Where Was At Midnight Filmed? Mesmerizing Locations Of A Feel-Good Movie!


Are you searching for rom-com movies that are enjoyable to watch? If so, then I recommend you to watch the upcoming Paramount romantic movie, At Midnight (2023). The plot of the movie is interesting but you will also enjoy the picturesque filming locations. In this article, I will tell you about the plot as well as where was At Midnight filmed.

I think everyone is already in the Valentine’s mood and also to spice up things, different streaming platforms are releasing new rom-com movies for this month. So, Paramount + is no exception as they’re set to stream At Midnight movie on Paramount+ on February 10, 2023. The official trailer of At Midnight was released on January 9, 2023, and it looks like a promising, fun and feel-good movie to watch with your favorite person.

So, from the trailer, we can learn that At Midnight movie is all about two protagonists Sophie Wilder and Alejandro. Both are from different backgrounds. They enjoy each other’s company but decide to not fall in love.

The trailer also reveals the beautiful locations of the movie with warm and colorful tones that perfectly balance the romance theme. If you want to know where was At Midnight filmed, then keep on reading the article.

Where Was At Midnight Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know!

Where Was At Midnight Filmed? Mesmerizing Locations Of A Feel-Good Movie!

The story is set in Mexico and to give a more authentic experience to the viewers, the production team shot all the filming scenes in Mexico itself. According to the requirement of the scene, the team used the best places in Mexico.

The principal photography of the movie began in the first week of February 2022 and with proper planning, the production team was able to complete the shooting within a month. Now, without any delay, let’s discuss where was At Midnight filmed.

Cancun | Mexico

Where Was At Midnight Filmed? Mesmerizing Locations Of A Feel-Good Movie!

The major scenes of At Midnight were filmed in and around Cancun city. Most of the scenes centered around hotels and so the team used the hotels in this city to shoot the scenes. The filming unit selected different hotels and filmed each scene with different backdrops to give an overall best experience to the viewers.

Another location of this region utilized by the production team is Playa Mujeres. This spot is used to shoot some of the prominent scenes of the movie. So, Cancun City is considered the perfect holiday destination because it is known for its nightlife, high-rise hotels, and beaches. So, if you are planning for the perfect trip for valentine’s day with your partner, then this location can be the best choice for you.

Mexico City | Mexico

Where Was At Midnight Filmed? Mesmerizing Locations Of A Feel-Good Movie!

Apart from Cancun, the additional scenes of the movie were filmed in the largest city, Mexico City. With numerous attractions, Mexico City is a favorite place of many tourists. The beautiful architectural buildings and some popular places like the National Museum Of Anthropology, and the golden Angel of Independence make the place worth visiting.

Mexico City is also the favorite destination of many filmmakers as it caters to everyone’s needs. The makers are able to easily identify the locations according to their scene. This location served as the backdrop for many romantic movies. Some of the famous movies that were filmed in this region include Frida, Caveman, Romeo + Juliet, and so on.

So, these were all the amazing locations where was At Midnight filmed. Now, let us discuss the plot of the movie which will make you curious to watch it.

Plot Of At Midnight | What Is The Story About?

Where Was At Midnight Filmed? Mesmerizing Locations Of A Feel-Good Movie!

Sophie Wilder is a rising actor, after breaking up with her boyfriend she moves into another hotel where she meets Alejandro, the junior hotel manager. Soon, both of them become close and start to hang out. But the deal between them is not to take this relationship to next level, love or marriage.

Will they be able to stay close without falling in love? Will there be a happy ending? To find out what happens in the movie, wait until the release of the movie on Paramount+.

Final Words

Well, in this article we have discussed the plot of At Midnight and where was At Midnight filmed. The movie was precisely filmed in and around Mexico. So, if you have any plans to visit Mexico in the coming days, then make sure to visit the places we have mentioned in this article.

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Who Is The Director Of The Movie At Midnight?

Jonah Feingold is the director of the movie, At Midnight.

Who Is The Screenplay Writer Of The Movie At Midnight?

The screenplay writer of the movie is Maria Hinojos.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Movie At Midnight?

The cast members of the movie include Monica Barbaro, Whitney Cummings, Anders Holm, Diego Boneta, Casey Thomas Bown, and Sara Sampaio.

What Is The Tagline Of The Movie At Midnight?

The tagline of the movie is It’s only a matter of time.

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