Where Was Men Filmed? Best Horror Thriller Of 2022!


If you like mind-bending movies that will have you questioning your sanity, then boy, do we have the right movie for you! From the production houses of A24 comes the horror thriller Men. A movie that will leave you scared, puzzled, and generally confused! Today, we will tell you all about the movie and also where was Men filmed! So make sure you stick with us till the very end!

Written and directed by the amazing Alex Garland, Men tells no direct story but reels you in with insane mysteries. The movie was released at the Cannes Film Festival first, after which it received an international release in the US as well as the UK. A24 productions have done an insane job at producing the movie, and it does not disappoint one bit!

So, where was Men filmed? The movie is based in a village called Coston in England. While the village doesn’t really exist, all of the filming for the movie was done in England. Men filming locations include Cheltenham, London, and Gloucestershire. According to sources, filming took about 3 months to complete and was done in early 2021.

The filming locations reflect the true English aura to it. The peculiar English countryside architecture featured heavily in the movie. Since locations play such a pivotal part in any movie, it’s natural England was used for much of the filming. Filming in locations actually depicted in the movies or shows can be seen in movies like Winter In Vail and The Hating Game!

Where Was Men Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Men opened to positive reviews and received critical praise from audiences as well as critics. The out-of-the-box storyline, the suspense, and the insane thrill created throughout the movie appealed to the audiences. We can expect nothing less from someone like Alex Garland! 

So, where was Men filmed? Check out the exact locations down below!

London, England

Where Was Men Filmed? Best Horror Thriller Of 2022!

One of the primary locations for the filming of Men has been in London. The outdoor scenes, as well as the opening scenes in the movie, include Harper’s apartment. The apartment scenes have been filmed in St. Katharine Docks in Central London. 

Those who live in the area would be able to see the river Thames right from her apartment window. Filming also took place around the Tower Bridge area of London. Both of these places are quite touristy, and if you’re in the region, then you should definitely put them on your itinerary. 

Gloucestershire, England

Where Was Men Filmed? Best Horror Thriller Of 2022!

Most of the filming for Men has been done in and around the region of Gloucestershire, England. The abandoned buildings and the spooky forests in the movie have been recreated in this southwest English countryside.

One of the first scary scenes in Men is when Harper is attacked for the first time. That scene in its entirety has been filmed in a place called Forest of Dean. Since the village of Cotson does not exist, it was filmed in other areas in and around Cheltenham.

Withington, Cheltenham, England

Where Was Men Filmed? Best Horror Thriller Of 2022!

The village areas around Withington in Cheltenham were used as the stand-in for Cotson. The rented house that Harper goes to for her vacation, the bars and pubs, and the church are all filmed in Cheltenham.

St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, High Street, Withington was used for the filming of the scene where Harper meets the local Vicar. There she confesses her guilt and her feeling of being haunted. On meeting the kid named Samuel, Harper realizes something is wrong and runs away. The village and its adjoining areas make for some spooky scenes and give Men the horror aura that it has!

The Plot Of Men | What Is The Movie About?

Before we move on to see where is Men filmed, let’s take a look at what the thriller movie is about. Men stars Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear in the lead roles, with Paapa Essiedu playing a supporting role. With Alex Garland adept at making suspense thrillers, expect nothing less from Men

The movie follows the life of Harper Marlowe, a woman who is displeased with her marriage and wants a divorce. On hearing this news, Harper’s husband goes in shock and commits suicide. Scared by the series of events that have transpired, Harper leaves her apartment in London and rents a cabin. She goes to a fictional village of Coston in the English countryside, hoping to get over her trauma.

She is welcomed by a man named Geoffrey, who is the caretaker of the house. As Harper plans to disconnect and hopes to get some downtime during her vacation, things soon turn weird. One morning while she is on a stroll in the park, Harper is attacked by a fat naked man. First, he stalks her and then follows her to her accommodation. 

The police get involved, and then the locals start to act weird with her. In a series of weird events, the police officer, the men at the bar, and everyone in the village start to look like Geoffrey. All the men in the village have some vendetta against Harper, and they won’t stop at anything. Like we said already, the movie will actually leave your head aching at what is really going on!

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope now you know where was Men filmed! The movie is going to trip you out badly. While the name of the movie doesn’t seem intimidating, trust us when we say this, it’s scarier than anything you would have seen all year! If you don’t believe us, then give the movie a go and let us know your thoughts!

We also recommend that you check out other movies and shows and their filming locations. Some of our current favorites are movies like The Little Mermaid, Toscana, The Unforgivable, and many more! If you have a personal movie or a show recommendation, then drop us a comment below, and we will try to cover it for you!

Where to watch Men 2022?

You can watch Men on Amazon Prime. You can also rent, buy or stream Men on the OTT service!

Is Men 2022 scary?

While Men does not have downright blood and gore, there are plenty of jumpscares which makes Men a scary movie to watch.

Is the movie Men worth seeing?

Doing what Alex Garland does best, Men is flawed in some ways but there is absolutely no denying that it is a singular, bold, and thrilling film that will keep you on the edge of your seats!

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