How To Change Birth Year On Snapchat Under 18? Tips To Follow!


If you enjoy using Snapchat for its features, then you must be enjoying the birthday party feature on Snapchat. Snapchat allows users to know someone’s birthday by setting a cake emoji near the username. In this way, users can know people’s birthdays and wish them. But have you entered the birth year mistakenly on Snapchat and looking at how to change birth year on Snapchat under 18, then this article will help you.

Today, all social media platforms allow their user to enter their birth date. This is so helpful for the users as they get the notification of someone’s birthday and they can wish them without forgetting it. If you are someone who prefers to get birthday wishes in your inbox, then it is necessary to enter the right date and year of birth. Because getting birthday wishes other than your birthday will not excite you more.

Whereas some people enter fake birthday details for a purpose because they may not like to reveal their original birthday or birth year to others. However, on Snapchat, you have the hide option to hide your birthday from others. So, you can enter the correct birthday on Snapchat and you can hide it from others as well. Keep reading to know how to change birth year on Snapchat under 18.

How To Change Birth Year On Snapchat Under 18? Everything You Need To Know!

How To Change Birth Year On Snapchat Under 18? Tips To Follow!

You may have a question about whether one can use Snapchat under 18. Many social media platforms have restrictions as only people above 18 can use the platform. But Snapchat allows 13+ to use the platform. So, how to change birth year on Snapchat under 18? The answer might shock you as you cannot change the birth year if you entered the details below 18.

Only people above 18 can change their birth year. But if you still, want to know how to change birth year on Snapchat under 18? Then the only possible way is to enter the fake birth details. So, you need to enter the birth year that will make you above 18 years. Continue reading to find the steps to change the birth year on Snapchat.

Steps To Change Birth Year On Snapchat | How To Change Birth Year On Snapchat Under 18?

How To Change Birth Year On Snapchat Under 18? Tips To Follow!

Before you learn the steps, it is essential to know that there are certain limits on Snapchat to changing the birthday. If you’ve reached the limit in a particular month, then you have to wait to change your birthday again. Therefore, avoid changing the birth year on Snapchat frequently.

If you want to change the birth year for an emergency after you’ve reached the limit, then you have to only contact Snapchat support to change the birthday. Now, learn the steps on how to change birth year on Snapchat under 18 in the below points.

Step 1: Open The Snapchat

Open your Snapchat application on Android or iOS. The procedure is the same to change the birth year on all the devices. Before you proceed with the below steps ensure that you’re using an updated version of Snapchat.

Step 2: Click Your Profile Icon

Once opened the application, you will be on the home screen of the app. You can see the profile icon on the top-left corner of the screen.

Click on the profile icon and it will take you to the profile page where you can see your username and other details.

Step 3: Tap On Settings Icon

To make any changes on Snapchat, you have to head to the setting page. So, find the settings gear icon on the top right corner of the screen. Now, you will find all the Snapchat settings options.

Step 4: Choose The Birthday Option

From the list menu, you need to choose the My Account section where you can change all the personal details. By opening the section, you will find the My Birthday option. Tap on the option and it will take to you another page where you can reset your birth year.

Step 5: Change Your Birth Year

This is the last step to changing the birth year. You will find the Date Of Birth field on the screen, now you can enter the birth year as you want. If you want others to know about your birthday, then you can enable the birthday party option as well. Now, click Ok and your birth year is successfully changed.

How To Hide Your Birth Year On Snapchat?

How To Change Birth Year On Snapchat Under 18? Tips To Follow!

If you don’t want others to know your birth year or you’ve reached a certain limit that does not allow you to change the birthday date, then you need to know how to hide your birth year on Snapchat. It is also simple that requires only a few steps to hide your birth year on Snapchat.

  • Open the Snapchat application and tap on your profile icon.
  • On the profile page, click on the Settings icon.
  • You will get different menu options and then choose the Birthday section.
  • In the section, you will see your birthday details and an option to disable the birthday party.
  • By clicking on the option, you will be able to hide your birth year from others.

Final Words

Well, Snapchat users! The above are all the steps that you should know about how to change birth year on Snapchat under 18. I guess the above methods are simple to change your birth year without many complications. So, if you don’t want to forget other birthday dates, then learn how to see birthdays on Snapchat.

If you found this article handy, then share it with your friends who’re looking to change their birth year. For more interesting updates on Snapchat, check out the articles on Viebly.

Why Am I Unable To Create A Snapchat Public Profile?

If you are younger than 18 years old, have only had Snapchat for less than 24 hours, or have fewer than one bi-directional friend, you are not eligible to create a Snapchat public profile.

What Occurs On Snapchat When It’s Your Birthday?

Your zodiac sign emoji will appear beside your username once you enable the Birthday Party option and a cake emoji beside your name on your birthday.

Does Snapchat Let Your Friends Know Your Birthday Date?

Snapchat does not let your friends know when it is your birthday. However, it gives a tiny hint that alerts friends to know their friend’s birthday.

Is There a Snapchat Birthday Countdown?

Yes, Snapchat gives its users a birthday countdown feature. You can start a birthday countdown using the mini-birthday feature.

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