Where Was Feeling Butterflies Filmed? A Beautiful Romantic Hallmark Movie!


Do you prefer watching movies with happy endings? If yes, you should watch Hallmark movies like Feeling Butterflies (2022). Most Hallmark movies have similar plotlines, but the elements like love, romance, and pleasing settings will make everyone fall for them. So, read this article till the end to learn about the beautiful rom-com movie and where was Feeling Butterflies filmed.

The romantic drama film, Feeling Butterflies premiered on Hallmark Channel on March 12, 2022. T. Booker James wrote the screenplay, and Marita Grabiak directed this TV rom-com movie. The chemistry between the lead actors, Kayla Wallace and Kevin McGarry, worked out well and received great appreciation from the critics.

The basic premise revolves around a butterfly expert Emily who runs a business delivering butterflies for birthday parties and other occasions. A beautiful love story begins after she meets her client Garrett Thorson, a single father who orders butterflies for his daughter’s birthday.

Are you interested in knowing more about this beautiful romantic drama plot in detail? I’ll explain it later in this article; before that, let me give you other exciting details on where was Feeling Butterflies filmed.

Where Was Feeling Butterflies Filmed? Find Out The Aesthetic Locations Of The Movie!

One of the significant reasons people love Hallmark movies is their locations which are pleasing to the eyes. The small-town setting, a cozy home, and other picturesque locations make it more enjoyable to watch.

Most Hallmark romantic movies are filmed in and around the Canadian region. And the Feeling Butterflies movie, without any doubt was also filmed in Canadian Provinces, including British Columbia and Ontario. The filming production began in June 2021 and was completed within one month.

Now, let’s discuss the exact filming location details of where was Feeling Butterflies filmed.

Almonte, Ontario

Where Was Feeling Butterflies Filmed? A Beautiful Romantic Hallmark Movie!

Almonte, a small city in Ontario, served as the prominent filming location of the Feeling Butterflies movie. The production crew planned a 12 days schedule to shoot in this region. The team used the famous mill town for filming major movie scenes. The beautiful home backdrops play a significant role in every Hallmark movie, so the team used the luxury homes on Elgin Street and Union Street for filming.

The team used a beautiful floral boutique, Cashmere and Rose to showcase Emily’s butterfly conservatory. The filming crew used the James Naismith statue, a Basketball inventor, as a backdrop for one movie scene. The wedding sequence and other events shown in the movie were filmed in County Road. A few movie sequences were filmed at the Mill located at Ramsay Concession.

Ottawa, Ontario

Where Was Feeling Butterflies Filmed? A Beautiful Romantic Hallmark Movie!

Next, the team traveled to Ottawa to shoot a few portions of the movie. The capital of Canada is a famous destination for many filmmakers because of its warm weather and more scenic spots. So many historic buildings, green spaces, parks, lakes, and beaches make it a perfect filming destination.

So, the team Feeling Butterflies used different locations for filming, especially the team that used Clarence Creek to film a few movie scenes. So, if you are around Ottawa, then do visit this filming site. The city is well-known for its famous museums like the Bank of Canada Museum, Canadian Museum of History, Canadian Museum of Nature, and Canadian War Museum. If you love exploring history, visit these fantastic museums in Ottawa.

Victoria, British Columbia

Where Was Feeling Butterflies Filmed? A Beautiful Romantic Hallmark Movie!

Another constant filming location of Hallmark movies is British Columbia, which is also used in this movie. The team used the beautiful city of Victoria for filming significant sequences. The cast members were so comfortable and happy in the shooting sets. Also, they enjoyed all the filming locations where the shooting took place.

Plot Of Feeling Butterflies | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Feeling Butterflies Filmed? A Beautiful Romantic Hallmark Movie!

The female lead of Feeling Butterflies, Emily, is a lepidopterist who runs a butterfly business in a small town and is going through the pain of a breakup. One day, she meets a single father, Garrett, who orders butterflies for his daughter’s birthday, Amanda. As the story progresses, the three of them become closer.

One day, Emily and her competitor Mandy receive a huge order from Rebecca for a wedding event. Rebecca says she will only pay the money to the person who offers her 1501 butterflies. So, Emily takes the help of Garrett and Amanda to raise butterflies. The frequent meetups eventually lead Emily and Garett to fall for each other.

Final Words

Alright, readers! I hope you got the answer to your question about where was Feeling Butterflies filmed. If you love Hallmark movies and like to connect with a movie much closer, make time to visit the beautiful locations of their films. If you want us to cover other Hallmark movie locations, mention them in the comments section below.

Which production companies have worked on the movie Feeling Butterflies?

The production companies that have worked in Feeling Butterflies are Johnson Production group and Seven One Studios.

What is the IMDb rating of the movie Feeling Butterflies?

The IMDb rating of the movie is 6.3/10.

What is the runtime of the movie Feeling Butterflies?

The runtime of the movie is 1 hour and 24 minutes.

What is the certification of the movie Feeling Butterflies?

The film Feeling Butterflies has a TV-G certification.

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