Where Was The Shadow Filmed? An Action Adventure Flick From The ‘90s!!


If you’re looking for a vintage action-adventure flick, then you’ve come to the right place. Read this article till the end because today we’ll discuss a similar film, The Shadow, starring Baldwin. Furthermore, I’ll also tell you where was The Shadow filmed.

The Shadow is an American crime action film released in the first week of July 1994. This captivating movie was actually inspired by a popular radio drama series, which aired 64 years prior to this movie.

The basic premise of The Shadow is about a masked vigilante from the 1930s who battles against criminals to save his countrymen. The plot thickens when the protagonist encounters Shiwan Khan, the leader of the underground crime syndicate.

The commercial performance of The Shadow was more than just decent. This iconic film grossed over $48 million at the box office. Although, as per reports, the makers were hoping for this film to surpass the $100 million mark at the box office, which apparently it did not. 

Nevertheless, the fans of Alec Baldwin were absolutely amazed after seeing his convincing performance in the lead role. The Shadow collected several nominations but didn’t manage to bag any major awards.

Let us now find out where was The Shadow filmed.

Where Was The Shadow Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Action Flick Closely!

The story of The Shadow is set in parts of Tibet and New York City. However, none of this movie’s outdoor scenes were filmed anywhere near Tibet. In other words, the filming of The Shadow did not take place in Tibet or even New York City.

The makers thought of utilizing the state-of-the-art studios in California to depict the mesmerizing scenes of Tibet and New York. The decision was taken right at the beginning of this project to avoid any sort of confusion or waste of time.

Thus, after Russell Mulcahy, the director of this project, secured the filming rights, he began scouting for perfect filming locations in California with his team. Russell and his crew looked around a number of places in California.

But to Russell’s dismay, the majority of the leading film studios in California were booked. So during the initial stage of production, Russell was tasked to work around this major problem. Thankfully, with perseverance and connections, the director solved this predicament.

So, after Russell inked the contract with the owners of Universal Studios, he scouted for some outdoor shooting locations with his crew. The production members were able to identify a number of ideal shooting spots in Los Angeles and Pasadena.

Shortly after, the director visited the locations in person and then instructed his crew to commence shooting. The principal photography of The Shadow began in the last week of September 1993 and continued till the end of January 1994.

The shooting schedule was quite long, considering the shooting locations the members had to cover. However, the director made sure to capture absolutely stunning visuals instead of poking his crew to complete filming at the cost of capturing sub-par quality shots.

As mentioned, shooting continued in various parts of California till the last week of January 1994. After the shots were captured, the filming crew began working on the promotion of this movie right away.

So let us now take a closer look at where was The Shadow filmed, and broadly discuss the filming locations.

California | USA

Where Was The Shadow Filmed? An Action Adventure Flick From The ‘90s!!

The shooting of The Shadow commenced in the Lone Pine region of California. The movie’s opening sequence, where we see the lead actor in a rather abysmal state in Tibet, was filmed in Lone Pine. 

The production members selected a beautiful site located near Alabama Hills to depict the background of Tibet. The outdoor scenes which were captured around this Hilly region were then morphed inside the studio to give a perfect look.

Other important sequences of the movie were captured inside Mayfield Senior School. This prestigious educational institution is located at 500 Bellefontaine Street, Pasadena. The production members had to acquire special shooting permission from the administration of Mayfield School before filming scenes inside the classrooms.

The production members then moved to the city of Los Angeles. The sequence in the movie, depicting the interior scene of the Monolith Hotel was actually filmed in Pantages Theatre. A couple of other interesting shots were captured inside Ambassador Hotel Los Angeles.

Then finally, the Universal Studios located at 100 Universal City Plaza was used to film the remaining interior scenes of this movie.

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Alright, amigos, that’s all about the filming locations of The Shadow. But, now I’ll give you an overview of this iconic movie. Meanwhile, you can also read Just Go With It, 50 First Dates, and My Southern Family Christmas.

Plot Of The Shadow | What’s It About

Where Was The Shadow Filmed? An Action Adventure Flick From The ‘90s!!

The basic premise of The Shadow revolves around the character of Lamont Cranston, an infamous American criminal who gets inspired by a monk. At the very beginning of the film, the lead actor appears to be preceding a crime syndicate meeting in Tibet.

Shortly after, Lamont meets with a Tibetan monk who inspires him to change his life. The lead actor gets a special message in his dream and then returns back to New York City. After fighting lowly criminals, Lamont finally meets his match.

Watch The Shadow and find out how Lamont eventually defeats the boss of all criminals, Shiwan Khan.

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