Where Was The Sound Of Music Filmed? An Evergreen Musical Drama From The 60s!!


If you’re looking for an iconic film, which is starkly different from Above Suspicion, then we suggest you watch The Sound of Music. Read this article to discover everything about this musical flick, and also find out where was The Sound of Music filmed.

The Sound of Music is an American musical drama movie that was released in the mid-60s. Apart from producing this evergreen cinema, Robert Wise also supervised the filming process. While Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer gave astonishing performances in the lead roles.

The basic premise of The Sound of Music revolves around the character of Maria, a young and cheerful Austrian nun. The story gets interesting when the female lead gets sent to take care of the young children of a widowed naval officer.

The commercial performance of The Sound of Music was nothing short of phenomenal! This musical film went on to gross over $250 million at the box office against a very nominal shooting budget. Other than that, The Sound of Music also won 17 prestigious awards, including 5 Oscars, and collected numerous nominations.

So, are you all set to know more about this Oscar-winning film? Well, then, let’s start by taking a closer look at where was The Sound of Music filmed.

Where Was The Sound Of Music Filmed? Let’s Know This Musical Drama Film Closely!

More often than not, we come across fantastic movies which are not filmed in the same place where the premise is set. However, that wasn’t the case for The Sound of Music. This incredible movie is set in Austria, and you’d be delighted to know that the shooting of The Sound of Music also took place in the same European country.

Albeit, not all sequences of this musical drama were captured in Austria. The director of this movie, Robert Wise, thought that it would be best to shoot some minor sequences of the movie around other countries as well.

So, after the main filming locations in Austria were scouted, Robert and his team searched in other European countries, looking for some picturesque locations.

After several weeks the production members finally came up with a number of suitable filming locations in and around Germany and submitted the list to Robert. The director then checked the list and gave a green signal to his team, and asked them to commence filming.

Although before I tell you more about the filming process of The Sound of Music, It’s important to mention that, as per reports, some sequences of this heart-warming movie were also captured in Los Angeles.

However, as I’ve mentioned before, the main sequences of the movie were only filmed in and around Austria and Germany. The principal photography of The Sound of Music began in the final week of March 1964 and continued until the third week of August of the same year.

The shooting schedule was quiet as compared to the other films Robert directed. However, since the production members had to capture the outdoor sequences around various locations in Austria and Germany, a lot of time was spent traveling as well.

Nonetheless, the visuals, which were shot in the picturesque backdrop of Bavaria and Austria, came out absolutely brilliant. Robert and his team were more than satisfied with the outcome of the filming process and didn’t face any challenges during the course of the shooting.

Now, let us go a step further and discuss where was The Sound of Music filmed in detail.


Where Was The Sound Of Music Filmed? An Evergreen Musical Drama From The 60s!!

The first phase of shooting began in the beautiful Austrian city of Salzburg. The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of Maria inside a church, was actually filmed inside a historical castle located in Schloss Fuschl.

Special shooting permission was taken from the Austrian government before filming inside this grand castle, after that, the production members moved to the next shooting location.

Additional outdoor scenes in Austria were mostly filmed in and around the city of Salzburg. The production members used a large mansion located in the Schloss Frohnburg area of Salzburg to capture the exterior shots of Von Trapp’s villa.

Some other scenes were also filmed in the upper region of Austria, specifically near Mondsee and Mirabell Gardens, after which the production members moved to Germany.


The final phase of filming began in Germany. After the production members captured the majority of the outdoor scenes in and around the city of Salzburg, Austria, they moved to Germany.

Sequences from the final quarter of the movie were mainly filmed in and around this picturesque European country. The sequence where we see the character of Trapp eventually escaping was captured near Eck, Bavaria.

After all the outdoor scenes were shot, the production members wrapped the filming process in Europe and returned to America. The remaining interior shots were then captured inside a well-equipped studio in Los Angeles.

Alright, so that’s all about the filming locations of The Sound of Music. Let us now take a closer look at the plot of this musical drama. Meanwhile, you can also read about Tommy Boy and The First Great Train Robbery.

Plot Of The Sound Of Music | What’s It About

Where Was The Sound Of Music Filmed? An Evergreen Musical Drama From The 60s!!

The basic premise of The Sound of Music revolves around the young and cheerful character of Maria, an Austrian nun and a talented singer. At the beginning of the movie, the female lead is sent to Von Trapp’s mansion to take care of a couple of children.

As the story progresses further, Maria grows fond of Mr. Trapp’s children form an unbreakable bond with them. The lead actor, on the other hand, gets romantically inclined towards Maria and confesses his feelings.

Watch The Sound of Music and find out the full story!

Final Words

Ok, friends! I hope I’ve answered, where was The Sound of Music filmed. But if you still seem to have any other questions, feel free to let us know in the comments. We’d be happy to get that sorted for you.
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