Where Was Marry Go Round Filmed? Rekindling Lost Love!


There is no one that does feel-good movies better than Hallmark. The cable TV network has a vast catalog of comedies, dramas, and entertainment-filled movies. One of the latest additions to the list is the movie Marry Go Round. A comedy that has loads of drama too. Today, we will tell you all about where was Marry Go Round filmed and everything else you need to know about it!

Directed by David Weaver, Marry Go Round is a fun movie if you’re looking for something light to watch after a long day. The storyline is something familiar, but the chemistry between the actors is electric. That is because we have Brennan Elliot and Amanda Schull in the lead role. The Canadian actors gave their best performance, and it’s for all of us to see.

So, where was Marry Go Round filmed? As is the norm with other Hallmark movies, Marry Go Round has been filmed completely in Canada. Most of the filming has been done in Metro Vancouver, British Colombia.

The filming locations of Marry Go Round are a part of Vancouver culture by now. While the real Hollywood might be in Los Angeles, up north, Vancouver serves as a sister city for filming. Many movies like Game Set Love, The Unforgivable, as well as The Perfect Catch, have been filmed here!

The Plot Of Marry Go Round | What Is The Movie About?

Before we move on to see where was Marry Go Round filmed, we need to check out what the movie is about first! Romantic comedies are often drawn out and over-exaggerated. This makes them cringe and harder to watch. While Marry Go Round has the same age-old trope, the movie feels the same yet all so different.

Marry Go Round follows the lives of Abby and Luke. Two high school sweethearts who were much in love got married right after school but decided it wasn’t meant to be. They break up, get a divorce, and go on their separate way. 

Now, several years later, Abby has a successful life in corporate and has a loving fiance by her side. The two plan to move to Paris and start a new chapter in their lives. But all this comes to a sudden halt as Abby finds out that her divorce from Luke wasn’t finalized. In a rush, she flies back to her old home and wants to get to the bottom of this.

She meets Luke in court in a bid to get the matter sorted. But Luke sees this as a sign from the universe. He wants to give their ‘marriage’ another chance. A shot at happiness that they were probably too dumb to squander in their young adult lives. Can the two work it out between themselves? What happens with Abby’s fiance and her life in Paris? Well, for all the answers, you need to watch the movie!

Where Was Marry Go Round Filmed | All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Released on September 10, 2022, Marry Go Round has received widespread praise from critics and audiences alike. Amanda Schull’s portrayal of Abby has been highly commended. As a woman with two options in front of her, which one does she go with? Amanda seems to portray the confusing life of an engaged woman quite well.

The movie sees a mostly urban backdrop, which brings us to the question – where was Marry Go Round filmed? Let’s see where in Vancouver did the filmmakers shoot the movie!

Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Where Was Marry Go Round Filmed? Rekindling Lost Love!

The warm and fuzzy feeling movie has been filmed entirely in cold and rainy Vancouver, British Colombia. The places in and around Vancouver are no newbies when it comes to movies since many Hollywood productions make their way to the North. That is because Vancouver provides them with the perfect conditions.

You can find an urban landscape, a lush green landscape, a forest, and cold, barren lands, right in one place. When making a movie, logistics are of prime importance, and since all locations can be found at the drop of a hat, it’s no wonder, so many big productions take place in Vancouver.

Metropolitan Area, Vancouver, British Colombia

Where Was Marry Go Round Filmed? Rekindling Lost Love!

Filming for Marry Go Round has taken place in the metro city of Vancouver as well as some other cities around it. The metro city is the main hub of the region. Marry Go Round has a couple of scenes when Abby and Luke go to a theme park.

Filming for the scene took place in an actual theme park in the metro city. The merry-go-round and all other rides have actually been filmed on the spot. There was no set, no studio, but all the real deal! Although the carousel scene, which is quite pivotal in the movie, has been filmed somewhere entirely different!

Burnaby, Vancouver, British Colombia

Where Was Marry Go Round Filmed? Rekindling Lost Love!

As Luke grows in his persistence, Abby starts to spend more and more time with him. The carousel ride is the point where Abby actually starts to think of her past in a serious way. The carousel ride isn’t actually in the theme park in Metro City.

Instead, a hundred-year-old carousel ride was used to film the scene. Tucked away and preserved in a place called The Burnaby Village Museum is the C.W. Parker Carousel. According to the producers, each horse on the carousel is worth thousands of dollars. So filming on them was quite an ordeal. 

The museum is located at Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby. If you’re in Vancouver and want to get a taste of history, then this is the ideal place for your visit. The carousel was first opened in 1912, so keep in mind you’re actually going to see a ride that’s a century old!

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Marry Go Round filmed! Since most of the filming took place in Vancouver, locals can easily spot more places from snapshots in the movie. If you live in the area, then we would love to hear about the places you recognize. 

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Where to watch Marry Go Round?

You can watch Marry Go Round on the Hallmark Channel in the US as well as in Canada!

Who stars in Marry Go Round?

Amanda Schull, Brennan Elliott, and Mary-Beth Manning star in Marry Go Round.

Is Marry Go Round a family-friendly movie?

Yes, absolutely! You can watch Marry Go Round with your family, friends, and even your kids!

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