What Does HML Mean On Snapchat? A Simple Guide On Snapchat Lingo!


Your attitude describes who you are in life and your ‘slangitude’ describes who you are on social media. You need to be on top of your slang game, meme game, and everything else on social media. To build some authority in snapping, you need to know certain things. Things like what does HML mean on Snapchat or what S means on Snapchat. This article should help you out with that!

Lately, Snapchat has been struggling with legal battles in the United States. Though it doesn’t seem that hasn’t done much to hamper the app’s popularity. Those who don’t know what Snapchat is, first of all, who are you? But jokes aside, Snapchat helps you chat with people by exchanging pictures that disappear once viewed. 

Snapchat is most popular with the younger folk – the teenagers and the early twenty-year-olds. It is also used by the older folks too. Now there is no need to feel offended at being called old. We mean the late twenties and thirties, folks. People who have work and life, so it’s expected that they won’t know trivial details such as Snapchat slang.

What Does HML Mean On Snapchat? Does It Have The Same Meaning On Snap As Everywhere Else?

What Does HML Mean On Snapchat? A Simple Guide On Snapchat Lingo!

If you fall in the older age demographic and feel it hard to keep up with the slang, then don’t worry. It can get overwhelming if you have just started using the app again. We all have to start somewhere, so let this article be your place to start. We will guide you through the meaning of HML and its use-case scenarios. 

We will also show you how to respond to someone who uses HML in conversations with you. We will keep you future-ready. For the times you need it, you will be well equipped to hold conversations with anyone you meet on Snapchat. So without dilly-dallying, let’s get straight into what does HML mean on Snapchat, okay?

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The Real Meaning Of HML | What Does HML Mean On Snapchat?

What Does HML Mean On Snapchat? A Simple Guide On Snapchat Lingo!

Luckily, the most commonly used internet lingo moves from platform to platform. While doing so, the meaning and form don’t change. HML on Snapchat and other text-based communications means Hate My Life. The slang is used to express your anger and disgust and to vent frustration. The most common use case scenario is using it for small bits and niggles rather than real-life disasters. Imagine stubbing your toe with the corner of a chair. 

You cry and wither in pain and send a snap of your hurt foot. In the snap, you can write, “Just stubbed my toe against this stupid chair. #HML.” So basically, you are venting your frustrations against minor inconveniences of your life. It is important to know that when you say you hate your life, you don’t hate your life in the literal sense. It’s just an exaggerated way to vent out your frustrations. 

Imagine looking up to the heavens. When something goes wrong, and you scream, WHY GOD WHY ME, you’re not talking to god and hoping to get a reply, right? Using HML to say you hate your life doesn’t mean you hate it. 

Alternatively, besides the meaning of HML being Hate My Life, it also has an alternate meaning. HML is also used to mean Hit My Line. This is mostly used in texts and chats. When you are done chatting with someone and want to take the conversation to the next level, you ask the person to HML. That means you want to get on a call. It can be flirtatious, or it can be work-related too. 

For example, if you’re talking to someone and both of you are into each other, you can go, “Hey, I like talking to you, HML.” In another setting, you can say, “Something happened at work that I want to tell you about, HML quick!”. 

Lastly, HML can also be used as a hashtag when not in conversation. You can post stories on Snapchat or simply post a tweet with the #HML. People on the platform will now be able to discover you because of the hashtag that you used. It’s a nice way to increase discovery if you want to grow your followers.

How To Respond To Someone Who Used HML On Snapchat? What Does Hml Mean On Snapchat?

What Does HML Mean On Snapchat? A Simple Guide On Snapchat Lingo!

So now you know what does HML mean on Snapchat, but how do you respond to it? Responding to HML is easy. You just need to know the context of the conversion you are having. And since you know who you are chatting with, it’s even easier to respond to HML.

Responding to HML when it is used as Hate My Life – If someone who you were chatting with told you that they hate their life, you need to first see how serious the issue is. If they are ranting about why Netflix canceled their favorite TV show, then it’s probably not such a big deal. If they told you that they rammed their car into a tree, then you should check up on them. Especially if it’s your friend. You can call or respond by inquiring about the details and whether they need your help.

Most use case scenarios of HML will be hyperboles, so you can also choose to ignore them. You can also sometimes respond by sending back emojis. If you think the person is looking for some attention, then prying about the issue is also a nice idea. Ask them straight up whether they want to talk about it or not. 

Responding to HML when it is used as Hit My Line – When you’re texting someone on Snapchat, and according to the context they are referring to Hit My Line, you should call them. When it’s your friend, it’s straight and simple. But if you don’t have the number of the other person, then try calling them on Snapchat only. You can also reply with a Snap and say “Number?”. If you are establishing contact with a long-lost friend, go out of your way and call them over video. 

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Final Words

We hope now you know what does HML mean on Snapchat. Internet slang is ever-evolving, so you need to be up to date with the changing meanings. Whenever you have a doubt, it is better to ask someone you think might know. Knowing is better than assuming. It is even more important to know as you need to form an appropriate response back to them. 

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