as the major shooting spot for Maneater.

The team is able to find the best spots for the filming and able to complete the shooting in a short period. If you are looking for the best place to visit in Canada, then Winnipeg can be your next destination. Because there are a lot of amenities in this city and also there are so many places to spend time with your family members.

Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada

Stonewall is another location that was featured in the film. Some of the street scenes of the movie were filmed in this region. Stonewall has many popular attractions and so it is a worthwhile place to visit during your vacation time.

From Stonewall Quarry Park to make other scenic spots, you have many exciting places to hang out. This is the best place because the locals make you feel comfortable. So, with the best location, the Maneater film crew was able to shoot the best scenes in this region.

Plot Of Maneater | What Is The Movie About?

Where Was Maneater Filmed? Locations Of Horror Flick!

The movie opens with an escaped tiger attacking a jogger along the Appalachian Trail. Sheriff Grady Barnes entered this case, and he determined that this is not due to a serial killer and there is a violent tiger behind the murder. He commits himself to guard his small town and killing the tiger.

Subsequently, Young Roy Satterly, who has a history of sleepwalking, learns that he has a strange connection to the tiger because he keeps seeing it in his dreams. Next, a big hunter from England entered the scene to hunt the tiger. So, do you want to know who hunted down the tiger and what happened to the little boy? Then watch this terrific horror movie.

Final Words

So, that’s all about where was Maneater filmed. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then it is good to plan for tonight and spot all the locations mentioned above in this article. I am sure that this movie is different from other usual horror films because of the real tiger involved in the scenes.

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Who Is The Writer Of The Movie Maneater?

Philip Morton is the writer of the movie Maneater

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Movie Maneater?

The cast members of the movie include Gary Busey, Ty Wood, and Ian D. Clark.

Who Is The Producer Of The Movie Maneater?

Phyllis Laing is the producer of the movie, Maneater.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Movie Maneater?

Peter Benison is the cinematographer of the film.

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