Where Was A Few Good Men Filmed? The Best Thriller Flick Of 1992!!


Do you remember Jack Nicholson’s movies‘ famous line “You can’t handle the truth” from, A Few Good Men? High five, if you do! But don’t know where was A Few Good Men filmed? In that case, be sure to read this article, where I give you an overview about this epic drama film. And also acquaint you with its filming locations!

The American thriller drama film, A Few Good Men, released in 1992 was inspired from a play by Aaron Sorkin, staged 3 years earlier to the film. Director Rob Reiner, presents the story of two US Marshals, fighting a legal battle in Army court. Who are pressed with the charges of killing a fellow troop member!

A Few Good Men was a blockbuster hit! Grossing over $242 million in worldwide box office collection. The film also received high praises from the audience and critics. It received a total of 30 nominations, out of which A Few Good Men went on to win 10 prestigious awards!

Now before we move on to find out where was A Few Good Men filmed. Let’s discuss the plot in brief. So that you can get a better understanding of the actual storyline.

Plot Of A Few Good Men | What’s It About

A Few Good Men begins at a naval base in the Guantanamobay area, where we see a meek and docile marine officer, Santiago pleading for his transfer. But after spending a considerable amount of time waiting, Santiago draws his last breath, while on service. Meanwhile the other officers, who just let Santiago die, decide to stay mum!

Soon after, other ranked officers of the same base, recognize the severity of the case. They appeal for criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. A separate army division bench is formed, where the accused are brought to trial. 

Lt. Daniel Kafee is shown to prosecute the case on behalf of late Santiago. As Lt. Col Jessup held the defence counsel. Courtroom drama unfurls, as the plaintiff lawyer brings forth the evil and dishonorable conduct of the accused. To which Jessup completely disagrees and instead accuses Kafee of being a traitor.

Finally, a series of evidence is brought forward, which clearly points out the crime that Jessup committed, while serving for his nation. Readily the Hon’ble army court instructs the high ranking officer to be immediately discharged from his service. The credits roll, as Kafee thanks the other witnesses for standing their ground!

Alright friends, it’s about time for us to explore where was A Few Good Men filmed. So that you can enjoy the beautiful filming locations of this critically acclaimed film!

Where Was A Few Good Men Filmed? Let’s Know This Legal Drama Flick Closely!!

The first course of action for Director Rob Reiner and his production unit, was to arrange the ensemble cast for the film A Few Good Men. Thereafter, they started working on scouting the perfect location for filming. With a reasonably fair budget, allotted for filming, director Reiner had a wide number of places to choose from that could be used for filming.

However, the filming crew decided to stay back in America and shoot in the state of California and Washington. Interestingly enough, the sequence that features the Guantanamo Bay naval base in the film, was actually filmed inside of the actual army base. Needless to say, that high level of clearance from the American Government and army chief made it possible for the filming crew to shoot inside of a sensitive area.

The principal photography began in October 1991 and was completed by the first month of 1992! The filming crew stayed on schedule, and delivered their best! Now, without waiting any longer, let’s discuss where was A Few Good Men filmed, in depth. 

California, USA

Where Was A Few Good Men Filmed? The Best Thriller Flick Of 1992!!

The opening scene of the film in Cuba, where we are introduced to the character of Santiago, was filmed in the state of California. Located at Point Mugu, the Naval Air Station, was not a sort of location that the filming crew was used to effectively function in. As a result a special training was given to the filming team along with the director, to acquaint them with the basic rules of the base. 

Other scenes of the Guantanamo Bay naval base were filmed in Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, Los Angeles. Along with the sequences that featured the outdoor scenes of Col. Jessup’s quarter! A few more scenes were filmed at Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove, and NewPort Beach, before the filming crew reached Culver city.

The Culver Studios, located at 9336 W. Washington Blvd, was used by the production unit for shooting the film’s interior scenes. A separate set was constructed by the crew, to depict the army quarters, which was taken down after the completion of filming.

Now, here’s a couple films and shows, that you can watch, such as Top Gun: Maverick, Amsterdam, American Horror Story, The Patient, The Old Man, Rick and Morty, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and Nope which also have the same filming location as A Few Good Men.

Washington, USA

Where Was A Few Good Men Filmed? The Best Thriller Flick Of 1992!!

A considerable amount of filming was done in the state of Washington as well. Specifically in the district of Columbia. The sequence in the film Sam Weinberg’s home is shown, was filmed at 2415 20th Street NW, Washington. 

Some other exterior shots which depicted the US Navy Yard, were filmed in St Elizabeth’s Hospital. Located at 2700 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue, the filming at this location was a bit hectic for the crew, as there were issues with proper lighting. But the production unit dealt with it by changing the filming time, and making use of natural light, which in fact gave better results and made the setting more vivid.

Finally, the last scene of the film which shows the Memorial Bridge in Washington, was filmed on location. The filming crew hardly took 2-3 days to capture the perfect exterior shots of this famous bridge.

Speaking of famous, here are a bunch of renowned places in Washington such as, The Library of Congress, United States Capitol, National Gallery of Art, Lincoln Memorial, and Smithsonian Institution that you can definitely look into, if you’re planning for a trip to America.

Final Words

Alrighty folks, now that you know where was A Few Good Men filmed, I hope you got what you were looking for, and liked the read. You can also check out some other interesting and fun articles, on Viebly. Over and out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film A Few Good Men?

The cast of the film A Few Good Men includes Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Pollak and James Marshall.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film A Few Good Men?

2h 18m is the runtime of the film A Few Good Men

What Is The Rating Of The  Film A Few Good Men?

The film A Few Good Men has a R rating.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The  Film A Few Good Men?

Robert Richardson was the cinematographer of the film A Few Good Men.

Is The  Film A Few Good Men Based On A True Story?

No, the film A Few Good Men is based on a play by Aaron Sorkin, staged in 1989.


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