Where Was Signed Sealed Delivered Filmed? Where Is The Dead Letter Office?


Hallmark does not seem to miss its mark when it comes to feel-good entertainment. From love stories to inspirational stories, the channel has a lot to offer. Today, we’re here to talk about the long-running series Signed Sealed Delivered. We will see how it transitioned from a show into a made-for-television movie franchise. And also, where was Signed Sealed Delivered filmed? So read on till the very end!

The show takes us through a journey of emotions that range from happy and excited, to sad and heartbroken. The rollercoaster of emotions is what has kept the audience engaged with the show for so long. With one season down and thirteen movies in its roster, it’s safe to say, Signed Sealed Delivered is one of the greatest offerings on television!

So, where was Signed Sealed Delivered filmed? The premise of the series has been set in Denver, Colorado. But the filming of Signed Sealed Delivered has taken place entirely in British Colombia. Regions like Vancour, Langley, and Brittania Beach have been the places where all of the filmings have taken place.

Over the years, the filming locations in Canada have adapted well for large-scale productions. From shows like Heartland to movies like Game Set Love and The Perfect Catch, Canada has been home to loads of movies and shows. With no shortage of diverse forms of landscape, it’s no wonder more movies and shows are moving towards filming in Canada entirely!

The Plot Of Signed Sealed Delivered | What Is The Series All About?

Before we move on to see where was Signed Sealed Delivered filmed, we need to check out what the series is all about! Martha Williamson’s role in creating the show cannot be overshadowed. Her seasoned presence in shows like Touched By An Angel has made Signed Sealed Delivered an interesting series to follow. Throughout the show, we can feel the spiritual touch that Williamson often adds to her shows.

Signed Sealed Delivered follows the lives of four postal workers and is an interesting concept. The workers decide to give life to dead letters – a term used for undelivered mail that has no recipient. No matter the reason for the undeliverable status of the mail, the four workers make it their responsibility, that it reaches where it was intended to reach.

Often going above and beyond and relying on divine intervention in their tasks, the four workers (or Postables, as they are called) succeed in doing the impossible. The protagonists in the story are Oliver, Shane, Rita, and Norman and as the show goes on, the four become inseparable. Romance also brews between them and Oliver and Shane plan to marry.

While Rita and Norman are together, for the longest time in the series, the duo is seen to be trying to start a family. With the latest offering in the series, we see Oliver get anxious about her wedding and Shane’s mother taking it upon herself to make their lives miserable. Signed Sealed Delivered is mostly comedic in nature, but we have lots of romance, and heartfelt moments too!

Where Was Signed Sealed Delivered Filmed | All The Locations You Need To Know About!

With the last installment of the series premiering in late 2021, we don’t know when we will get to see Signed Sealed Delivered on our screens next. Overall, the audiences and critics have showered love with the reviews being somewhat mixed.

One of the most asked questions about the show is where is the Dead Letter Office. The place where all dead letters end up. So, where was Signed Sealed Delivered filmed? Let’s see which parts of Canada the filming takes place!

British Colombia, Canada

Where Was Signed Sealed Delivered Filmed? Where Is The Dead Letter Office?

The backyard of Hollywood or the sister cities of Los Angeles are scattered all around Canada. The region of British Colombia is home to most of those areas. Whether we are talking about long-term studio-heavy productions or simple movies, Canada is home to them all.

For shows that need places to look like they have been filmed in the US, urban landscapes in Canada prove to be a great option. And when things need to be taken out of the cities and out to mountains, lakes, or forests, well, Canada has loads of that too!

Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Where Was Signed Sealed Delivered Filmed? Where Is The Dead Letter Office?

Filming for most of the Hallmark productions takes place in Vancouver. So for Signed Sealed Delivered as well, Vancouver made the most sense. For outdoor as well as indoor scenes Vancouver had the most to offer. The Dead Letter Office, which is shown in the series as based in Denver has been filmed at a place in Vancouver.

Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Where Was Signed Sealed Delivered Filmed? Where Is The Dead Letter Office?

The visual diversity in British Colombia ensures that all types of scenes and stories can be set within the boundaries of the country. Scenes that need a change in architecture, location and overall vibe in Signed Sealed Delivered have been filmed at Langley in British Colombia. 

There are places where some sets needed to be constructed and some places, where common buildings and structures have been used. For scenes in Signed Sealed Delivered which showed places with historical significance, old heritage buildings and neighborhoods have been used for filming!

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope now you know where was Signed Sealed Delivered filmed! The series has a way to tug on your heartstrings. But besides the laughs and the tears, there is one thing Signed Sealed Delivered does better than any show out there. And that gives us hope. The strong spiritual influencer of Martha Williamson shines throughout the show!

If you loved knowing about the locations of the series here, then we have more to offer! Do check out where was The Unforgivable, Free Guy, and The Son filmed! All the locations will amaze you for sure! Also, if you have a movie or show that you want to be covered then let us know in the comments! We will surely try to get you the information that you need!

Where to watch Signed Sealed Delivered in 2022?

You can watch Signed Sealed Delivered on the Hallmark Channel!

How many episodes of Signed Sealed Delivered in total are there?

There are a total of 22 episodes of Signed Sealed Delivered.

Who plays Oliver in Signed Sealed Delivered?

Eric Mabius plays the role of Oliver in Signed Sealed Delivered!

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