How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat? 4 Easy And Simple Ways To Try!


Snapchat is only fun when you have friends to spend time with. Those can be new friends you make on the app or old friends you bring over from Facebook. But do you know how to find Facebook friends on Snapchat? While there is no direct option to get all your friends at once place from Instagram or Facebook, there sure is an easy way to get your friends.

You can share your snapcode over to apps like Instagram and your followers there can scan that code and follow you back. But the friends you have on Facebook, differ from the friends you have everywhere else. It is partly due to the crowd on Facebook having now directly been overrun by older folks like our uncles and cousins. Still, it’s just as important to stay in touch with them.

So, how to find Facebook friends on Snapchat? There are a few ways you can do that. One of the easiest ways to do that is to search for the names of your Facebook friends on Snapchat. You will see their usernames pop up and tap on the Add Friend option. You can also ask your Facebook friends directly for their Snapchat usernames to add them. Lastly, you can do some social engineering too. You can ‘stalk’ the Facebook profile of your friends and see if they have put their Snapchat username somewhere in their About section.

How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat? Everything You Need To Know

How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat? 4 Easy And Simple Ways To Try!

Snapchat has been around for a decade but if you’re just getting around it then you might want to add as many friends as possible. Since Facebook has been around for so long, that is where most of our friends are as well. So if you want to find your Facebook friends on Snapchat then you can do that in a couple of ways. 

One thing to note is that Snapchat does not have a seamless integration of other social media friends into your account. Although you can add your contacts and sync them with your Snapchat, you cannot do the same with other social media accounts. So, what can you do?

Search The About Section On Your Facebook | How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat

The first thing that you can do is do some research, or what we call social engineering. That is you need to actively go to your Facebook account, then go to your friends, and then go to their bio or About Me section. There it is highly probable that they will have added their other social links. For example, people like to add their Instagram to their Facebook, since both are owned by the same company. 

You can use this information and then go to their Instagram which might have their Snapchat username added in their bio. It is also possible that you can skip this step entirely. How? Well, some people simply like to put their Snapchat usernames everywhere. So there is a good chance that you will find it from their Facebook accounts only. Do give this a try and let us know if this works!

Search For Them Directly On Snapchat | How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat

How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat? 4 Easy And Simple Ways To Try!

If people whom you know up close and are good friends with are not added to your Snapchat then you can search for them directly. You can do this by going to your Snapchat account, searching for the person, and then adding them. Snapchat has a dedicated Quick Add section that lets you add people Snapchat thinks you might know.

Instead of making use of that, just search for the user directly on Snapchat and add them from there. Search for the name, and you will see a list of auto-suggested options. Choose the one which you feel is your friend, and tap on the yellow ‘Add Friend’ option from the list. The friend will receive an Add Request and if they choose to add you back, you will be able to exchange snaps and chats.

Ask Your Mutual Friends | How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat

If you’re not convinced by either of the two methods, then you can try asking other people on Facebook. If you are looking for the Snapchat username of one person, you must share some mutuals with them. So you can simply turn up to them and ask them whether they can help you out with the username. Although it’s possible that they themselves don’t know, you would never know until you ask!

Ask Your Friends Directly | How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat

How To Find Facebook Friends On Snapchat? 4 Easy And Simple Ways To Try!

Lastly, if nothing works, you can use the method of direct communication. Straight up ask your friend on Facebook conversations or Facebook messages what their Snapchat username is. If you have not been talking to them, then make sure you lay down some groundwork. Establish a clear line of communication and when you’re done exchanging pleasantries, proceed to ask. Be direct and tell them that you want to add all your Facebook friends on Snapchat and that is why you’re asking for their usernames.

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! This was all you needed to know on how to find Facebook friends on Snapchat! There is no limit to how many friends you can add from Facebook on your Snapchat. So make your experience on the app as fun as you can and get all your friends together. If there is anything else Snapchat-related that you need help with then feel free to drop a comment down below. We will make sure to help you out the best we can!

Are there third-party apps that will find friends on the Snapchat app?

Yes, there are loads of third-party apps that can help you add friends to your Snapchat. Qudo is one of the most popular and family-friendly apps that can do it for you. Qudo helps you find new Snapchat friends, quickly and easily! You can set your own search preferences to find exactly who you’re looking for!

Can I find Instagram friends on Snapchat?

Yes, it is possible to find your Instagram friends and their Snapchat. If some of your Instagram friends are posting their Snapcode on their Instagram posts then you can go through their Instagram feeds and posts, you can see their Snapcode, and use that to connect with them on Snapchat.


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