What Does HMU Mean On Instagram? 2 Amazing Meanings Of HMU!


You must have come across HMU while texting with people on Instagram. After all, HMU is one of the most used abbreviations on the platform! However, it is okay if you don’t know what does HMU mean on Instagram. Because even the most avid social media users can’t keep up with all the weird lingo that keeps emerging out of nowhere. But, if you too want to use HMU, read this article till the end!

Find Out What Does HMU Mean On Instagram Here | Read This To Know 2 Fun Meanings Of HMU!

Now, HMU on Instagram can mean various different things and can be used in a variety of ways. HMU can stand for Hit me up and be used when you want someone to contact you. Or, it can mean Hook me up and be used when you want to ask a friend to introduce you to someone. Simple enough, right? But, if you want to know what does HMU mean on Instagram in a bit more detail, keep scrolling. 

What Does HMU Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Hit Me Up?

What Does HMU Mean On Instagram? 2 Amazing Meanings Of HMU!

The most popular meaning of HMU is hit me up. It is used to ask someone to text you or as a request to others to reach out to you if needed. For example, if you’re posting an invite for a social event on your stories, then you can write HMU on it to encourage other people to reach out to you for more details. 

As you can see, using HMU is the same as saying “text me”, “call me”, “let’s talk”, etc. These terms can be used interchangeably. 

How To Use HMU? 

There are a variety of ways one can use HMU on Instagram. You can use it to ask someone to call or text you later if the two of you can’t talk at that moment. You can use it while making announcements so that people who need more information can feel free to reach out to you. 

To do so, you can say things like:

  • HMU once you reach home. 
  • I need to go now, but you can HMU later
  • Feel free to HMU if you need to ask something. 

However, please note that HMU is mostly used in a casual way. It should not be used by Instagram businesses in their chats. 

What Does HMU Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Hook Me Up?

What Does HMU Mean On Instagram? 2 Amazing Meanings Of HMU!

HMU can also mean hook me up on Instagram. It is used to request someone to connect you with someone you might be interested in. For example, if your friend has a cute cousin that you might want to go on a date with, you can ask your friend to hook you up with your friend. To do so, you can say something like, “hey, can you hmu with your cousin?” 

Although HMU is mostly used in a casual sense, you need to ensure that it will be appropriate for you to ask to be connected with someone. Because it can come off as rude or disrespectful at times. 

Is HMU a flirt?

HMU can also be a flirty phrase that encourages your crush to message or go on a date with you. Pair it with a flirty emoji such as 😉 (wink) or 😘 (blowing kiss) to emphasize your meaning. You can even use HMU for an online dating profile!

What does BML mean in txt?

BML is an acronym meaning Bling My Line. It can sometimes also mean Bless My Life, or Biting My Lip. Bling My Line means call me or message me, and is often used in casual online dating.

What does Lom mean in love?

When used literally, LOML is synonymous with the term “soul mate.” People who describe their boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé/fiancée, husband or wife as their LOML are basically saying that they’ve found the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with and never want to be without them.

What does it mean to YEET?

Yeet is a slang word that functions broadly with the meaning “to throw,” but is especially used to emphasize forcefulness and a lack of concern for the thing being thrown. (You don’t yeet something if you’re worried that it might break.)

What does OC mean in FF?

OC stands for Original Character. OC is an internet slang initialism referring to a minor character in an existing canon whose role is being expanded by a fanfiction writer or a completely new character who exists in the reality of a published canon. 

What does OOMF mean in TWT?

OOMF. If you don’t want to mention one of your followers directly, but you want to say something about them, you might use the acronym OOMF which means “One of my followers.” This term can be used in a neutral way or in a passive-aggressive tone if you’re subtweeting your follower.

Final Words

Okay, people! This is what does HMU mean on Instagram! In this article, I walked you through two of the most common meanings of HMU– Hit me up, and hook me up. I also told you how these two can be used in text-based conversations! So, use hmu and level up your texting game! Also, if there’s some other abbreviation you’d like to understand the meaning of, mention it in the comments!

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