Where Was Valdez Is Coming Filmed? Lancaster’s Intense Western Flick!!


Are you fond of watching Burt Lancaster starrer action flicks? If the answer is yes, then follow this article to know all about the western film, Valdez Is Coming, starring Burt alongside Susan Clark. Furthermore, I’ll also share with you, where was Valdez Is Coming filmed.

The classic western drama flick, Valdez Is Coming was released in the first week of April 1971. This intense action film was directed by Edwin Sherin, who took inspiration from Elmore Leonard’s novel, which was released a couple of years prior to this movie. 

The basic premise of Valdez Is Coming revolves around the character of Valdez, a Mexican-American police sheriff, who stood up for a native American lady. The plot thickens when the honest police officer risks his career to fight against a powerful Texan rancher.

Valdez Is Coming performed remarkably at the box office. Action movie lovers certainly enjoyed the gun-fight and horse-chasing sequences of the movie. The critics, on the other hand, appreciated the astonishing performance of Burt in the lead role.

So, if you’re intrigued to find out where was Valdez Is Coming filmed, then read this article till the very end.

Where Was Valdez Is Coming Filmed? Let’s Know This Western Drama Flick Closely!

The narrative of Valdez Is Coming is set in the arid desert of Mexico. However, you’d be quite surprised to know that the shooting of this film actually took place in Spain. That’s right folks, the makers of Valdez Is Coming wanted to do something different with this film.

So, apart from working on a brilliant script, the makers also thought of choosing the perfect filming location for Valdez Is Coming. Although, the team didn’t arrive at this consensus, during the early stages of production.

During the initial stage, some creative heads of the production advised the director to shoot the majority of the sequences on location, instead of traveling to Spain. But Sherin was certain about his primary decision and wanted to stick with it.

Thus after perfecting the screenplay, the director formed a special team and asked them to scout for ideal filming locations in and around Spain. Subsequently, the chosen few members of the team traveled to Spain and scouted a number of locations, according to Sherin’s description.

The director then visited the potential shooting locations in person and eventually asked the team to commence shooting. The principal photography of Valdez Is Coming began in the first week of December 1969 and continued for several months.

The production members weren’t able to acquire the shooting permission in time, which resulted in the shooting schedule getting delayed. However, toward the final stage of the shooting process, the team picked up the pace and strived to complete shooting closer to the original schedule.

Important to mention that, the majority of the shooting took place in and around the city of Almeria and the autonomous region of Andalusia. So, if you’re all set to find out where was Valdez Is Coming in detail, then let’s get started.

Almeria, Andalusia, | Spain

Where Was Valdez Is Coming Filmed? Lancaster’s Intense Western Flick!!

The opening sequence of Valdez Is Coming, where we see the character of Bob Valdez for the first time, was filmed in the city of Almeria. This historical city is located in the southeastern part of Spain. The Gothic-style architecture of the monuments and homes piqued the interest of the director.

So, the sequence where we see the police headquarters of the Mexican-American sheriff in the movie was filmed inside a vacant building in this city. The production members then traveled to the outskirts of Andalusia.

The sequences depicting the arid and rough terrain of the Mexican desert shown in the movie were all captured around this region. However, before the production members could capture the outdoor sequences in Andalusia, they had to halt shooting for a couple of weeks.

The filming crew had to wait, till the other members of the team acquired the much-required shooting permission to film in Andalusia. Thankfully, after the matter was resolved the production members resumed filming and then moved to the capital of Spain.

Madrid | Spain

The interior sequences of the film were filmed in Madrid. The production members arranged a well-equipped studio, which was located near the downtown area of Madrid. The riveting final sequence of the movie inside a gothic church was actually filmed on a soundstage inside this studio.

Alright, guys, let’s quickly walk through the plot of Valdez Is Coming. In the meantime, you can check out Black Water, Malevolent and It Follows as well.

Plot Of Valdez Is Coming | What’s It About

The basic premise of Valdez Is Coming follows the character of Bob Valdez, a Mexican-American police officer. At the very beginning of the movie, the backstory of the stern sheriff is depicted.

As the story progresses further, the male lead learns about a heinous crime, which took place in a nearby town in Mexico. Valdez readily rushes to the scene and finds a native American lady, with the dead body of her husband. The lead actor starts pursuing the murderer and eventually locates his lair.

Watch Valdez Is Coming to find out what happens when Valdez eventually confronts the most powerful man of the land, and eventually brings him to justice.

Final Words

Alright friends, I have discussed all the filming locations of Valdez Is Coming above. However, if you’d like us to make any changes or add anything, then let us know in the comments section below.

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Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Valdez Is Coming?

Gabor Pogany is the cinematographer of the film Valdez Is Coming.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Valdez Is Coming?

The film Valdez Is Coming has a PG-13 rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Valdez Is Coming?

Charles Gross is the music director of the film Valdez Is Coming.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Valdez Is Coming?

1h 30m is the runtime of the film Valdez Is Coming.

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