Where Was Rogue Warfare Filmed? An Action Movie From 2019!


Do you prefer watching an action movie? If yes, have you watched the action movie Rogue Warfare (2019)? If not, then this article is for you to learn about this movie and where was Rogue Warfare filmed.

The action war movie Rogue Warfare was written and directed by Mike Gunther. The film features actors like Will Yun Lee, Jermaine Love, and Rory Markham. The film received a poor response from the critics and audience.

The basic premise revolves around a group of military people from different countries joining together to fight against the terrorist network. If you love action sequences, then give this film a try.

Now, do you want to know where was Rogue Warfare filmed? If yes, follow the article to find the exact filming location details.

Where Was Rogue Warfare Filmed? Check Out The Location Details Here!

The production team first decides to select strong cast members as so many action sequences are involved in the film. After finalizing the cast members, the team scouted for the filming locations.

After many discussions, the team decided to film in the Los Angeles and Santa Clarita regions. The filming of the movie began in March 2017. Now, without any further, let me tell you where was Rogue Warfare filmed.

Los Angeles | California

Where Was Rogue Warfare Filmed? An Action Movie From 2019!

The movie’s major scenes were filmed in and around the Los Angeles region. The team chose this location because it is a war-torn country, and it helped the filmmaker get the visuals as per their vision.

The team used different city ranches to shoot the movie’s significant war scenes. The production team also built some sets to shoot some movie scenes. When it comes to studio production, Los Angeles is the best location.

Because it has numerous studios with the best production facilities and skilled professionals in the city. Furthermore, studios in Los Angeles are the best choice for low-budget movies as it helps to save logistics money. Rogue Warfare is also a low-budget film, and LA studios helped the team to complete the movie within their budget.

So, many well-known movies like Everything Everywhere All At Once, Marry Go Round, and ET were filmed in LA.

Santa Clarita | California

Where Was Rogue Warfare Filmed? An Action Movie From 2019!

Santa Clarita is another vital location in the movie. The movie is set in the battle zone, and the different ranches in this city helped film the movie’s action scenes perfectly. Many pivotal action sequences were filmed in the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch at Blue Cloud Rd.

Another ranch that was used for shooting is the Polsa Rosa Ranch, a perfect place for filming this action movie. So, the team used the ideal locations for filming action and war scenes. When watching a movie, you will definitely enjoy the cinematography.

Santa Clarita is one of the famous filming locations where the movies like War Of The Worlds, Encino Man, and American Sniper were filmed in this region.

Well, these are the locations that you need to know related to where was Rogue Warfare filmed. Now, let me give you an overview of the plot of Rogue Warfare.

Plot Of Rogue Warfare | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Rogue Warfare Filmed? An Action Movie From 2019!

In the movie Rogue Warfare, a group of military people finds an unbelievable threat from the terrorists. So, the team decides to get the help of other countries’ militaries to destroy the terrorist network. The military force from Russia, the UK, China, France, and the United States joined this mission.

All the forces work together to find out the reason for the terrorist threats and the solution to stop the terrorist threats. Will the military force be able to stop the terrorist attack? To find out, watch this movie today.

Final Words

Well, I hope now you have got the answer to your question about where was Rogue Warfare filmed. If you have any doubts related to the locations or any details discussed in this article, ask us in the comments section below. For more entertainment-related articles, check out Viebly every day.

Which production companies have worked in the movie Rogue Warfare?

The production companies that have worked on the movie are 5150 Action and Dovecheck Productions.

What is the runtime of the film Rogue Warfare?

The runtime of the movie is 1 hour and 43 minutes.

What is the tagline of the movie Rogue Warfare?

The tagline of the film is All nations, one enemy.


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