Where Was Night Of The Grizzly Filmed? Explore These Adventurous Locations!


I know you liked watching Night Of the Grizzly, a movie from the late 60s. But do you know where was Night Of The Grizzly filmed? If you are interested in finding out the filming locations, here’s plenty of information for you. Keep reading to note them!

Night Of The Grizzly was the last western movie by Joseph Pevney. The movie performed beyond the expectations of the makers. The critics appreciated the performance of cast members and the cinematography. As a result, the movie made a box office collection of $1 million. Due to the immense success, a comic adaptation appeared with the same name in 1966. This adaptation also received the same love from fans. 

Now, let’s check out the filming locations before I explain to you the basic premise. Here’s all that you need to know about where was Night of The Grizzly filmed!

Where Was Night Of The Grizzly Filmed? Know About The Locations Here!

Night Of The Grizzly was one of the most anticipated movies of its time. That’s because the movie was featuring top stars and was the last project of Joseph. Before deciding on the filming locations, the makers did extensive research. A few cast members also helped them. Filming at distant locations was quite challenging for the makers. So they decided to shoot the entire movie in the United States Of America. You’ll be glad to know that Love Island USA was also filmed here.

It’s time to take a step further and locate all the locations selected by the team. So, keep reading where was Night Of The Grizzly filmed!

Big Bear Lake, California

Cameras rolled at Big Bear Lake to shoot the opening scene of Night Of The Grizzly. Various attractive spots were selected by the makers to make the scene look impressive. Also, the cinematographer shot from various angles. The makers couldn’t think of some other locations because of the landscaped view. 

Big Bear Valley, California

The team moved to Big Bear Valley after filming at Big Bear Lake. Both the locations were nearby so traveling did not take much time. Some interesting scenes were shot with the stunning backdrops of this location. Filming here was quite difficult for the team because of the uneven land. So, all were extra careful to avoid injuries. 

San Bernardino National Forest, California

Where Was Night Of The Grizzly Filmed? Explore These Adventurous Locations!

Many pivotal outdoor sequences were shot at San Bernardino National Forest. The forest is spread across 823,816 acres so it took a considerable amount of time to wrap up shooting here. Also, it was challenging for the crew members to shoot in such a wide area with heavy equipment. But they managed to shoot all the important scenes somehow.

If you love spending time with nature, San Bernardino National Park is perfect for you. It has dozens of scenic trails which are perfect for hiking. Also, you get to see breathtaking views of ice-capped mountains.

Holcomb Valley, California

Holcomb Valley was another primary filming location where many dramatic scenes were shot. All the scenes featuring the ranch were also shot here. It was a great time shooting at this place because the makers had ample space to shoot all the sequences. Also, the ambiance was peaceful, so they got a lot of time to work on their creativity.

Cedar Lake, California

Where Was Night Of The Grizzly Filmed? Explore These Adventurous Locations!

Cedar Lake was one of the famous filming locations of western movies. So, the makers were certain not to miss this location. As a result, some outdoor scenes were shot here. All the beautiful spots of the lake featured in the movie. And viewers loved them while watching the movie.

Well, you can also explore this beautiful artificial lake because it’s ideal for picnics and boating. So, when are you planning to visit Cedar Lake?

Paramount Studios – 555 Melrose Avenue, California

Some action scenes which were tough to shoot at real locations were shot on the stages of Paramount Studios. A special setup was made by the team which was identical to real-life locations. A special team of trainers was recruited to help cast members while shooting action scenes.

Shooting here was a bit easy in comparison to other locations. That’s why the team managed to wrap up shooting within the decided time frame. Well, only some people know that Frasier was also filmed here.

Plot Of Night Of The Grizzly | What’s It About?

Where Was Night Of The Grizzly Filmed? Explore These Adventurous Locations!

Night Of The Grizzly narrates the life story of Jim who is a lawman. Jim lives with his wife Angela and two children, Gypsy and Charlie. The plot gets interesting when Jim inherits a ranch from his uncle. Without thinking twice, Jim decides to give up on his job and work as a rancher in Wyoming. 

After a few days, Jim learns that the ranch belongs to a man named Jed. Now, Jim needs to pay 675 US dollars to become the owner of the ranch. Somehow, Jim pays the money and shifts to the ranch’s cottage. But Jim does not know about the upcoming challenge in his life. Watch the movie today to see whether Jim gives up on the ranch or not!

Final Words 

By now, you must have understood well where was Night Of The Grizzly filmed. We have some more interesting articles like this where you can learn about some more filming locations. You can check out where was Dog Gone filmed and where was My Friend Flicka filmed

Who Are The Cast Members Of Night Of The Grizzly?

The cast members of Night Of The Grizzly are Clint Walker, Keenan Wynn, Martha Hyer, Sammy Jackson, Leo Gordon, Candy Moore, Nancy Kulp, Med Flory, and many more.

When Was Night Of The Grizzly Released?

Night Of The Grizzly was released on April 20, 1966.

Who Acquired The Distribution Rights Of Night Of The Grizzly?

The distribution rights of Night Of The Grizzly were acquired by Paramount Pictures.

What Is The Running Time Of Night Of The Grizzly?

The running time of Night Of The Grizzly is 102 minutes.

Night Of The Grizzly Is Available In How Many Languages?

Night Of The Grizzly is available only in English.


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