Where Is Your Soulmate Instagram Filter: How To Get And Use It?


Have you ever questioned the location of your soul mate? If you’ve ever wondered whether your soulmate is nearby or on the other side of the country, Instagram has the answer for you. The Instagram Soul mate Radar filter lets you know where your soulmate is at any given time. Read this article to learn more about where is your soulmate Instagram filter and how to use it on Instagram.

Many Instagram filters may look familiar to you, but this particular filter is just awesome. Try it out if you’re single and let this social media app come up with a solution for you. You can record a video and share it with your friends to see how your friends react, who will probably find it hilarious. You get a random selection of the answers to the question “where is my soulmate” from a huge list of possibilities.

You can find this specific Instagram filter on the profile of the user who created it, erikasnacks. It is a type of augmented reality filter on Instagram. So, let’s get right into the quick information below without further ado.

Where Is Your Soulmate Instagram Filter | What Is It?

Where Is Your Soulmate Instagram Filter: How To Get And Use It?

As we’ve discussed before, Instagram’s Soulmate filter is an augmented reality (AR) filter that instantly answers the question, “Where is your soulmate?” The same as with other filters, all you have to do to improve the response and keep attempting to show off your selfie.

The best feature of this filter is that you can try more than once if you don’t like the result because you will always get a different response. When you use the filter, you receive a wide range of outcomes. The responses you receive may be in the form of,

  • Your soulmate is 1120 miles apart from you
  • Your soulmate is watching your story
  • Your soulmate is Under your nose
  • Your soulmate is walking on the beach

So, these are some funny answers that one may get while using this filter. These answers are not accurate but still, you can enjoy some potential outcomes when using this filter.

How To Get Where Is Your Soulmate Instagram Filter?

Where Is Your Soulmate Instagram Filter: How To Get And Use It?

After reading the interesting details about this filter, do you want to try this one? But you cannot access this filter easily when you open the camera on Instagram. You need to follow a few other steps to get and use this filter Soulmate Radar filter. So, follow the below steps to get the Where Is Your Soulmate filter.

  • Launch the Instagram application on your device.
  • Tap on the search icon at the bottom of the screen to switch to the search section.
  • Now, type erikasnacks and choose the first option from the result to visit the profile.
  • Move on to the filter section in their profile and search for the Soulmate Radar filter.
  • Tap on the filter and you can use the Try It option to see how it works and then click on the Save button to save the filter to your account.

How To Use The Where Is Your Soulmate Instagram Filter?

Where Is Your Soulmate Instagram Filter: How To Get And Use It?

Once you added the filter successfully, then the steps are easy to access and use the filter. Here are steps on how to use the Soulmate Radar filter on Instagram,

  • Open the Instagram application and then head to the camera section.
  • On the camera screen, swipe right or left the filter options to find the Soulmate Radar filter and it will look like the Location symbol with orange background.
  • Now, take a selfie and hold the camera roll for a few seconds to get the response.
  • Once done successfully, release the button and see the answer.
  • You can save the video if you want to share it with friends or on your story.
  • It’s fun, right? Enjoy!

Final Words

Well, I guess the above article was helpful for you to find where is your soulmate Instagram filter and how to use it. If you are curious to find out your soulmate’s location, then just follow the above steps to locate it. Also, don’t forget to share what results you got in the comments section below.

Can you create your own filters on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram allows you to create your own filters. There are so many options for you to create customized filters on Instagram.

Does Instagram pay you for filters?

No, you will not get money for making filters because Instagram releases the filters with their original creator’s name. If you want to make money by creating filters, then you can approach the brands that require a customized filters.

Why some filters are not showing on my Instagram?

Sometimes you might not get the filters due to some bug issues. Therefore, you need to update the application to fix the bug.

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