Where Was Inside Daisy Clover Filmed? A 60s Novel-Based Drama Film!


Do you love to watch movies that are based on reality rather than just showing only happy endings? Being a realist has its downsides, such as disillusionment, but it also has a strange amount of upsides, such as salvation. This sort of movie would be Inside Daisy Clover (1965). If you also like the vintage setting, then this article is for you to learn about where was Inside Daisy Clover filmed.

The movie, Inside Daisy Clover, is based on Gavin Lambert’s novel which was published in the year 1963. The drama film was directed by Robert Mulligan. There are some movies that don’t get a good response from the audience at their release time. Inside Daisy Clover is a kind of movie that didn’t get good reviews from critics at the time of its release.

Later, the movie was telecasted on television and people appreciated the movie greatly. The film became popular only after that and made a good impact on the audience. Now, I guess you’re interested to know the movie’s plot and other interesting details about the movie. 

Inside Daisy Clover movie scenes are stunning to watch because of their beautiful natural setting. This makes everyone wonders where was Inside Daisy Clover filmed. Therefore, to know the filming locations of the amazing visual, read the article below. If you prefer to watch a novel-based movie, then do check out where to watch The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey.

The Plot Of Inside Daisy Clover | What Is The Movie About?

Where Was Inside Daisy Clover Filmed? A 60s Novel-Based Drama Film!

Inside Daisy Clover takes place in Santa Monica in 1936. In a trailer, Daisy Clover resides with her mother. She is a tomboy who is fifteen years old. While Daisy aspires to be an actress, her mother is a bit strange. She records a song in order to realize her ambitions and sends it to studio owner Raymond Swan. 

She agrees to a five-year agreement with Swan after being chosen. Swan conceals her mother in a mental hospital and makes accommodations for her as well. Daisy eventually meets fellow actor Wade Lewis. The narrative of Inside Daisy Clover follows the lead character as she ascends the Hollywood success ladder. 

Daisy moves her mother to a beachfront property after taking her from the nursing facility. Daisy experiences a nervous breakdown after learning of her mother’s sudden death. She is unable to work and is cared for at home by a private nurse during the day. 

Raymond demands that Daisy complete her contract and the planned film after growing impatient with her prolonged recovery. This pressure made Daisy attempt suicide, but she is constantly interrupted. So, to know the next decision of Daisy, you should consider watching the movie.

Where Was Inside Daisy Clover Filmed?

Where Was Inside Daisy Clover Filmed? A 60s Novel-Based Drama Film!

The movie’s magnificent filmography was a standout aspect and what made it so lovely to behold. Its aesthetic components worked well with the competent plot it provided. These scenes evoked a lot of good feelings, which improved the film’s overall mood. 

The entire filming of Inside Daisy Clover was filmed in California. The filmmakers used two different venues for shooting the scenes of the movie. The specific details of where was Inside Daisy Clover filmed was given below.

Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California | USA

Where Was Inside Daisy Clover Filmed? A 60s Novel-Based Drama Film!

Inside Daisy Clover was primarily shot in Santa Monica, California. The Warner Bros. and the Santa Monica Pier, which is located at the foot of Colorado, served as the majority of the filming locations. 

The Santa Monica Pier Merry Ground was featured prominently in the film Inside Daisy Clover. Although a little has changed since they were last shown in the film, one can still gaze at these sights. In addition to the Merry Ground, the Santa Monica Pier bridge is also visible in the film.

One of the area’s most popular beaches is found in Santa Monica; it is a never-ending stretch of golden sand with crashing waves, perfect for beginning surfers. Whether you’re traveling alone or with family, Santa Monica has a lot to offer. 

There are far too many movies and TV series that showcase the beautiful beauty of the coastal town. The palm tree-lined and sunset-hued Californian metropolis is more common to see on screens than in real life.

Warner Bros. Studios, California | USA

Where Was Inside Daisy Clover Filmed? A 60s Novel-Based Drama Film!

The other parts of the film were shot in the Warner Bros. Studio, which is situated in Burbank, California. There was a lot of imagination used to design the set, which is something to be admired. 

It is not surprising that the set designs from the 1960s Warner Bros studio are still beloved by the show’s audience. A person who has watched the film closely would observe how expertly it was shot, which contributes to its unforgettable quality.

If you visit California, then don’t forget to visit Warner Bros. Studios. You can take a tour inside the studios where you can find how movies have used the sets in their film production. If you are a movie lover, then it is worth visiting this studio. Some other popular movies like Hart Of Dixie, The Perfect Storm, and Shameless were filmed in Warner Brothers Burbank Studio.

Final Words

Well, now you got an answer to your question about where was Inside Daisy Clover filmed. So, I suggest you make a plan and visit these locations. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then you can find the movie on streaming platforms. You can rent or purchase the movie on Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes, and Vudu. 

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Who Is The Producer Of The Movie, Inside Daisy Clover?

The producer of the movie is Alan J. Pakula

Who All Acted In the Movie, Inside Daisy Clover?

The cast members of the movie include Natalie Wood, Christopher Plummer, Robert Redford, Roddy McDowall, Ruth Gordon, Katharine Bard, and Peter Helm

Who Created The Music For The Movie, Inside Daisy Clover?

The music for the movie was created by Aaron Stell.

Who Is The Distributor Of The Movie, Inside Daisy Clover?

The distributor of Inside Daisy Clover is Warner Bros.

What Is The Release Date Of The Movie, Inside Daisy Clover?

The release date of the movie is December 22, 1965.

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