What Does NVM Mean On Snapchat? Know Now!


The good thing about Snapchat is that I don’t have to worry about typing long sentences. After all, Snapchat lingo is an incredible way of communicating with my friends. And it sounds super cool. Isn’t? If you are also struggling with Snapchat abbreviations like TDY or NVM, hold on here for a few minutes. Read ahead to learn more about what does NVM mean on Snapchat in this article.

There are lots of popular Snapchat shortcuts like ESB (every one snap back), CS (counter-strike), ML (my love; much love), etc., that you can use in your regular Snapchat conversations. If you are new to Snapchat lingo, then you need to learn the latest terms and their meanings. Let’s begin with what does NVM mean on Snapchat.

Currently, Snapchat users are using NVM for ‘Never mind’ and ‘Not very much.’ You can use NVM for different purposes, depending on the statement. 

The following sections on what does NVM mean on Snapchat will explain to you more about the Snapchat term and how you can use it on Snapchat conversations like a pro.

What Does NVM Mean On Snapchat?

As I have already mentioned, there are two meanings of NVM on Snapchat. You can use NVM as ‘never mind.’ Never Mind is a popular abbreviation for NVM on Snapchat and other social media platforms like X, Instagram, etc. 

The lesser-used NVM abbreviation stands for ‘not so much.’ Snapchat users also use this term in their online conversations, but it is not so popular. You can create more NVM meanings according to the context and use them accordingly.

How To Use NVM On Snapchat?

What Does NVM Mean On Snapchat?

You can use NVM in the following situations-

#1 You can use NVM to tell the other person that whatever you just said, you didn’t mean it. So, please forget it.

For example- 

Sam: I am so sorry about what I said about your pet, please NVM.

Fizz: It’s okay, buddy! Relax!

#2 You can use NVM as a short form for “not very much.” Instead of typing the complete phrase, you can simply text NVM. 

For example-

Harry: I can bet, you have got a big bonus. So, when we are meeting for beer to celebrate?

Dean: I wish man! The bonus was NVM. Feels like a joke. Anyway, catch up with me at 5.

#3 You can use NVM when you don’t want to talk about a specific topic and feel irritated.

For example-

Gia: “I told you for weeks to do this, but you didn’t care. NVM, I will do it by myself.”

#4 You can use NVM as a hashtag in your snap caption or in your Snapchat stories.

How To Reply To NVM On Snapchat?

What Does NVM Mean On Snapchat? Know Now!

You can use NVM for answering questions or in the middle of a conversation. You can also use abbreviations like NM, NVRM, or NVMD for ‘Nevermind’ on Snapchat. 

For example:

“NVM, I will buy the lunch and will see Betty on my way. You carry on with your meeting.” 

“I have already booked tickets for this Christmas holiday. NVM, will see you in the New Year party, you can use NVM and related abbreviations for similar situations and use the term according to the sentence. Now, you don’t need to type ‘never mind’ or ‘not so much.’ Simply text NVM and it will do the rest job.

Final Words

I hope that you have now got the meanings of what does NVM mean on Snapchat. If you know more creative meanings for NVM, share them with us instantly in the comments. If you want to ask anything related to what does NVM mean on Snapchat, feel free to drop a text below. Explore the Viebly page for more information.

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