Where Was Sounder Filmed? Filming Locations Of The ‘70s Drama Movie! 


If you’re into films like Single Black Female and Fences, you’ll like Sounder (1972). Because just like the other two, this movie narrates the struggles that come with being black. Sounder discusses racism, discrimination, courage, the human-dog relationship, and more. Apart from these things, people also like the filming locations of this movie. You must be wondering why that is. Well, you will have an answer once you read where was Sounder filmed

So, Sounder was entirely filmed in Louisiana, USA. Different places in Louisiana were used for filming different scenes of the movie. To be more specific, filming took place at places like East Feliciana Parish, St. Helena Parish, Clinton, etc. The shooting for the picture began in late August 1971 and went on till November of the same year. 

If you’ve already watched the movie, would you ever want to visit the filming locations? For memory’s sake? I guess, yes. And, if that is the case, you will need to know where Sounder was filmed–in greater detail. So, keep scrolling. Because below, you’ll find a detailed description of the filming locations! 

The Plot Of Sounder | What Is Sounder About?

Set in 1933, the storyline of Sounder revolves around the Morgan family. Being Black sharecroppers, they produce crops for their white landlords. David Morgan, the oldest of three siblings, helps their mother, Rebecca, on the farm. He also goes on hunts with their father, Nathan Lee Morgan, and dog Sounder on hunts. 

One particular day, the father-son duo loses the raccoon they were supposed to bring back home for dinner. As a result, they have nothing to eat. The children go to bed hungry but wake up to the smell of ham cooking for dinner. Later, it’s revealed that father Nathan stole the ham from a smokehouse nearby. 

He gets arrested by the police for stealing. Sounder runs behind the police car but is wounded by a bullet fired from the deputy’s gun. From the local jail, Nathan is sent to a prison camp, but the deputy refuses to share the address of the prison with Rebecca. 

When they finally get the address, Rebecca sends David to visit his father in prison. On his arduous journey, he’s accompanied by Sounder, who has stopped barking after the incident. The journey to and back from the prison becomes an odyssey for David.

He meets a devoted and outspoken Black school teacher who lets David stay at her home and also attend her classes. David longs to attend school with the other black kids, but his responsibilities pull him back home. 

Sometime later, Nathan is released from prison. Sounder barks (after a very long time) to greet his master. When Nathan hears about David’s experiences at school, he insists that David attends school full-time. Nathan doesn’t want his kids to live a life like his.  

Before we proceed any further, here are some more details about the film:

Release DateSeptember 24, 1972
Running Time1h 45m
Directed ByMartin Ritt
Produced ByRobert B. Radnitz
StarringCicely Tyson, Paul Winfield, Kevin Hooks, Carmen Matthew, James Best, Eric Hooks, Yvonne Jarrell
IMDb Rating7.5/10

Now, without further ado, let’s see where was Sounder filmed! 

Here’s Where Was Sounder Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

Isn’t the storyline of Sounder so freakingly heart-touching? I really admire the Morgan family’s courage and resilience. Apart from the storyline and central themes, what is bound to keep the audience hooked to the movie is its filming locations! It will make anyone wonder where was Sounder filmed. And the answer is in this article! 

Oh, and because you like to read about the filming locations of drama films, I suggest you also check out where Hidden Gems, The Hate U Give, The Wonder, and Little Women were filmed. Out of all these movies, The Hate U Give narrates the struggles of a Black family as well. And if you’re interested in learning about racism, discrimination, and gun violence, this movie is a good place to start. 

East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, USA

Where Was Sounder Filmed? Filming Locations Of The ‘70s Drama Movie! 

East Feliciana Parish is located in the heart of Louisiana’s Plantation Country. It happens to be one of the most picturesque and historical landmarks in the state. So, it’s easy to see why the filmmakers could have wanted to film a part of the movie here. The Morgan family worked as Sharecroppers, and this location can do well to film the scenes that depicted the same. 

Apart from Sounders, movies like Jeepers Creepers III (yeah, the horror film that blew everyone’s minds), The Long, Hot Summer, Moon Of The Wolf, and Blaze were also filmed in East Feliciana Parish. 

Helena Parish, Louisiana, USA

Where Was Sounder Filmed? Filming Locations Of The ‘70s Drama Movie! 

As the name suggests, St. Helena Parish is a parish located in the state of Louisiana named after Saint Helena. Founded in 1810, it has to be one of the oldest places in Louisiana. It’s unclear what scenes were filmed here, but all we know is that a part of the movie was indeed shot at this Parish. 

Also, as per the record, Sounders happens to be the only movie that has been filmed in St. Helena Parish. 

Clinton, Louisiana, USA

Where Was Sounder Filmed? Filming Locations Of The ‘70s Drama Movie! 

Named after New York governor DeWitt Clinton, Clinton happens to be one of the oldest places in Louisiana. It’s a sparse suburban town with a population of 1,663. In 1824, this town was decided to be the seat of the Parish of East Feliciana. 

Also, Clinton, Louisiana, is no stranger to being used as a filming location for movies. Because previously movies and shows like True Blood, The Dukes Of Hazzard, Free State Of Jones, Alvarez Kelly, Desire In The Dust, Home Remedy, etc., have already been filmed here. 

Final Words

Alright, drama lovers! We’ve reached the bottom of this post! So, I hope you know where was Sounder filmed. The movie was entirely lensed in Louisiana, United States. So you can visit all the different filming locations the next time you’re there! 

Is The Movie Sounder A True Story?

Sounder is a piece of historical fiction. It is not based on a true story.

Is There A Part 2 To Sounder?

Yes, there’s a part 2 to Sounder. It was released in 1976. 

What Kind Of Dog Was Sounder?

Sounder was a coonhound. He lived with his African American family. 

Does Sounder Have Swearing In It?

Profanity in Sounder includes words like bastards, damn, and hell. Apart from that, the movie also has some racist language. 

How Many Pages Is The Book Sounder?

The sounder has 128 pages in it. 

What Is The Major Theme Of The Movie Sounder?

Dignity, courage, and love in the face of adversity are the central themes of the movie Sounder.


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