How To Automatically Publish From WordPress To Instagram In 2023? 


Do you own a blog? And, do you also have an account on some social media platforms like Instagram? If yes, great! You can use Instagram to grow your blog! How? Well, there are plenty of ways of doing so. And following these ways can result in a tremendous boost to your blog’s traffic. But, for this to happen, you need to know how to automatically publish from WordPress to Instagram. Since this article is going to be all about it, make sure to scroll till the end!

Here’s How To Automatically Publish From WordPress To Instagram | Read This To Know A Smart Way! 

Now, you might be thinking how on earth can WordPress, a blogging platform, and Instagram, a social media platform, work together? Well, in recent times, the Instagram API has started allowing external services to post to accounts on Instagram. And since then, WordPress and Instagram have sort of become buddies. So, if you want to make use of this alliance, you need to know how to automatically publish from WordPress to Instagram. 

How To Automatically Publish From WordPress To Instagram Using Blog2Social?

How To Automatically Publish From WordPress To Instagram In 2023? 

Contrary to what people think, running a blog is not limited to writing articles and publishing them. You also need to take steps to market your blog to ensure that there’s a constant flow of readers to it. And the best part is that doing this is not hard at all. All you need to do is to install a plugin that automates the process. 

You’ll find many such plugins– both free and paid, on the internet. One such plugin is Blog2Social. This plugin is not specific to Instagram alone. It can be used with most of the other social media platforms as well. But here, we’ll see how to automatically publish from WordPress to Instagram using Blog2Social can be used to publish from WordPress to Instagram. 

Installation & Set-Up Process

How To Automatically Publish From WordPress To Instagram In 2023? 

So, firstly, you need to install and activate the Blog2Social plugin from your WordPress repository. After you’ve installed it, the Blog2Social option will start appearing in your WP dashboard, somewhere toward the bottom.

Take your cursor to the newly added item and the ‘Settings’ option will appear on the screen. Click on it. A new page will open on the screen. From here, you will be able to set up a few things first. 

If you’re using the free version of Blog2Social, you won’t have to do much. However, it is important to set the correct time zone and get hold of a URL shortener service. If you’ve purchased the premium version, then you’ll have to look into the Settings of the Auto-Post tab. From here, you will be to make changes to how the plugin is going to post your content on Instagram. 

Connecting To Instagram & Posting

Connecting your blog to Instagram is not difficult at all. Just go to the Networks page under Blog2Social and enter your Instagram login credentials. A warning will appear on the screen saying something like a server from Cologne, Germany is trying to access your account. This is a part of the process, so simply click on the blue ‘Continue’ button. 

Next, you’ll have to verify your account by entering a code sent to your registered email address. Once verified, you will be able to share content from WordPress to Instagram right away. 

Setting Up Posts For Sharing

As soon as you start writing a new post in WordPress, you will notice that Blog2Social’s ‘Custom Sharing & Scheduling’ box is present in the right sidebar. From here, you will find out all the sharing-related stats of your profile. From here, you will also find out if auto-sharing is on or not. Deactivated in red will mean that the option is turned off, and Activated in green will show that it’s turned on. 

Once you share something on your blog, the same will be automatically shared to your Instagram account in your selected format. 

Manually Posting To Instagram

How To Automatically Publish From WordPress To Instagram In 2023? 

Although this article is all about automating the process of sharing posts, knowing how to do the same manually is not going to hurt. Plus, the process is fairly simple. All you have to do is to head over to the Site & Blog Content option located in the menu section. Here, you will find a list of all your blog posts. Click on the “Share on Social Media” button located next to them in blue. 

Now, the setup page for a new social media post will appear on the screen. From here, you can make a few changes to the body of the post that is going to be shared on the platform. You also have the option to post it immediately or decide on a later time for posting it on the platform. 

If you’re using the paid version of Blog2Social, you will have the option to schedule your post for later. Once the set date and time arrive, the post will be shared on your Instagram account automatically. 

Final Words

Okay, everyone! This is how to automatically publish from WordPress to Instagram! In this article, we looked at one of the most important tools for anyone who owns a blog! So, if you’re someone like that, I hope you’ll be able to make use of the discussed method to drive traffic to your blog. In case, you’ve got any doubts or anything else to add to the topic, feel free to use the comment section! 

How do I automatically post to WordPress from social media?

There are various kinds of plugins that allow you to automatically post to WordPress from social media. One such plugin is Social Media Auto Publish. You can Install and set up this plugin to automatically publish everything that you post on your social media accounts to WordPress.

How do I promote my WordPress blog on Instagram?

If you want to promote your WordPress blog on Instagram, then you need to start with having a strong and solid bio. After that, you need to make smart use of hashtags. You need to interact with fellow bloggers and your Instagram followers. Advertising your blog in stories and via reels will help bring in more traffic. You can also repurpose your WordPress blogs for Instagram content. 

Is there a way to automatically post to Instagram?

You can make use of tools that help you schedule the posts and automatically post them later. 

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