What Does SMO Mean On Snapchat? Slangs On Snap Explained!


Want to feel old? Well, do you know what does SMO mean on Snapchat? Or how about the meaning of S/U? Still no? Okay, how about what does ss mean on Snapchat? If you’ve come up with a blank expression, and rubbing your two brain cells together has started to hurt, then stop. We know keeping up-to-date with slang on social media can be challenging.

So that is why we have brought this handy guide for you here today. We shall all gather around the fire, and learn new stuff about Snapchat and everything else out there. We shall take our revenge on the younger folk and create our own language. Okay, excuse me, I might have gotten a bit carried away there.

While some of you might be busy figuring out what to do with 3D bitmojis, some of us here are really struggling. So for those who are in the same boat and feel there is some room to learn, fret not. We’re in this together. Carry on reading to find out what does SMO mean on Snapchat and more acronyms just like it!

What Does SMO Mean On Snapchat? Understanding The Meaning Of The Acronyms And The Reasoning Behind Them!

What Does SMO Mean On Snapchat? Slangs On Snap Explained!

Let us be clear first, we don’t really know the reason why one slang becomes popular while others don’t. We think it all comes to some unwritten rules of the internet. So no one really has a surefire way of controlling what word means what. 

Oh, and before we try to understand what does SMO mean on Snapchat, we need to tell you one thing. Just like LOL  means Laugh Out Loud as well as Lots Of Love, SMO can have multiple different meanings. We are just going to share the one we know, okay? Okay. 

Finding Out What Does Smo Mean On Snapchat | The Real Answer!

What Does SMO Mean On Snapchat? Slangs On Snap Explained!

There are two widely known uses of SMO on Snapchat. In the first context, SMO means ‘Shout Me Out’ and in the second context, SMO means ‘Serious Mode On’. Now, let’s see how and when the context of the word can change and how. 

Say for example you’re snapping with a popular person. Doesn’t matter how you got the snap that is a story for another time. So if you’re texting someone famous you can send them a snap with SMO written in it. This way they will know to give you a shout-out, thus giving you lots of publicity and visibility. 

Alternatively, on the contrary, if you have developed an online presence and have a certain amount of following then you might be on the receiving end of messages like this. Expect people to send snaps with SMO in them. Girls or guys will ask you to give shout-outs to their snap usernames, Instagram handles, or any other profile. Whether you choose to give a shout-out or not, is entirely up to you. We’re not judging!

Now, onto the second meaning of SMO and that is ‘Serious Mode On’. If you see the status of a friend and they have out SMO in their snap then that means they are serious about something. It could be about the gym, their work, studies, their relationship, or anything else at all. Not just statuses, if you’re snapping with a friend and get hit with SMO. Don’t worry and think about what does SMO mean on Snapchat! You now know exactly the meaning of it! 

Other Snapchat Acronyms That You Should Know!

What Does SMO Mean On Snapchat? Slangs On Snap Explained!

Okay, now that you know what does SMO mean on Snapchat, the lesson doesn’t end here. There are tons of different acronyms out there that you need to know. Some of the latest ones we will get to and tell you all about!

What Does ESB Mean?

ESB usually means ‘Everyone Snap Back’. You can mostly find this on people’s statuses on Snapchat. Instead of snapping people individually and asking them to snap, some folks on Snapchat just put up a status with ESB in it. This is done so that they can maintain a snap streak with all their friends and not lose their bragging rights! Along with ESB, some people might also use SB on Snapchat. Expect to see that in private snaps mostly.

What Does PU Mean On Snapchat?

PU on Snapchat means ‘Pop Up’. This is a type of message someone usually sends when they want to have a conversation with you. Not just a simple snap to get back but to indulge and talk to you about stuff. So whoever that is for you, you might want to speak to them!

What Does JW Mean On Snapchat?

Another common acronym on Snapchat is JW. This means ‘Just Wondering’. Since there aren’t many things JW can mean this is a pretty safe one and something you can’t get confused with. If you’re snapping with someone and they send you a JW then they might be curious about something they wanted to know.

Final Words

So there you have it, folks! We hope now you know what does SMO mean on Snapchat! Also, we hope our explainer on other Snapchat acronyms was helpful as well! In case you have any other questions, drop a comment down below and we will get back to you with possible answers!

What does FFF mean on Snapchat?

FFF on Snapchat and other social media apps means Follow For Follow

What does BRB mean on Snapchat?

BRB on Snapchat means Be Right Back.

What does TM mean on Snapchat?

TM on Snapchat means Trust Me.

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