Where Was Mr And Mrs Smith Filmed? Recount Of A Famous 2005 Brangelina Flick!!


Do you remember the time when every last living soul on planet earth was head over heels about the power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina? If you do, then be sure to check this article where I discuss their famous film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And also let you in on where was Mr and Mrs Smith filmed.

The American action comedy film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, released in 2005, is easily mistaken for Hitchcock’s 1941 screwball comedy film with the same name. Director Doug Liman, in his film showcases the story of a sensuous power couple, played by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Who later learn about each other’s contract killing profession, and eventually get assigned to one another.

The movie was averagely rated by the critics, although it was a super success in the box office. The film grossed over $468 million, making it one of the highest grossing films of the year, and won over 8 awards.

Now let’s go ahead and discuss the plot of the film in brief. So that you can take a closer look at the actual storyline of the film. Furthermore, I will also inform later in this article, where was Mr and Mrs Smith filmed.

Plot Of Mr and Mrs Smith | What’s It About

The action comedy flick, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, begins by acquainting us with the central characters of John and Jane Smith. The couple is shown to be visiting a marriage counselor to discuss the recent drama that has taken over their marriage.

On further questioning by the counselor, the couple recount their story about the first time they met each other, in Bogota, Colombia. The initial idea of them staying together in Columbia, was to evade the authorities. But soon after, John started getting inclined towards Jane and proposed to her for marriage.

In reality though, John and Jane were working as contract killers, for distinct rival agencies. Soon enough, unbeknownst of course about each other’s line of work, they end up being deployed in a mission to assassinate a DIA prisoner, Benjamin. The mission fails as John and Jane come to know about their true identity and which shifted the focus from the mission.

The agencies later assign Jane to kill John and vice versa, which is brilliantly exemplified in a series of breathtaking action sequences. The couple go out all guns blazing to subdue one another. Finally they decide to hold onto their relationship, and stay away from each other’s throat. The power couple then overpowers the assassins, and consummate their marriage after.

Ok now, it’s time for us to find out where was Mr and Mrs Smith filmed. So that you can enjoy the scenic locations.Which were used for shooting, this action comedy film.

Where Was Mr And Mrs Smith Filmed? Let’s Know This Fantastic Film Closely!!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith, for the most part, was filmed in and around America. With a couple of establishing shots also being filmed in Italy. Locations such as Los Angeles and Pasadena, were extensively used for filming in California. And Italian filming sites featured Rome and Lazio.

The principal photography began in January 2004 and lasted till March 2005! Don’t be surprised, because the production unit divided the filming schedule, by shooting for 3-4 months at each interval.

Director Doug Liman, along with cinematographer Bojan Bazelli, decided to choose these locations for the certain romantic appeal it has! Other than that, the locations in the U.S. were selected strictly to maintain the logistics and the filming budget at par with the projections.

Right, let us now know more about the exact filming sites that are mentioned above. And explore which sequences featured these absolute drop-dead gorgeous locations.

Los Angeles, California

Where Was Mr And Mrs Smith Filmed? Recount Of A Famous 2005 Brangelina Flick!!

Majority of the filming which took place in Los Angeles began in January 2004. The production team wanted to stay on top of the filming schedule right off the bat. Thus the establishing scenes where the construction site is shown, was actually filmed in Caltrans District 7 HQ Building. 

Located in downtown Los Angeles, the production unit did stutter at first in managing the crowd, but later got around the problem. Furthermore the sensuous dance sequence which we see in the film, was filmed inside a real restaurant. The Cicada Restaurant and Club located at 617 S Olive St. in Los Angeles, featured in the film, for the mentioned sequence. 

The production unit made a contract with the owner of the restaurant. And booked the place till the time filming was completed at this place. As you’ve guessed the owners took delight after knowing their restaurant will feature in a multi star cast film, on top of getting paid handsomely. 

Two major studios were used in Los Angeles to recreate the interior sequences of Smith’s house shown in the film. The production team first arrived at Los Angeles Center Studios at 450 S. Bixel Street. And then moved on to a bigger studio located at 10201 Pico Blvd, Stage 14 20th Century Fox Studio.

The reason for using two distinct studios in the same city, was because the filming schedule was getting hampered due to the mismanagement of the Center Studios staff. The director and cinematographer acted swiftly and shifted their production camps to one of the best studios in the world, 20th Century Fox Studio.

Here’s a list of blockbuster films and shows, such as Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Don’t Worry Darling, Cobra Kai, Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon and Top Gun: Maverick which were also filmed in the state of California.

Pasadena, California

Where Was Mr And Mrs Smith Filmed? Recount Of A Famous 2005 Brangelina Flick!!

Other notable outdoor scenes were filmed in San Pedro, which showcased the Vincent Thomas Bridge. And to shoot the exterior scene of Smith’s office, the crew landed in Pasadena, California. A house located at 1565 San Pasqual Street, Pasadena was used for filming the mentioned sequence.

Speaking of the city of Pasadena, you can retreat yourself at the refreshing Descanso Gardens, or check out the antiques and artifacts in Norton Simon Museum. The Rose Bowl Stadium could stand out to be a good spot for you to watch the SuperBowl games. Although if you take immense pleasure in reading books, then The Huntington Library is the perfect place for you to go! 

Long story short, even though none of the places mentioned above were featured in the film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The city of Pasadena still has a variety of places for you to pay a visit!

Final Words

Alrighty folks and missy’s now that you’ve read the plot of the film, and know where was Mr and Mrs Smith filmed. I hope you’ll watch the film, if you haven’t already. However, if the filming locations intrigue you more, then be sure to visit Viebly. To find out more about other informative and entertaining articles of latest films and shows, and know where to watch them.

Until we meet again, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Mr And Mrs Smith?

The cast of the film Mr and Mrs Smith includes Brad Pitt, Ange;ina Jolie, Vince Vaughn, Adam Brody and Kerry Washington

Who Produced The  Film Mr And Mrs Smith?

Arnon Milchin and Lucas Foster were the producers of the film Mr and Mrs Smith

Who Directed The  Film Mr And Mrs Smith?

Doug Liman directed the film Mr and Mrs Smith

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The  Film Mr And Mrs Smith?

Simon Kinberg wrote the screenplay for the film Mr and Mrs Smith




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