Where Was Beyond Paradise Filmed? BBC’s New Crime Drama Series!


Are you ready to solve gruesome mystery cases with your favorite stars? If yes, you can watch the recently premiered crime series Beyond Paradise (2023). To learn more details about this series and where was Beyond Paradise filmed, follow this article till the end.

The crime drama television series Beyond Paradise is a spin-off of the famous Death In Paradise series. The series is created by Robert Thorogood and Tony Jordan. The first episode of the series premiered on the BBC network on February 24, 2023.

The story follows the police detective, Humphrey Goodman, who travels to a new town and joins the local officers to solve the mystery cases. The series is intriguing to watch, with many twists and turns, and a mix of little fun.

Beyond Paradise received mixed reviews from the audience. Some say it is not like Death In Paradise, but some audiences appreciate its uniqueness, and claim it’s better than the DIP series. However, if you love watching crime drama series, then this series will satisfy your curiosity.

The story of this series is only not engaging, but the beautiful visuals are also a treat to your eyes. So, do you want to know where was Beyond Paradise filmed? If yes, keep reading to find out the filming location details.

Where Was Beyond Paradise Filmed? Everything You Need To Know!

After the huge response from the audience for Death In Paradise, the team decided to produce another series based on its characters. So, the team focused on characters like Humphrey Goodman, a famous detective in the DIP series. Kris Marshall, who played Humphrey’ role returned for this series. And his partner Sally Bretton also reprised her role.

Some other actors performed different roles from their original characters in Death In Paradise. After selecting all the cast members, the production team started discussing filming locations. The team had different opinions, but the series’ producers wanted some unique place for filming.

So, the crew members selected Devon as this county is not predominantly used for filming. After finalizing the location, the team was set to begin production. Now, let me tell you the exact details of where was Beyond Paradise filmed.

Devon | UK

Where Was Beyond Paradise Filmed? BBC’s New Crime Drama Series!

The story of the series is set in the fictional town of Shipton Abbott. The filming of town sequences was also done in Devon. The team was confident about choosing this location as it is a beautiful town. Also, the team preferred to have some touch of the DIP series’s Sainte Marie location, so everything was perfect with this destination.

Kris Marshall is from the South West region and thoroughly enjoyed the filming in this region. Also, in one interview, Kris said that South West region is the most beautiful part of the UK. He also shared his favorite spot in South West region, Kynance Cove.

Now, are you considering whether Devon is the best place for vacation? It’s a big yes. There are so many top attractions and great activities to do in this region. So, plan a trip to Devon and visit beautiful attractions like Bicton Park Gardens, Wildwood Escot, Cockington Village and Country Park, and Exmouth Beach.

Cornwall | UK

Where Was Beyond Paradise Filmed? BBC’s New Crime Drama Series!

Another prominent location that served as the backdrop for Beyond Paradise is Cornwall. Many places across this region were used for filming. Many scenes were filmed in the region of Looe, a beautiful town in Cornwall. The police station scenes were filmed in the Guildhall. The production team used Port Eliot House and Gardens to shoot a few sequences.

A few significant sequences were filmed at Pentillie Castle and Estate. The house scenes were filmed at the riverside cottage of the Pentillie Estate. The filming also took place on the bridge known as Looe Bridge and Sail Loft restaurant. Bere Ferrers and Tamar Valley were also used for filming a few scenes.

If you are in England, don’t miss out on visiting the Cornwall region. The natural sceneries are the main attraction of this region. Some of the best spots to explore in this destination include Gwithian Beach, Bodmin Moor, Watergate Bay, and St Michael’s Mount.

Some movies filmed in the Cornwall region include Doc Martin, The Presence Of Love, and House Of The Dragon. So, these are the details of filming locations. Now, let me telll you the plot of Beyond Paradise.

Plot Of Beyond Paradise | What Is The Series About?

Where Was Beyond Paradise Filmed? BBC’s New Crime Drama Series!

The series focuses on police detective DI Humphrey Goodman and his fiancée Martha Lloyd. Both of them relocate to the native of Martha. As the story progresses, Humphrey joins as a police officer in his new location, and Martha starts her café in the town.

The crime rates are higher in the town, which shocks Humphrey. However, Humphrey is a specialist in solving mystery cases and begins his venture to solve the cases with the other officers. Watch this amazing crime drama today to find out the interesting mysteries and how Humphrey resolves those cases.

Final Words

Well, readers! Above are all the details that you need to know about where was Beyond Paradise filmed. If you haven’t watched this series yet, watch it soon, and you can spot all the locations mentioned above. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about this article. For more details related to trending movies or series, follow Viebly.

Who is the producer of Beyond Paradise?

The producer of the series is Lindsay Hughes.

Which Production company has worked in Beyond Paradise?

The production company that has worked in Beyond Paradise is  Red Planet Pictures.

Who are the executive producers of Beyond Paradise?

The executive producers of the series are Tim Key and Tony Jordan.

What is the IMDb rating of Beyond Paradise?

The IMDb rating of Beyond Paradise is 7.6/10.

What is the runtime of each episode of Beyond Paradise?

The average runtime of each episode is 58 minutes.

What is the certification of Beyond Paradise?

The certification of Beyond Paradise is TV-PG.

How many episodes are there in Beyond Paradise?

There are six episodes of the Beyond Paradise series.

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