What Does YFM Mean On Instagram? 2 Fun Meanings To Know!


So, do you know what does YFM mean in texting? Ahh, dang it if you don’t. The more acronyms you use, the cooler person you’re on social media, right? So, if you’re someone who doesn’t understand slang terms like YFM, WRD, etc., then the best thing you can do is expand your knowledge by learning more. Right?! And well, articles like this one on what does YFM mean on Instagram will help you do just that. So, make sure to read this post till the end! 

Find Out What Does YFM Mean On Instagram Here | Read This To Know YFM Meaning On Instagram!

Now, even though you’re internet vocabulary is quite limited, I’m sure you’re not going to be surprised to know that just like all other abbreviations that you see on the internet, YFM has got different meanings too. On top of that, the answer to what does YFM mean in Instagram can differ on the basis of the context the meaning is being used in. For example, YFM can mean “You feel me” or “Yay for me”. And this can make understanding, learning, and using YFM in your conversations a little more difficult- you’re not going to know what meaning is being used where.

However, you don’t have to worry about that. In this article, not only you will find an answer to what does FYM mean on Instagram, but also how to use and reply to it appropriately. So, keep scrolling! 

What Does YFM Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean “You Feel Me”?

What Does YFM Mean On Instagram? 2 Fun Meanings To Know!

The most popular meaning of YFM on Instagram is ‘you feel me’. It is used to ask the other person if they have understood what you’re trying to say or if they feel the emotion you’re trying to convey. However, “you feel me” is not used to literally ask if the person understands what someone is trying to say. For example, I lost my job today. I’m quite sad today, yfm?

How To Use YFM?

Now that you know what does YFM mean in text, you should also know how you can use YFM. So well, this abbreviation can be used to make the other person feel or understand the emotion they are understanding. It is also used to make someone empathize with the emotions one is feeling, especially the sad ones. 

This is what using YFM can look like:

Friend: I finally got selected for the college I applied to! I’m SO happy, YFM?!

You: Wow, man! Good for you. 

Or, Friend: My girlfriend broke up with me. I’m the saddest person right now. yfm?

You: I’m sorry to hear that, man. 

How To Reply To YFM?

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of YFM, then know one thing: the sender is trying to get you to understand their feelings and thoughts. So, you can text back something in the affirmative letting the other person know that you do understand how they are feeling. To do this, you can say something like “yes, I do”, “sure”, etc.

However, if the other person is being unreasonable, or overly dramatic, then you can let reply in a negative way to let them know the same. 

What Does YFM Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean “Yay For Me”?

What Does YFM Mean On Instagram? 2 Fun Meanings To Know!

Another meaning of YFM on Instagram is “yay for me”. If you ever find yourself in a situation that will turn out to be truly profitable for you, then you can say “yay for me” or yfm. So, yes, you can use “yay for me” to celebrate your small or big wins whenever appropriate. 

Friend: did you not go to your math extra class?

You: Oh, it got canceled because of the rain. Yfm, fam!! 

How To Reply To YFM?

If you’re at the receiving end of YFM, i.e. someone is showing their excitement to you over something, then you can play along with them. You can let them know that you too are happy for them– do this even if you’re not. 

Friend: My math class got canceled due to rain! YFM!!

You: That’s really great! 

Final Words

Alright, people! In this article, we looked at what does YFM mean on Instagram! We also looked at some examples that depicted how this abbreviation can be used in text-based conversations on the app! So, I hope you feel confident enough in using YFM as and when needed! But, in case you still have questions regarding the usage of YFM, or if you know any other meaning of this term, feel free to share in the comments! Also, if you know someone who doesn’t know what does YFM mean on Instagram, please share this article with them!

What does SMH stand for?

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