19 Hottest Men On Instagram| Looks That Could Kill!


Instagram is a platform that has given many people the center stage to follow their dreams and become famous. However, if we look at the male modeling industry, we can see an undiscovered sight of the hot guys and hottest male models on Instagram

No filters or makeup artists are working on their looks. Instead, there are just pictures of these models from their personal lives. Of course, we love watching the moments they share with the world, thinking of all as one big happy family, but we also love the pictures that they share from their shoots or fashion shows showing off their bodies, don’t we girls? 

On Instagram, you will find an epitome of models; some are just starting their careers, some have taken off from modeling and are into something new, etc. However, we want to look at the hottest men models on Instagram who don’t shy away from sharing both their personal and professional lives with the world. 

Here you will find the list of the male models on Instagram who think of the platform as their canvas and paint it with all the feelings and colors they want to share with others. 

19 Hottest Male Models on Instagram | The List Is Full Of Good Looks!

From sharing behind-the-scenes stories from the glamorous shows to enjoying the day with their partners and pets, these models have kept their life as an open book for the world to read. 

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1# Matthew Noszka [@matthew_noszka]

Hottest Male Models on Instagram

Matthew Nozska is not only one of the hot guy and hottest male models on Instagram, but he is also an American actor. Thanks to his good genes and charming looks, he featured in the 2019 movie let It Snow as JP Lapierre and has also made an appearance on shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Tales, and Star. Matthew has modeled for high-end brands like Calvin Klein, Versace, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and has also walked the ramp for H&M. Matthew is also listed in Vogue’s 2016 magazine as one of the 50 fittest boys. 

2# Zach Cox [@blamecox] 

Zach Cox Hottest Male Models on Instagram

Next on our list of hottest male models on Instagram is Zach Cox, and thank heavens, I have been following him. The model hails from the USA and is best known for his charming looks and hero hair. Zach has a huge fan following and has a YouTube channel where he uploads fun videos with his girlfriend, Quincie. The model is a fitness freak and is represented by NEXT Models from LA. He has walked for many designer brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Perry Ellis, and Versace

3# Andre Hamman [@andrehamann]

Hottest Male Models on Instagram

Andre Hamann is a model, an entrepreneur, and well a guitarist as well. The model has a clothing brand named Haze & Glory that he co-shares with Kim Krismann and Rik Fiddicke. Andre has an interesting story behind his modeling career as he wasn’t into modeling himself. Still, another model spotted him while working at an H&M store where the model approached him. Since then, the model is seen walking for all the leading brands and is featured in several fashion magazines including Cosmopolitan, and GQ. 

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4# Johannes Huebl [@johanneshuebl]

Hottest Male Models on Instagram

Johannes lives a life of multitasking as he is a German model while being a photographer and a designer. He is labeled as one of the steamy hot guy and hottest male models on Instagram and has walked for several brands, including Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Montblanc. The model has also covered behind the cameras while shooting covers for Scene Magazine New York. 

5# Rob Evans [@robjamesevans_]

Hottest Male Models on Instagram

You may have seen Rob Evans walking with Victoria’s Secret Angels Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks, but you will find only pictures of him working out and lifting weights on his feed. The model has walked for Givenchy Men’s 2011 spring collection and appeared in Madonna’s music video Girl Gone Wild. Rob Evans was also seen as a judge on ANTM from 2012 to 2013 alongside Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone. 

6# Willy Cartier [@willycartier]

Hottest Male Models on Instagram

Willy Cartier is a French fashion model best known for his work with Givenchy. Since then, the model began his career in 2009 and has modeled for multiple designer brands like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Benetton, and Karl Lagerfeld. Besides this, the model has also appeared in music videos for artists like Frank Ocean, Alain Souchon and shot for magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle Man, and Numero. 

7# David Gandy [@davidgandy_official]

Hottest Male Models on Instagram

Next on our list of hottest male models on Instagram is David James Gandy, popularly known as David Gandy. The fashion model began his career after he won a model-search competition on television. After his win, the model started working with Dolce & Gabbana, who hired him as their lead male model. David has featured in several ad campaigns and fashion shows for the brand. 

8# Sung Jin Park [@teriyakipapi]

Hottest Male Models on Instagram

Sung Jin Park has modeled for brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Bottega Veneta, which we can see on his Instagram feed besides pictures of him partying with his friends, enjoying house parties, and of course, how can one miss the gold teeth. The model is managed by the management company Nomad Management from New York and is represented by the mother agency ESteem Models in Seoul. 

9# Garrett Neff [@gwneff] 

Hottest Male Models on Instagram

Garrett Neff is an American model best known for his work with Calvin Klein as MAN fragrance and jeans face. Recently, the model was seen in various campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Swarovski. He has also appeared in multiple magazines like GQ, French Vogue, V Man and now has successfully launched his swimwear line KATAMA.

