Where Was Sons Of Katie Elder Filmed? A Western Drama Flick From The Mid-60s!!


Are you a fan of John Wayne and his iconic films? Then you should consider watching Sons of Katie Elder later this week. But if you want to find out where was Sons of Katie Elder filmed, then you need to read this article till the end and get all the answers right now.

Sons of Katie Elder is a Western drama film that was released in the mid-60s. John Wayne and Dean Martin played the lead roles in this iconic film, while Martha Hyer gave a stunning performance in the supporting lead role.

The basic premise of Sons of Katie Elder revolves around the characters of Katie Elder, an old American woman, and her four sons. The story gets interesting when Katie’s sons take a vow to avenge the horrific killing of their father and bring the culprits to justice.

Sons of Katie Elder, or The Sons of Katie Elder, was a massive commercial success. In fact, the makers didn’t

imagine this Western movie to be so successful initially. Sons of Katie Elder grossed over $23 million against the production budget of just $6 million. Over the years, this action drama film collected a number of prestigious nominations and also won a major award.

Before I share other information about this award-winning Western film, let’s first find out where was Sons of Katie Elder filmed.

Where Was Sons Of Katie Elder Filmed? Let’s Know This Western Drama Film Closely!

The story of Sons of Katie Elder is set in Clearwater, Texas, which is located 107 Miles east of Dallas. But the majority of the sequences of this movie were not even filmed in America. Henry Hathaway thought of filming the outdoor scenes anywhere but Texas, as he had shot a lot of films there.

So in order to match the rough and arid backdrop of Texas, the production members scouted a number of potential filming locations in America. But, as Hathaway didn’t approve of those filming locations, they were asked to continue searching.

A couple of weeks later, the director asked the filming crew to scout for shooting locations in Mexico. The locations were so perfect Hathaway readily agreed to shoot the majority of the scenes in and around Mexico.

However, right before the shooting process was about to begin, the director asked the production members to look for additional filming locations in Colorado. The principal photography of Sons of Katie Elder commenced in the first week of January 1965.

The shooting process continued till the final week of March of the same year. As I mentioned earlier, the majority of the outdoor shots were filmed in Mexico during the first phase of the shooting. While the remaining exterior shots were captured in and around the state of Colorado.

The interior sequences of Sons of Katie Elder were filmed in California, inside a famous film studio. I think you’d be amazed to know that special fire-arms were used to capture the gunfight sequences in the film.

Other than that, the production members also made sure to take care of the cattle animals that were used during the horse racing scenes in the movie.

It’s time for us to discuss in detail where was Sons of Katie Elder filmed. Furthermore, I’ll also give you an overview of this Western drama movie.


The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the lead actors for the first time, was filmed in Mexico. The production members selected a sparsely populated area located near Chupaderos, Durango, Mexico.

After these scenes were filmed, the production members moved to Casa Blanca and filmed the scenes showcasing the lost family home of the lead actors. Other important scenes in Durango were filmed near El Saltito and Alamos.

The sequences depicting the gunfight in the movie were shot in Mexico City. The production members took special shooting permission from the authorities before filming this action-packed scene.

Other Filming Locations

Other outdoor scenes from the final quarter of the movie were filmed in and around the state of Colorado. The sequence where one of the lead actors confronts the culprit outside his home was filmed near Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.

The interior scenes of this movie were filmed inside Paramount Studios, located at 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles.

By the final week of March 1965 the entire shooting process of Sons of Katie Elder was finished. After a week or two, the production members began working on the promotion of the film.

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And now, let me give you an overview of the Sons of Katie Elder. In the meantime, you can also read Netflix Gift Cards, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Breaking Bad.

Plot Of Sons Of Katie Elder | What’s It About

Where Was Sons Of Katie Elder Filmed? A Western Drama Flick From The Mid-60s!!

The story of the Sons of Katie Elder revolves around an old American lady and her four sons living in Clearwater, Texas. At the beginning of the film, Mrs. Elder loses all her possessions and property after being swindled by a cruel ranch owner.

As the story progresses further, Elder’s son vows to avenge their father’s death and bring back the lost glory to their home. Soon, the Elder brothers set out on a journey to catch and neutralize the culprit who duped their mother and killed their father.

Watch Sons of Katie Elder and find out the full story.

Final Words

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