Where Was 10 Commandments Filmed? An Epic Biographical Drama!


Do you prefer watching religious movies? If yes, I suggest you watch the 10 Commandments (1923) movie. To know more about the plot and where was 10 Commandments filmed, go through the article till the end.

The American religious movie 10 Commandments is based on the story of Jeanie MacPherson. The film is directed by Cecil B. DeMille, who also produced the film. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 6.8/10.

The film is unique as it showcases two stories, a recreation of a biblical story and a story about two brothers and their perspectives on the Ten Commandments.

Where Was 10 Commandments Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

Where Was 10 Commandments Filmed? An Epic Biographical Drama!

The movie begins with the story of Moses. Later, the movie sets in San Francisco, showcasing the story of two brothers, where one follows the Ten Commandments and the other doesn’t follow them. The exciting aspect of this film is the silent version, yet the picture makes you understand the movie entirely.

Since it is a silent film, the cinematography played a significant role in shooting the best visuals. The production team beautifully filmed the parallel stories making them easy to follow for the audience. After a long discussion, the director and production crew decided to shoot the movie in and around the California region.

The movie’s principal photography began on 21 May 1923 and continued till July of the same year. Now, let me tell you the specific filming location details where was 10 Commandments filmed. Meanwhile, check out other filming location details on this website, including Wheel Of Time, A Kismet Christmas, and The Princess Diaries 2.

California | USA

Where Was 10 Commandments Filmed? An Epic Biographical Drama!

The entire filming of the 10 Commandments was done in the California region. California is famous for its many attractions that attract tourists from worldwide. From redwood forests, Cliff-lined beaches to famous spots like Golden Gate Bridge and the Hollywood Sign, this region is the best place to spend time. It is also renowned for its entertainment industry with attractive backdrops and production studios.

One of the main locations of the 10 Commandments movie is Guadalupe-Nipoma Dunes, located in the northern region of Santa Barbara County. The production team selected this region as the dunes help depict the Egyptian desert. A few sequences were filmed in Fresno City, which is famous for its agricultural production.

Next, the production team utilized the Buttes in Palmdale to shoot the Holy Land sequences. Some movie sequences were filmed in Anaheim Landing in Anaheim. Apart from this, some main attractions in California used for filming include Red Rock Canyon State Park, located at Cantil in California, Muco Dry Lake, and Balboa Beach, located at Newport Beach.

The second part of the modern setting sequences was filmed in San Francisco. Here the team utilized St. Peter & Paul Church located at Filbert Street in San Francisco for filming a few sequences. Some portions were also filmed in Los Angeles.

Some famous movies filmed in and around California region include Red Dawn, Marlowe, Succession, and Anchorman. Well, these are all the details you need to know about where was 10 Commandments filmed. Now, to know further production details read the below section.

Other Interesting Production Details To Know

Where Was 10 Commandments Filmed? An Epic Biographical Drama!

The inspiration for the movie was taken from the public ideas in the contest for Cecil’s next movie. Cecil liked the one line and wanted to develop it into a film. Cecil contacted the screenwriter Jeanie MacPherson to develop the script. Both decided to try the unique format of the two stories. Jeanie developed a clear story keeping four characters in mind who viewed the Commandments differently.

After the complete development of the story, the director discussed the locations with the scouting team. The team was slightly confused as they had to showcase two stories in different settings. So, they took some time to select the locations. The team decided to film in Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes and constructed a massive set.

Many rumors were widespread after the filming that many workers were buried in the sand. But the truth is that half of the set and many statues were buried due to heavy wind, rain, and sand dunes. So, these are some interesting facts about the 10 Commandments production. Now, let me tell you the plot of the 10 Commandments movie.

Plot Of 10 Commandments | What Is The Story About?

The story follows two brothers, John, who follows his mother Martha’s principles of the Ten Commandments, and Dan McTavish, an atheist. Martha tries hard to change Dan, but he doesn’t, and Martha, in anger, ask him to get out of the house. Dan leaves the place, and when he stops for lunch, he meets Mary, who also does not care about the ten commandments.

Mary and Dan fall in love and run away from the town. The story sets three years later when Dan is now a corrupt contractor who constructs buildings at a low quality to earn more money. In contrast, John is a carpenter and lives happily with his earnings. Due to the low-quality work, Dan falls into the trap. To know how the story moves further, watch it as soon as possible.

Final Words

Well, readers! I hope now you know where was 10 Commandments filmed. If you found the above mentioned details helpful, share them with your friends and family. On this website, you can find many movie’s filming location details. So, check out the engaging articles, including The Strays, Infamous, Carol, and The Mustang.

Who are the cinematographers of the movie?

The cinematographers of the movie are Bert Glennon, Peverel Marley, Archibald Stout, and J. F. Westerberg.

Who played the lead roles in the film?

Richard Dix played the John McTavish role, Rod La Roque Played the Dan McTavish role, Edyth Chapman played the Mrs. Martha McTavish role, and Leatrice Joy played the Mary Leigh role.

Who is the editor of the film?

The editor of the movie is Anne Bauchens.

Who is the art director of the film?

The art director of the movie is Paul Iribe.

Did the film receive any awards?

The movie earned two awards.

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