Where Was Winter In Vail Filmed? Small Town Love!


You thought only Marvel has a universe? Well, let me introduce you to the Hallmark universe! A collection of feel-good movies that can cheer you up no matter what your mood! And joining on the festivities fun is the new Hallmark offering called Winter In Vail. Today we’re here to tell you all about the movie, and also where was Winter In Vail filmed! So keep on reading till the very end!

Directed by none other than Teddy Ingram, Winter In Vail is a sweet little movie produced by Hallmark. Starring in the movie we have Lacey Chabert of Mean Girls fame and a staple in many Hallmark productions in the lead role. We also see other notable actors like Tyler Hynes, Greg Lawson, and Marla Renae. With beautiful backdrops and gorgeous locations, Winter In Vail is really a treat to the eyes!

So, where was Winter In Vail filmed? The movie is set in the small picturesque town of Vail in Colorado, USA and that is where some of the scenes for the movie have been filmed. Most of the filming for Winter In Vail has taken place back in Canada in Calgary, Alberta, and its adjoining areas. The most notable of them are Banff National Park, Bragg Creek, Mt Norquay, and Priddis.

Honestly, it’s no surprise that Winter In Vail has most of its filming locations in Canada. That is because Hallmark produces and films almost all its movies in the region. Some of our favorite Hallmark movies that have been shot in Canada are Game Set Love and The Perfect Catch! If you are looking for something to uplift your mood then give these movies a go!

The Plot Of Winter In Vail | What Is The Movie All About?

Now, before we move on to see where was Winter In Vail filmed, let’s take a moment to see what the movie is about! We have been going on and on about the stereotype of all Hallmark movies being a joy to watch because they are! Winter In Vail kick-started a series of Christmas-themed movies on the Hallmark channel, so it’s no surprise, the movie is so good to watch!

Winter In Vail follows the life of Chelsea Whitmore. An event planner who works in LA and has a great life going for her. In her job, Chelsea ends up missing out on a crucial promotion that she has been eyeing for a long time. Heartbroken and disappointed, she decides to quit and leave her life in LA. Her uncle who has recently passed away has left her a little home in Vail, Colorado, so she decides to move to the small town on a whim.

Before she moves on to a new job, Chelsea decides to stay in Vail for a while and get a grip on life. During her stay, she finds the local people in the town very warm and welcoming. Her uncle was a famous pastry chef in town and was quite the local celebrity. She also ends up meeting Owen Becker, a guy who is tasked with renovating her uncle’s home.

Realizing that life has more to offer than just a job and a promotion Chelsea starts to see a different version of the life. But when the people from her job come looking for her and offer her the things she was looking for, Chelsea now has decisions to make. Does she choose her new life and her potential future with a love interest, or the job that she always dreamt about? 

Where Was Winter In Vail Filmed? All The Important Locations You Need To Know About!

Where Was Winter In Vail Filmed? Small Town Love!

Winter In Vail has a wintery and Christmasy vibe to it. This makes the movie the perfect movie to watch on a date night or even on a movie night with the family. Critics and audiences have given their green light for the movie and we can’t see why not.

So, where was Winter In Vail filmed? Well, check out the exact locations where the filming took place!

Vail, Colorado, USA

Where Was Winter In Vail Filmed? Small Town Love!

Winter In Vail has the word Vail in it, so it’s obvious that’s where the movie has been filmed! Filming took place in Vail, Colorado but only for a few select scenes. The small touristy town is known for its ski resorts and mountains. If you’re planning a trip to Vail, then you can expect smooth hills and skiing slopes.

The snowy paradise also has an attraction that is known as Covered Bridge. During the cold months, it is one of the most beautiful places to be! Luckily for us, Covered Bridge also features in Winter In Vail. But since the town is quite small and a movie production takes a few weeks to finish, filming for Winter In Vail was shifted to Canada for the rest of the movie.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Where Was Winter In Vail Filmed? Small Town Love!

As with most Hallmark productions, Winter In Vail has been filmed in Canada too. Unlike big Hollywood productions that can afford extravagant expenses, Hallmark movies are made on a modest budget. This means incentives like tax rebates and close proximity to production studios are always key.

So filming for most of the scenes in Winter In Vail has taken place in Alberta. The urban areas of Calgary, have been used for the filming of city scenes in the movie. And for the scenes which required hills and landscapes, the filming was shifted to the regions of  Banff National Park, Bragg Creek, Mt Norquay, and Priddis. The aesthetics in the movie are truly soothing to the eyes and something that makes you want to rush to Canada right away!

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope now you know where was Winter In Vail filmed! The movie makes you want to leave everything and go live the rest of your life in a small little town in the foothills of a mountain. When life gets too fast-paced, we think it’s something we all desire. So, we definitely recommend watching Winter In Vail if you already haven’t!

If you liked the filming locations of Winter In Vail then you should definitely check out where movies like The Unforgivable, This Is 40, and Apollo 13 were filmed! Also, if you have a personal movie or show recommendation then drop a comment below! We will try to get you all the information you need!

Is Winter in Vail a Christmas movie?

Yes, Winter in Vail is a Christmas movie!

Does Vail Colorado have a strudel fest?

As seen in the movie Vail does not have a strudelfest. It was a made-up event for the movie!

Where to watch Winters in Vail in 2022?

You can watch Winters in Vail on the Hallmark Channel across the US and Canada.

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