Where Was Trick Filmed? A Treat For Horror Fans!!


Are you excited for Halloween 2022? But not sure how to go about it? Well, you need not worry, as today I will acquaint you with the horror flick, Trick. Which will surely make your Halloween even more sinister! Plus, later in this article I will also let you in on, where was Trick filmed.

The American Horror flick, Trick released in 2019 is a perfect film for dark copers! Director Patrick Lussier in this film, presents the spine-chilling story of a highschool teenager, named P. Weaver. Who suddenly chooses to go on a killing spree after attending a Halloween party!

Trick received mixed reviews from audience and critics! There were no major awards that the film received, either. Although this horror flick was nominated in the Catalonian International Film Festival 2019, as the best film!

Now, before we find out where was Trick filmed. Let’s discuss the plot of the film, in brief. So that you can get a better understanding about the actual storyline.

Plot Of Trick | What’s It About

At the very beginning of the film, we are introduced to the character of Patrick Weaver, a high school dropout, living in New York by himself. He is shown as an adrenaline junkie, who likes to participate in all sorts of action-packed events, but doesn’t handle loss well.

After winning a street race, Patrick gets an invitation from his friends, asking him to come over for a Halloween party. He later arrives at the event wearing a mask and starts playing spin the bottle game! Suddenly, something evil takes hold of his mind, and he starts stabbing people, after losing the game!

Later in the film, the chief detective Mike Denver takes charge of the case, and heads out to interrogate Patrick. But the antagonist flees the city, without leaving a single trace behind! The friends who invited him to the party mysteriously go missing one by one!

In the final quarter of the film, after two years, detective Denver gets a clue about his present hideout. The protagonist then, along with officers, decide to pursue the lead. But soon discover that, “trick” is not an individual who is behind the murders, but a whole gang of demented criminals. Who wear identical terrifying masks, and follow his sadistic and criminal ideology!

Finally, the detectives get hold of Patrick, and end up killing him! But before he dies, he points out to an officer who was also in his gang! The credits roll, as the detectives pursue the other followers of Trick after neutralizing the quisling officer!

Alright friends, time for us to explore where was Trick filmed. So that you can enjoy the beautiful filming locations of this riveting thriller movie!

Where Was Trick Filmed? Let’s Know This Horror Movie Closely!!

Director Patrick Lussier, did not have a lot of filming budget at his disposal. Thus the options in hand, for choosing a decent shooting site, were limited. Subsequently, he decided to shoot the entire film, on location. As a result, scouting for the perfect location went out of the equation for the filming crew! The places that are shown in the movie, Trick are shot in and around New York.

Principal photography began in the final months of 2018 and was concluded by February 2019! So, without waiting any longer, let’s explore where was Trick filmed, in depth!

Warwick, Middletown | New York

Where Was Trick Filmed? A Treat For Horror Fans!!

The opening sequence of the film where Patrick is shown to live, was filmed in the town of Warwick. Located in the south-western part of Orange County, this location was perfect for portraying the secluded area that the antagonist is shown to live in. 

A small house was selected to showcase Patrick’s dingy house shown in the film. The production crew shot the outdoor sequences of the house by using special lighting techniques during the night! 

Thereafter, the crew moved to the city of Middletown, which is also in Orange County. The sequences in the film, where the “Halloween Party” is shown, was shot inside of a vacant basement. The production unit had to turn around the empty space, to make it look more shady and dreary. The interior sequences of the party and the murders were filmed at this location.

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Newburgh, New York

Where Was Trick Filmed? A Treat For Horror Fans!!

Finally, after completing most of the filming for the outdoor sequences, the production reached the city of Newburgh. The Umbra Sound Stages Studio, was selected by the unit to shoot the interior shots of the various locations, shown in the film. Although filming inside the studio did not go well for the filming crew, initially. 

Reportedly the production unit had a major disagreement with the owners of the studio regarding the studio fee. Which resulted the crew to suspend filming for a couple of weeks. But soon everything came back on track, as the unit supplied the owners with a legal notice explaining the terms of contract. The filming resumed, and the remaining portion of the final sequences that were left to shoot, were completed in a month!

Final Words

Ok guys, so now that you’ve gone through the plot of the film. And know where was Trick filmed. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and found what you were looking for. But in case you’d like to find out more about the latest films and shows, be sure to visit Viebly. And don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section below!

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Trick?

1h 40m is the runtime of the film Trick

What Is The Rating Of The Film Trick?

The film Trick has a R rating.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Trick?

Amanda Treyz was the cinematographer of the film Trick.

Is The Film Trick Based On A True Story?

No, the film Trick is based on a fictional story which is co-written by Patrick Lussier, who is also the director of the film

Are There Any Sequels To The Film Trick?

No, there are no sequels to the film Trick, at the moment.

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