Currently, the model is living a successful career as he is labeled as part of the Next Generation of the Industry Icons and was also ranked no.5 on the list of successful male models of 2009 by Forbes.  

10# Jon Kortajarena [@kortajarenajon]

Jon Kortajarena

A Spanish model who loves posting shirtless pictures while playing with his dog bud. Yes, please! On Jon’s Instagram feed, you will see pictures of him wearing clothes from brands like HM, David Yurman, and 7 for All Mankind. But if you want to see a homely person in him, go check out the pictures he posts with his family. 

11# Clark Bockelman [@clarkbockelman] 

Clark Bockelman 

Alright, picture Nick Jonas but with a little more height. Why you may ask? Because that’s Clark Bockelman, the next on our list of the hottest men on Instagram. I mean, the guy is literally one of the hottest men ever to walk on this earth. Don’t believe us? Go and take a look at his oh-so-gorgeous Calvin Klein feed yourself. 

12# Miles McMillan [@milesmcmillan] 

Miles McMillan 

Excuse, but why didn’t anyone inform us that pillow vibrators are a thing? We would never know if it wasn’t for Miles McMillan’s Instagram feed! Credited to be one of the most laid-back models ever (for all the good reasons), Mr. McMillian’s Instagram profile can be the best medicine to look at on the days you don’t feel good. 

13# Sean O’Pry [@seanopry55] 

Sean O’Pry 

Believe me when I say this, the hot model Sean O’Pry looks like Jon Krasinski from his side profile. Can you imagine looking so good on your prom night that a recruiter reaches out to you? I could never picture myself in this situation, but if it’s Sean O’Pry, anything can happen at any time. Right? From his baby pictures with a goofy smile to the hottest shirtless pictures, the guy knows where to draw the line. 

14# Edward Wilding [@edward_wilding]

15# Edward Wilding

Edward Wilding gives us the perfect example of how you can balance work life and being a doting father to your kids. On his Instagram feed, you will see that most of the pictures he uploads have his kids as the center of attention. But then again, he also shares glimpses of the super glamorous shoots he does with Georgio Armani and Dolce Gabbana. Instagramming and parenting at its best, we see! 

15# Marlon Teixeira [@marlontx] 

16# Marlon Teixeira 

Winner of the Most Beautiful Male Model award in 2015, Marlin Teixeria had our hearts when he first uploaded a picture with his cute baby pug. Marlin may have been born and brought up in Brazil, but his ethnicity comes from more than one place. Yes, the guy is a mix of Japanese, Portuguese, and native Brazilian ethnicity. Guess now we know where his good looks come from. 

16# Landon Falgoust [@landocommando0] 

17# Landon Falgoust 

We like a man who can be hot, sweaty, and adventurous at the same time. Don’t we? Landon Falgoust is one such fine specimen who can be goofy, hot, sweet, and pumped up simultaneously. Being an adventurous sport, Landon’s profile mostly consists of rock-climbing, trekking, and camping pictures. But don’t worry, though. There are also a few goofy shots of him wearing Elmo’s head (as a costume). 

17# Tomas Guarracino [@tomiguarracino] 

18# Tomas Guarracino 

If you are looking for fitspiration on a Monday morning, you have to look at Tomas Guarracino’s Instagram profile. From mirror-fit selfies in the bathroom to post-gym sweaty looks, everything is motivating you to take up a fitness regime. Also, you will learn a lot of new arm poses to make your feed more creative and aesthetically rich. 

18# Alexandre Cunha [@akexxxcunha] 

19# Alexandre Cunha 

Hailing from Paris, the next hottest male model on Instagram for us is Alexandre Cunha. If good looks were a living person, Alexandre would play it the best. With an unending love for soccer, Alexandre’s feed will give you a glimpse into all the behind-the-scenes fun at the shoots, and a sneak peek into the glamorous Dolce Gabbana shows. 

19# River Viiperi [@riverviiperi] 

20# River Viiperi 

With a whopping 539k followers on Instagram, River Viiperi is the last contender on our list of hottest men on Instagram for the day. With a body like this and good looks like that, there would be hardly any people (especially girls) who can take their eyes off River. “Work hard, play hard” is River’s motto because he loves cheesecakes as much as Rachel loves designer clothes. If you look at his feed, you will find everything from a hot body to a goofy face. 

Final Words

These are the 10 hot guys and steamy male models on Instagram that you need to follow right now. Whether you are a guy or a girl, the amount of hard work these models have done is truly an inspiration, and we are sure that they will inspire you to have the will to stand up for yourself and your dreams. 

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