Where Was The Big Sick Filmed? Kumail’s Heartwarming Romantic Flick From 2017!!


Are you a fan of Kumail’s stand-up comedy? If you are, then I’m guessing you’re going to enjoy this read. Follow this article to know all about the romantic comedy flick, The Big Sick, starring Kumail Nanjiani alongside Zoe Kazan. Furthermore, I’ll also share with you where was The Big Sick filmed.

The American heartwarming romantic film, The Big Sick was released back in 2017. This famous movie was directed by the celebrated filmmaker of Hollywood, Michael Showalter. Apart from giving a stunning performance in the lead role, Kumail also wrote the screenplay of the film, alongside Emily.

The basic premise of The Big Sick revolves around the character of Kumail, an immigrant who falls in love with an American girl. However, Kumail’s life story changes when he finds out about the terminal disease of his girlfriend, Emily.

The Big Sick was an overall commercial success. This intense drama film went on to gross over $56 million at the box office, against the production budget of just $5 million. The Big Sick earned over 100 nominations, including 1 at the Oscars, and 18 prestigious awards in total. The critics and audiences gave positive reviews to the overall story of the film, as well.

So, before I briefly discuss the plot of this film, let’s explore where was The Big Sick filmed. So that you can analyze the filming locations of this super-exciting film, up close.

Where Was The Big Sick Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Drama Film Closely!

The makers of The Big Sick primarily wanted to shoot the movie in New York. In fact, in a famous interview, Kumail came out and expressed his views in public. However, after the makers reviewed the production budget, they found out it was not sufficient to support filming in New York.

Thus, the production members were then asked to scout various filming locations in America. After a couple of weeks, the potential shooting locations in and around the city of Chicago were selected. Kumail, along with other creative heads of the unit, decided to visit the sites in person, before acquiring the shooting permissions.

The principal photography commenced in the second last week of October 2016 and continued till the first week of December, of the same year. The filming schedule remained unchanged for the most part, as the crew successfully managed to stay on top of the filming dates. 

So, without waiting any longer, let’s have a detailed discussion about where was The Big Sick filmed, and find out more about the specific shooting spots.

Chicago, Illinois | USA

Where Was The Big Sick Filmed? Kumail’s Heartwarming Romantic Flick From 2017!!

The opening sequence of the film, where we see the lead character inside his apartment with his girlfriend, was actually captured in Chicago. The production members arranged a small-sized apartment located on the outskirts of the city, to capture the interior sequences of Kumail’s home.

No, major changes were made to the overall setting of the apartment, as the director wanted to portray a minimalistic look. The production members hardly took a week to film the interior sequences of Kumail’s apartment and then moved to the next filming location in Chicago.

The sequences where we see Kumail performing a live stand-up comedy show were filmed inside a theater. The production members took special shooting permission from the owners of the Laugh Factory Theater. High-definition cameras and special lighting equipment were used to film the sequences of the comedy show.

The final sequence of the movie, where we see Kumail’s girlfriend inside a public hospital, was actually filmed inside a studio. The production members used a well-equipped studio located in the downtown area of Chicago.

Filming in Chicago, lasted till the first week of December 2016, after which the crew moved to California and began working on the promotion of the film.

Now, if you’re planning to visit Chicago anytime soon, then you can surely look up Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo and Field Museum. These famous places in Chicago are often visited by tourists from all parts of the world.

Alright friends, it’s time for me to discuss the plot of The Big Sick in brief. So that you can get an idea about the storyline of this romantic flick. Meanwhile, you can check out Bones and All, Pulp Fiction and Blood In Blood Out as well.

Plot Of The Big Sick | What’s It About

Where Was The Big Sick Filmed? Kumail’s Heartwarming Romantic Flick From 2017!!

The basic premise of The Big Sick revolves around the character of Kumail, a Pakistani comedian, who immigrated to America during his childhood. At the beginning of the movie, Kumail and his girlfriend appear to spend some quality time together.

But, as the story progresses further, Emily is diagnosed with a terminal disease. This horrific news completely shatters Kumail’s mental well-being. The lead actor then contacts Emily’s parents to share the bad news. Watch The Big Sick to find out what happens when Kumail meets Emily’s parents, to share the bad news.

Final Words

Ok friends, so now that we’ve reached the end, I hope now you finally know where was The Big Sick filmed. If you enjoyed the read, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below. If you’d like to read similar pieces, you can check out other articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film The Big Sick?

The cast of the film The Big Sick includes Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, and Ray Romano along with some other notable actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film The Big Sick?

Brian Burgoyne is the cinematographer of the film The Big Sick.

What Is The Rating Of The Film The Big Sick?

The film The Big Sick has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film The Big Sick?

Michael Andrews is the music director of the film The Big Sick.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film The Big Sick?

Judd Apatow and Barry Mendel the producers of the film The Big Sick, amongst a few others.

Is The Film The Big Sick, Based On A True Story?

No, the story of The Big Sick is based on a fictional story by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film The Big Sick?

2h is the runtime of the film The Big Sick.

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