Where Was The Birdcage Filmed? Mike Nichols’ Hysterical Comedy Flick From 1996!!


Are you searching for a vintage comedy flick from the ‘90s? Well then, you sit back and relax, as today we are going to talk about a similar film, The Birdcage starring Robin Williams. Later, I’ll also share with you where was The Birdcage filmed.

The rib-tickling comedy flick, The Birdcage, was released in the second week of March 1996. This incredibly funny movie became super popular amongst fans within a couple of weeks of its release date.

The basic premise of The Birdcage revolves around the characters of Armand Goldman and his partner, Albert. The plot thickens when the gay couple decides to put up a facade to convince the orthodox in-laws of their adopted son, Val.

The Birdcage was a huge commercial success. Incredibly talented actors like Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, and Hank Azaria gave awe-inspiring performances, which kept the audience glued to their seats. The Birdcage grossed over $185 million in worldwide collection against a production budget of just $31 million.

Are you excited to find out more about this blockbuster movie? Then without waiting anymore, let’s discuss where was The Birdcage filmed.

Where Was The Birdcage Filmed? Let’s Know This Unconventional Film Closely!

The Birdcage is based on Jean Poiret’s play, La Cage aux Folles, which was staged a couple of years prior to this movie. Mike Nichols, the director of this film, was totally captivated by the overall storyline of the play and wanted to make a movie based on it.

So in the initial stages of production, Mike and his team convinced famous screenplay writer Elaine May to join this project. After Elaine came on board, Mike and May invested most of their time in perfecting the script for the audience.

However, Mike didn’t want to exclude the main substance from the original story and asked May to include it in the screenplay. In other words, Mike had total conviction behind his work and exercised his artistic freedom without brooding much about contemporary political or social norms.

The basic premise of The Birdcage was unorthodox for a large part of the audience and critics, however, after the movie was released, the general opinion of the masses changed mainly because Mike was able to deftly present a touchy subject without making it vulgar or using unnecessary or disparaging innuendos. 

So, after the screenplay was sorted, the director and his team began looking for filming locations in America. Since the story of The Birdcage is set in and around the state of Florida, the director thought of shooting the outdoor sequences around the same locations.

In fact, some interior sequences of this movie were also filmed in Florida. However, during the final stages of shooting, the production members moved to California and filmed the majority of the interior scenes inside a well-equipped studio.

The principal photography of The Birdcage commenced in the final week of April 1995 and continued until the end of June of the same year. Throughout these two months of filming, the production members traveled to different locations in Florida.

The majority of the outdoor scenes were captured in and around the city of Miami. But, some minor sequences of The Birdcage were also filmed near Fort Lauderdale and Bay Harbor Isles. After the outdoor shots were captured in Florida, the filming crew moved to California and captured the remaining scenes.

The shooting schedule remained unchanged for the most part, as the production members were able to capture the scenes without any issues.

Let us now analyze the filming locations of The Birdcage one by one and find out where was The Birdcage filmed.

Florida | USA

The shooting process of The Birdcage commenced in the southern state of Florida. The opening scene of the movie, where we see the character of Armand inside his gay nightclub, was actually filmed near Miami Beach.

The production members filmed the interior scenes of “The Birdcage Club” inside the Carlyle Hotel, located at 1250 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. A certain area of this luxurious hotel was allotted by the administration, which was used for shooting.

Other important outdoor scenes of the movie were filmed around the Art Deco District and MacArthur Causeway. The final shot from the first half of The Birdcage was captured inside The Raleigh Hotel, after which the production members moved to the next filming location.

California | USA

As mentioned before, the majority of the outdoor scenes were filmed in Florida, specifically in and around the city of Miami. So, during the second phase of filming, the interior shots were captured mainly. The production members used the Paramount Studios located at 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, to capture some interior scenes. 

While the remaining interior scenes were then shot inside Ren-Mar Studios, located at 846 North Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, eventually, the shooting process of The Birdcage ended by the final week of June 1995. 

Alright, now let me walk you through the plot of The Birdcage. Meanwhile, you can also read 20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds and Fast X.

Plot Of The Birdcage | What’s It About

Where Was The Birdcage Filmed? Mike Nichols’ Hysterical Comedy Flick From 1996!!

The basic premise of The Birdcage revolves around a chilled-out gay couple who put up a facade for their son’s happiness. At the very beginning of the movie, the character of Armand introduces his life partner, Albert, to the rest of the people at his club.

As the story progresses further, Armand and Albert’s adopted son, confesses about his recent romantic relationship. He also informs that the orthodox right-wing parents of his girlfriend were absolutely close-minded and would never accept Armand and Albert’s relationship.

So for the sake of their son’s happiness, Albert and Armand put up a facade and attempt to convince their son’s in-laws. Watch The Birdcage and find out how Armand and Albert eventually end up fooling the orthodox in-laws of their beloved son.

Final Words

Alright, guys! I hope you know you’ll definitely watch this comedy movie if you haven’t watched it already. Besides that, now you also know the filming locations of The Birdcage, which would surely contribute towards making your overall experience of this movie even better.
If you still have any more questions regarding where was The Birdcage filmed, feel free to drop a comment below.

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