Where Was Work It Filmed? A Spectacular Dance Movie!


Do you love watching inspiring movies? If you do, watch the highly motivating movie Work It (2020). If you like to dance, don’t miss out on watching this movie. So, to know more about this film, and where was Work It filmed, read this article till the end.

The American dance comedy film Work It is directed by Laura Terruso. And the writer of the movie is Alison Peck. Work It aired on Netflix on August 7, 2020. The film received mixed reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 6.1/10.

The basic premise revolves around Quick Ackerman and her team, who work hard to win the dance competition, Work It. The cute performances of the young actors and terrific dance moves make the movie entertaining.   

I’ll give you a detailed plot overview later in this article. Before that, let me tell you where was Work It filmed. So, keep reading to find the exciting filming location details of the movie.

Where Was Work It Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

The film mainly focuses on dancers, so the team spent much time selecting the perfect dancers for the different roles. Later, the production crew searched for some amazing filming locations to shoot the movie. The movie is set in high school, so the production crew used different University Campuses in Toronto for filming.

So, the filming began in June 2019 and lasted two months until August. The shooting was completed per their schedule, and there were no interruptions between the shooting schedule. Now, without any delay, let’s take a close look at the details of where was Work It filmed to find out more about the specific locations.

Toronto | Canada

Where Was Work It Filmed? A Spectacular Dance Movie!

The film was set in America, but the production crew used different locations in Toronto for filming. The various universities in Toronto served as the primary filming location of the movie. So, the famous universities in Toronto, including York University Keele Campus, Humber College Lakeshore Campus, and St. George Campus, were used as major filming sites of the Work It movie.

Also, to shoot some pivotal sequences of Work It, the team used different studios in Toronto. If you plan to visit Toronto, you can take a tour of these universities to spot the filming locations. 

If you have an interest in learning about the history of this place, then make sure to visit Royal Ontario Museum. If you enjoy sightseeing, visit places like Niagara falls, the Botanical garden, and Casa Loma. So, you’ll have a great time visiting all the popular locations in Toronto.

Los Angeles | California

Where Was Work It Filmed? A Spectacular Dance Movie!

After shooting the significant movie portions, the team moved to Los Angeles to shoot a few sequences. The scenes where Quinn studies in high school were shot at California State University in Northridge. The production team used several campuses in this university for filming.

It is well-known that Los Angeles served as the filming location for many famous movies because the fantastic locations in this region cater to every filmmakers’ needs. Some movies filmed in and around Los Angeles include Land Of The Lost, Outer Range, and Shrinking.

Well, these were all the details of where was Work It filmed. Now, let’s quickly look at the movie’s plot in detail.

Plot Of Work It | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Work It Filmed? A Spectacular Dance Movie!

The story revolves around the protagonist, Quinn Ackerman, a high school senior who aims to join Duke University. But to enter the university, she must prepare the best application with some achievements.

So, she decides to participate and win the dance competition. But she doesn’t know how to dance and also needs a team to enroll in the competition. Will Quinn get the opportunity to perform and win in the dance competition? To find out, watch this movie on Netflix today.

Final Words

Alright, folks! I hope now you know where was Work It filmed. If you enjoyed this read, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Also, you can check out other filming location articles on our website to gain more knowledge about the movies.

Are the actors in the Work It movie Professional dancers?

Yes, they are professional dancers and all the actors’ age between 15 and 18.

Can kids watch the movie Work It?

Yes, the movie is a dance-centered comedy, and kids above 12 can watch this movie.

What is the tagline of the movie Work It?

The tagline of the movie is Dance To Your Own Beat.

What is the runtime of the movie Work It?

The runtime of the movie is 1 h 33 minutes.

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