Where Was Tulsa King Filmed? Filming Locations Of Stallone’s Latest Crime Drama Series!!


Do you like to watch gripping series starring the best actors of Hollywood? Well, then be sure to read this article, where I tell you all about the latest crime drama series, Tulsa King, featuring Sylvester Stallone. And also let you in on where was Tulsa King filmed.

The long-awaited American crime mystery series, Tulsa King has finally been released. In this riveting series, Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the show, presents the story of Dwight Manfredi, an ex-mafia boss, who leaves no stone unturned to re-establish the crime empire, after being released from prison.

Now, a large number of people have already started to watch the series on Paramount Plus. However, if you don’t have a Paramount Plus subscription then you can check out some other available options for you to watch this long-awaited series. Search on Viebly, where to watch Tulsa King for free, and get it sorted. But, if you’re rather intrigued to find out where was Tulsa King filmed, then continue to read this article, and explore the filming locations of this highly-engaging series.

Where Was Tulsa King Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Drama Series Closely!!

Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Tulsa King, initially wanted to shoot the series entirely in Canada, to take advantage of the filming tax credit. However, after the filming budget was bumped up to a considerable amount, Taylor conferred with other creative heads of the unit and decided to explore other potential filming locations. Thus after scouting for some time, the production unit came to the final conclusion to shoot Tulsa King, on location.

After finalizing the shooting locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the principal photography began towards the end of March 2022 and was completed in more or less 2 months. The filming crew stayed on top of the shooting schedule, by pre-arranging the logistics and permissions required for filming. Now without waiting any longer, let’s discuss in-depth, where was Tulsa King filmed, and find out more about the specific shooting sites.

Tulsa | Oklahoma

Where Was Tulsa King Filmed? Filming Locations Of Stallone’s Latest Crime Drama Series!!

The production unit readily began filming after arriving in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And even though the sequences which were filmed here, appear at a later part of the series, the filming crew started filming here first, as they had only a handful of sequences to capture in Tulsa.

The sequence in the first episode where Dwight is shown to relocate, after being released from prison, was filmed in Tulsa. To depict the sequence of Dwight’s arrival from New York, the production unit took special permission from the authorities of Tulsa International Airport, to shoot inside the airport. 

Then, a medium-sized home located in the outskirts of the city was used to depict Dwight’s home. Several outdoor shots of the surrounding areas were taken as well, to recreate the scenes of the neighborhood. The filming crew used pre-arranged, special lighting equipment to shoot the night sequences. After which the unit moved on to the next location.

Oklahoma City | Oklahoma

After completing the filming in Tulsa, the production unit moved to the capital city of Oklahoma. The majority of the shooting was done here. Exterior shots of the downtown area of Oklahoma were captured to depict the office of Dwight. Some other shots of the high-rise towers were taken as well, to portray the establishing shots.

The Prairie Surf Media Studios, located at 1 Myriad Gardens, Oklahoma City, was primarily booked by the production unit to shoot almost all the pivotal interior sequences of the show. The sequence where Dwight is shown to have a conversation with his associates, inside his home, was actually filmed inside this studio. A make-believe house was constructed by the filming crew, to depict living space of Dwight inside his new home in Tulsa. The shooting lasted for a couple of weeks in these locations before the crew began working on post-production.

Now, it’s about time for me to give you an overview of this series, so that you can get a better understanding of the actual storyline. But in the meantime, you can check out Tell Me Lies, Chesapeake Shores and Tehran which I’m sure will equally intrigue you.

Plot Of Tulsa King | What’s It About

Where Was Tulsa King Filmed? Filming Locations Of Stallone’s Latest Crime Drama Series!!

At the very beginning of the series, we are acquainted with the character of Dwight Manfredi, a former mafia boss, who’s shown to be released from the New York State Prison, after completing his sentence. Shortly after, Dwight tries to contact his ex-associates from the crime family, he learns that a new gang has already taken over, and in order to survive he has to move out of New York.

Midway through the pilot episode, Dwight decides to revisit his family home in Tulsa, and explore other options to come back to power. But after arriving in the city, he understands the dynamics have changed, and he has to find a modern and intelligent way to re-establish the criminal empire. Several other characters emerge by the end of the first episode, leaving space for subplots.

Now, out of 10 episodes from the first season, only the pilot is released. You can easily check out the list of available options for you to watch Tulsa King, which I’ve discussed at the beginning of this article. And get a first-hand experience of this celebrated show.

Final Words

Ok friends, now that you know where was Tulsa King filmed, I hope you enjoyed the read and found what you were looking for. We’d love to hear more from you, so don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Show Tulsa King?

The cast members of the show Tulsa King includes Sylvester Stallone, Max Casella, Vincent Piazza, Jay Will and A.C. Peterson along with some other actors.

How Many Seasons Are There In The ShowTulsa King?

As, Tulsa King has a total of 10 episodes in the first season. Each episode is 40-42 minutes long.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show Tulsa King?

Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter were the executive producers of the show Tulsa King, along with some other members.

What Is The Rating Of The Show Tulsa King?

The show Tulsa King has a TV-MA rating.

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