When Does The Snapchat Egg Hunt Start In 2023? Truth Revealed!


Holidays bring glad tidings, and no matter how old you get, everyone wants to play some games whenever the holidays come around. Snapchat came up with its twist for the Easter holidays back in 2018, and ever since then, everyone has wanted to know when the Snapchat Egg Hunt starts. So is Snapchat doing the egg hunt 2023? Let’s find out as I explore Snapchat Egg Hunt and whether it will happen this year.

Many Snapchat users are wondering when the Snapchat Egg Hunt starts on the social media app? Snapchat started its egg hunt in 2018 when users could engage in an interactive egg hunt. Due to the pandemic, the egg hunt was made an indoor-only version in 2020, but it hasn’t returned. So, don’t hold your breath, as the Snapchat Egg Hunt will not return anytime soon. I know, it’s a bummer. And I’m sorry for those who loved the fun that the AR-based game brought.

When Does The Snapchat Egg Hunt Start? Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2023!

In early 2022, a Snapchat spokesperson spoke about the Snapchat easter egg hunt game. This ended all the speculation for the people waiting for the game to return in 2022. The spokesperson said that Snapchat will not bring the Snapchat Egg Hunt game again for the foreseeable future.

Snapchat has come a long way, for sure. From being a photo-sharing social media to becoming a behemoth of its own. You can search for people on the interactive maps and have the option to view an endless loop of videos like Instagram reels and TikTok in the Discover tab. If you’ve been on the app for years, you know Snapchat always gets us the best options!

If you missed out on, what the easter egg hunt Snapchat 2023 was about, then let us give you a brief refresher. While users have many new cool features on Snapchat now, as with features like Snapchat+, it’s a bummer that they won’t be able to enjoy the Snapchat Egg Hunt next Easter! But hey, if the Egg Hunt game isn’t available, you can go out, do an egg hunt for real and win prizes for real too! There are a lot of events and egg hunts that happen every year around Easter so that you can try your luck there.

What Was The Snapchat Egg Hunt All About? Snapchat Easter Eggs 2023?

When Does The Snapchat Egg Hunt Start In 2023? Truth Revealed!

The Snapchat Egg Hunt was like Pokemon Go but for easter eggs. Snapchat showed its users a map of eggs scattered across the maps in areas around them. To collect the eggs in the game, you would have to cover the distance in real life physically. After reaching the location, all you had to do was take a picture, and your eggs would be collected in your easter basket.

The more eggs you can collect, the more rewards you will get. Though the prizes and fun were all virtual, it made for insane fun in real life too. The only thing missing from the game was tons of candy thrown our way. It’s not too late to get some candy yourself! If you want the Great Snapchat Egg Hunt to return, I suggest you keep your fingers crossed!

Who knows, there might be a Snapchat Egg Hunt 2023 happening, and Snapchat might be keeping things under wraps for now. However, with the disappearance of Snapchat games, it is difficult to say whether it will even be possible for Snapchat to start the easter egg hunt Snapchat 2023. Last year, many users were wondering – is Snapchat doing the egg hunt 2022, and then it never happened. So I will suggest that you should not get your hopes very high.

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! I hope you got your answer for when the Snapchat Egg Hunt starts! While there isn’t a positive answer to your queries, it is still nice to know what is really going on.

Maybe I will find a new game that will be even better than the egg hunt. Or perhaps the egg hunt might come back as a surprise. I am hoping for the latter! In any case, if there is anything else Snapchat-related that you need help with, then feel free to let me know! I shall try my best to help you out to the best of my abilities!

Why Didn’t Snapchat Do The Egg Hunt?

Snapchat didn’t do Egg Hunt in 2021 because of various reasons. The social media company took the step to encourage users to stay at home and avoid journeying outside to find the hidden eggs.

How Did The Snapchat Egg Hunt Work?

To get started, head into your neighborhood and check the Snap Map for the eggs closest to you. Once you’re nearby, tap the egg on your map and open a world lens through the rear-facing camera, and voila!


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