What Does HB Mean On Snapchat? Find The Meanings Here! 


There are times when we are loaded with multiple emotions and just want to let it out. It might be at the same time, no person would be available to take your calls. As such, you will want to drop them Snapchat texts. Now that you have such long messages to type, it can be difficult to cope with. Here is when Snapchat Slang comes into the picture. Talking about Snapchat lingo, I’ve got a new one for you, HB. Do you know what does HB mean on Snapchat? 

Use of abbreviations don’t only make your texting experience easy, it also makes you look all cool in the group. However, when it comes to Snapchat slang, many people don’t understand the meaning of it until explained with a peripheral context. To clear this confusion of yours, I’m here to explain to you what does HB mean on snap used in each and every context. 

HB on Snapchat has five different meanings. All the meanings have their own particular context of being used. Although there are so many meanings, depending on the conversation it is being used will make it easy for you to comprehend. Now let’s understand in detail what does HB mean on texts on Snapchat

If you are also interested in knowing the slightest detail of what does HB mean on Snapchat, then continue reading the article. 

What Does HB Mean On Snapchat Slang?

What Does HB Mean On Snapchat? Find The Meanings Here! 

As venting out emotions is necessary for a person’s mental well-being, using abbreviations has become an unsaid protocol when texting on Snapchat. As new abbreviations are created by Gen Z every day, it is important for you to keep yourself updated. The latest update on abbreviations is HB. To get the details of this latest abbreviation, let’s check what does HB mean on Snap. 

Does HB On Snapchat Mean Heartbreak?

You’ll be amazed to know that even feelings have got their abbreviations! Yes, that’s true. The first meaning of HB on Snapchat is heartbreak. As we know, heartbreak is a feeling, it is used in conversations when either person experiences it. You do not necessarily have to be in relation to experience heartbreak, the feeling can also be experienced when a person loses something. 

How To Use Heartbreak In Snapchat Texts?

Let’s see some prospective examples for this abbreviation. 


Person: You know I lost my favorite watch. I’m so HB.

Person: Hey, I heard about you and Emily, it must be such a HB news.

Does HB On Snapchat Mean Homeboy?

The second meaning of what does HB mean on texts on Snapchat is Homeboy. This term is especially used when you want to pinpoint a boy or a man from anyone else’s neighborhood or hometown. Many people find this meaning to be offensive as it denotes a person. However, that is not the case. This meaning is meant to be used in a playful mood and not to offend anyone. 

How To Use HB As Homeboy In Snapchat Texts?

As there are plenty of meanings related to what does HB mean on snap, it’s pretty obvious that you might get confused with the context in which it is used. However, to make you clear with that, check the example below for HB as homeboy. 


Person 1: Hey! Why is Akash not with you today?

Person 2: Oh, he got his homeboy, so he’s busy with him. 

Does HB On Snapchat Mean Hot Babe?

The third and the most alluring meaning of HB on Snapchat is Hot Babe. Imagine you are standing by your balcony and you see an extremely attractive, beautiful, and pretty woman living across the street. Now just to convey this message to your friend it’s obvious that you won’t be writing so many adjectives. To compile them all in one, it’s simple to say Hot Babe. Generally, this term is used for girls only. 

How To Use HB As Hot Babe In Snapchat Texts?

Attraction towards the opposite gender or even the same is pretty obvious in this generation. Now let’s suppose an example where you just got into a relationship with a girl who is jaw dropping beautiful and extremely attractive. As such when your friend asks you about her features how would you explain it to him? Let’s find that out! 


Person 1: Hwy, I got the news that you are in a relationship. Who is that lucky girl, what does she look like? 

Person 2: Yeah, man! She’s a hot babe. 

Does HB On Snapchat Mean How Bout?

What Does HB Mean On Snapchat? Find The Meanings Here! 

Amongst the plentiful meanings of what does HB mean on texts on Snapchat is how bout. Well, this is a general phrase used for asking about the well-being of a person. It’s more of a generic phrase used in casual conversations at the beginning. 

How To Use HB As How Bout In Snapchat Texts?

As I mentioned earlier, how bout is used in a casual conversation asking about the condition of the other person, bout stands for ‘about’. There are other ways of asking the same thing. Like you can text hbu where it stands for how about you. Let’s check how you can use this phrase to initiate conversation


Person 1: Hey! What’s up

Person 2: Hello, nothing much. HB you?

Does HB On Snapchat Mean Happy Birthday? 

As we are coming towards the end of the article of knowing what does HB mean on snap, you’ve got to know that even phrases for feelings have an abbreviation. Hence, it’s obvious that wishes and greetings will also have abbreviations. That’s HB for Happy Birthday. Some people use HBD as an abbreviation for Happy Birthday, but even HB is a legitimate shorthand. 

How To Use HB As Happy Birthday In Snapchat Texts?

As Snapchat abbreviations make your texts easier to type, it’s economically time-saving. Just imagine you are in a hurry to leave for a meeting, and it’s your friend’s birthday too. Instead of typing an entire Happy Birthday, won’t it be better if you type HB friend? Let’s see how you can fit this in a conversation. 


Person 1: Hello, HB friend! 

Person 2: Hwy, tysm! 

Here, tysm stands for thank you so much. 

Final Words 

This ultimate guide on what does HB mean on Snapchat is here to walk you through every meaning of the shorthand and its usage. Since there are a lot of meanings to the Snapchat abbreviation, you need to understand the context of the message in order to comprehend the meaning of the abbreviation. Share this article with your friends and let them know the different meanings of HB. 

Does HB as happy birthday mean the same as HBD? 

Yes, HB and HBD in terms of Happy Birthday have the same meaning. 

Is HB as hot babe an offensive term for girls? 

No, HB as hot babe is not an offensive meaning to use for girls. It’s usually used to denote the attractiveness of the girl. 

What’s the meaning of hbu? 

Hbu is the same as HB in context of how bout. Hbu stands for how about you. 

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