How To Find A User Not Found On Instagram? | Here’s A Way!


When you cannot find someone on social media platforms, the first thought that crosses your find is that the person might have blocked you. But wait, because that is not true in every case. So how to find a user not found on Instagram? Let’s get started and find out about it. 

How frustrating it is when you are trying to find someone’s profile on Instagram, and all you get is an error message saying ‘user not found.’ We know it is very annoying, but why does this even happen? What makes the user disappear in the dark? Are they hiding their Instagram content from you? There could be many different explanations for it, from bad internet connection to you getting blocked by the user or just an Instagram glitch. 

Let’s acquaint ourselves with the ones that could possibly be the reason behind this error message. 

How To Find a User Not Found on Instagram? | Have You Been Blocked?

How To Find a User Not Found on Instagram? | Here's A Way!

Since Instagram has never really explained the mystery behind this message, we have a lot of options to explore from. Apart from believing that the user has blocked you, you could look out for the below-mentioned possibilities and get your answers. 

#1 Typing Error

Yes, the silliest and smallest them all, a simple typing error. Everyone on Instagram has a unique and distinguished username, so it is very certain to misspell their names while searching for them. So, to avoid landing on a user not found message, make sure to double-check your spellings. 

#2 The User Has Changed Their Instagram Username

Changing your username on Instagram is a very hassle-free process. You can change your usernames for fun or just because you feel like changing them. One of the most common causes of the error message is that the other person seems to have changed their old username. So, how do you know that something like that has happened? Here’s how :

  • Firstly, you check for any updates on the other social media platforms. The person might have updated the same changes on other sites or might have given any updates about the same. 
  • Secondly, go through your own follower and following list. You mind end up finding the person from your own profile by doing a little research. 
  • Lastly, check for your DMs. If you have ever exchanged any conversation or memes with another person, you simply scroll down to their chat and find their profile without doing any hard work. 

When a person changes his username, the URL to his profile changes automatically. That is why when you search for the person with the older username, you end up landing on the ‘user not found’ error message. 

#3 The User Has Temporarily Disabled Or Permanently Deleted The Account

Instagram enables its users to disable their accounts. This option could come in handy for people who look up to taking a break from Instagram or social media itself. The feature allows the user to return any time he wants to without deleting any of the existing data and account details so that you don’t have to start afresh every time. 

Another potential reason behind not being able to track the person down could be the fact that the person has, in fact, deleted the account. When a user decides to make such a decision, all his likes, comments, and posts get deleted. The person does not appear in any other person’s following or follower list. His existence on Instagram is wiped off the platform. And this username becomes available to other people. 

#4 The User Has Blocked You

The most simple way to find out if the person has blocked you or not is by asking a mutual friend for help. If the person still appears in their following or followers list, or if his profile is still visible to them but not you, you, my friend, have been blocked by the person. 

The user experience of being blocked will be the same as that of a disabled or deleted account. You won’t see any likes, comments, or posts from that person. 

#5 Instagram Might Be Glitching 

Sometimes, the User Not Found message could simply be there because of an Instagram glitch. You could try various methods to know what’s causing it. Firstly, you could check your internet connection, and make sure that it is working fine and the problem has not arisen from your end. 

You could also try relaunching the app, or another option could be deleting and installing. But if you still face the same problem, the last resort could be switching off your phone and restarting it. And then install the application again. If that doesn’t work as well, Instagram might be having a glitch from their end, and there’s nothing more you could do. 

Final Words

So, after going through the article, we are sure that you know that the most commonly feared ‘blocking’ is not the only option behind the ‘User Not Found’ error message. If you have any other views or updates about this error message, feel free to express them in the comment section. 


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