What Does GNG Mean On Snapchat? Know All The Meanings Here! 


Snapchat slang terms are fun and hippy to use, but do you know the trickiest part? The internet slang that you use doesn’t come with a dictionary where you can find all the meanings. If you have received a GNG text from your best friend and are rip-roaring your mind to find out what does GNG mean on Snapchat, then this article is your savior. 

Use of Snapchat slang is becoming popular day by day because of its uniqueness. There are a few slang terms that are absolutely new to us and created especially for Snapchat. As such it is difficult to find these terms on any other social media platform. So, if you are keen to use slang on Snapchat, then you first need to learn the meaning and know how to use it. 

GNG mean on Snapchat is Gang. It refers to a squad or group of people who are close friends with each other on snapchat

But you know what? Gang is not the only meaning of what does GNG mean on Snapchat. There are few other meanings too. Want to know them all? Then stay tuned and keep reading the article. 

What Does GNG Mean On Snapchat? 

what does GNG mean on Snapchat

Sometimes, you might think that a particular slang can be used in a conversation, but that might not work. As such, it would create a negative impact on the conversation. That is why it is crucial to understand the meanings of the slang terms and their usage. If GNG is a Snapchat slang that is confusing your mind, then let this article be your guide. 

There are three most widely used meanings of what does GNG mean on Snapchat. These are: 

  • Gang 
  • Going 
  • Get up and go. 

1. GNG As A Gang On Snapchat 

Starting with the most common and popular meaning of GNG on Snapchat is Gang. Now, as soon as I say the word Gang, you might start thinking about a group of criminals or people who are associated with conspicuous activities. But that’s not the case here. Gang here refers to any squad or group of friends who are close to each other. It’s a fun way of describing one’s group of friends. 

How To Use GNG As Gang On Snapchat? 

How to use slang terms in daily conversations is where most people get stuck. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you with how to use GNG as Gang on Snapchat. Let’s check the example to understand GNG mean on Snapchat better. 


Tom: Hey, what are your plans for the dance concert? 

Hardy: My GNG is all ready for any dance challenge that comes across. 

How To Reply To GNG As Gang On Snapchat? 

Replies to text have never been a great deal for people. But have you ever thought about how to reply to abbreviations you get on Snapchat? Let’s take GNG as an example and see what can be an appropriate response. 


Charlotte: My GNG does not feel comfortable with you being around us. 

Elliot: Oh! I’m sorry. I’ll keep that in mind and keep my distance. 

2. GNG As Going On Snapchat

what does GNG mean on Snapchat (2)

As the definitions of GNG are so common, they can be widely used in any of the given contexts. Talking about contexts of GNG, the most commonly used GNG full form in text is Going. This context of the shorthand GNG means that something is in motion or reoccurring. 

How To Use GNG As Going On Snapchat? 

The term going can be used in many different ways. You can ask whether someone is leaving for some place or asking about someone’s health. Let’s check the example below to understand better. 


Cherry: Hey! What’s up? How’s your life GNG?

How To Reply To GNG As Going On Snapchat? 

Now, it’s pretty obvious that if someone is texting you, you will not just see the message and leave it be. You ought to reply to the messages you receive. So, what could be an apt reply to this snapchat slang? Let’s check that from the below given example. 


Wilson: Hello, what’s up? How’s your work life GNG? 

Cherry: Hey! Everything has been good until now. 

3. GNG As Get Up And Go On Snapchat 

what does GNG mean on Snapchat

Coming to the next most populous meaning of GNG on Snapchat is get up and go. It is a phrase used for showing energy and enthusiasm towards a person. If someone is over-enthusiastic, we might tell them that you GNG and complete that work. It is a playful phrase used for appreciating someone’s energy and spirit to work and do something. 

How To Use GNG As Get Up And Go On Snapchat? 

Now comes the challenging part, where you think of what does GNG mean on Snapchat and how to use it in your conversations. Well, to your surprise, it’s not a big deal to know how to use these Snapchat slang in your daily conversations. To make your work easier, check the example below. 


Elliot: She is so enthusiastic about cleaning. So why doesn’t she GNG to complete the cleaning part?

How To Reply To GNG As Get Up And Go On Snapchat? 

As knowing how to use a Snapchat slang has never been a challenging part, how to reply to a slang text on Snapchat is also not a tedious part. Following the below-given example will make your task even easier, let’s check how. 


Tom: Why can’t he sit back and watch others also do some work? 

Hardy: I feel like telling him to GNG and finish off everyone’s work. 

Final Words 

As we have reached towards the end of the article, I hope you’ve clearly understood what does GNG mean on Snapchat and how to use the different contexts of GNG while chatting with your friends on Snapchat moreover, if you are keen to know more about Snapchat slang, comment below and let me know which is the next slang you wish to know about. 

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