Where Was Gran Torino Filmed? Clint Eastwood’s Popular Flick!


Are you a big fan of Clint Eastwood’s work? If so, this article is for you to read about one of his best works, Gran Torino (2008). So, read the article till the end, and I’ll tell you where was Gran Torino filmed. Make sure you stick till the end to discover all the exciting details.

The American Drama film Gran Torino is based on the story of Dave Johannson and Nick Schenk. Clint Eastwood produced, directed, and acted in this film. The movie was released in theatres on January 9, 2009, and it was a huge commercial success. The movie received positive reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 8.1/10.

The powerful story, Eastwood’s splendid performance, and compelling visuals make it a great movie. So, if you like the filming locations, continue reading to learn where was Gran Torino filmed.

Where Was Gran Torino Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

Where Was Gran Torino Filmed? Clint Eastwood's Popular Flick!

The story revolves around Walt Kowalski, a Korean war veteran trying to protect his possession of 1972 Gran Torino from a young teenager Thao Lor. This movie is the perfect combination of drama, intense scenes, and a touch of humor. So, you will not regret choosing this movie to watch this weekend.

The movie is set in Minneapolis, but the actual movie’s filming was done in and around the Michigan area. The production team selected this region because the state announced the tax benefits for film productions. So, the production team of Gran Torino is the first movie after the state’s announcement of its lucrative tax credits. It helped the production team complete the filming with the $30 million production budget.

The filming of the movie began on July 14, 2008. So, to know the exact details of where Gran Torino was filmed, look at the points below.

Royal Oak, Michigan | USA

Where Was Gran Torino Filmed? Clint Eastwood's Popular Flick!

The prominent location for filming Gran Torino is Michigan. Michigan is one of the popular states in the Great Lakes region, famous for its bustling cities, automobile industry, and Great Lake Shorelines. The production team of Gran Torino used many attractions and cities for filming.

Some movies’ pivotal sequences were filmed in Royal Oak City. Next, the team utilized the barber shop on 11 Mile Road in this region for filming a few scenes. The production team selected this shop because of the attractive antique look inside the Shop.

This city is located in the northern region of Detroit and has numerous places to visit and enjoy. One of the famous tourist destinations in this location is the Detroit Zoo. It is the best location for animal lovers to visit and explore different kinds of animals.

Other popular attractions that you can visit in Royal Oak are Habatat Galleries, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, and The Great Escape Room. Royal Oak has been featured in other movies, including Red Dawn, Deadheads, and The Myth Of The American Sleeper.

Detroit, Michigan | USA

Where Was Gran Torino Filmed? Clint Eastwood's Popular Flick!

Next, the team moved to one of the largest cities in Michigan, Detroit, for filming. Some pivotal residence sequences of the movies were filmed on Ballantyne Road in the Gross Pointe Park region. The team utilized the Saint Ambrose Roman Catholic Church located in Gross Pointe Park to shoot the church scenes. This region was also used to film the hardware store scenes. A few sequences were filmed in Charlevoix Street.

Highland Park City was also used to film a few movie sequences. The team utilized the Hmong gang street in Pilgrim Street for filming. Some interior movie bar scenes were filmed in the Center Line region. Detroit is one of Michigan’s lively cities and has so many attractions to visit and enjoy.

Some locations you can visit and explore are Belle Isle Island, Fort Wayne, Detroit Public Library, Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, Pewabic Pottery, Motown Museum, and Renaissance Centre. Due to the amazing attractions, Detroit served as the backdrop in many movies like Beverly Hills Cop 3, Real Steel, Barbarian, Deadpool, and The Evil Dead.

Some Interesting Facts About Grant Torino Production

Where Was Gran Torino Filmed? Clint Eastwood's Popular Flick!

The film was criticized for cultural inaccuracies because the team unfairly handled the Hmong cast. Along with the lead roles in the film, the production team hired the Hmong people for the supporting roles. But the Hmong people have little experience in acting and are not well-versed in English. This created a lot of issues during and after the shooting.

Vang, one of the Hmong cast members, said their people were not appropriately treated on the sets. Vang added that Eastwood didn’t comment after the shots for their actions. Also, he said that this script is unnecessary for Hmong people, who didn’t receive any tips to improve the characters. 

Vang said that the team often made them feel inferior because they did not understand English. So, this is one of the controversies of the film that was speculated at the release of the movie.

Plot Of Gran Torino | What Is The Story About?

The story revolves around Walt Kowalski living in Detroit, who is a former auto worker and Korean War Veteran. He lives alone in his home and is not on good terms with his family. A Hmong family lives in his next door, and one of the teenagers, Thao Lor, tries to steal his prize of 1972 Gran Torino due to his cousin’s pressure.

However, Walt finds and stops him. But they soon become friends, and Walt becomes close with other family members. A group of people attacks Thao and his family, and Walt becomes their savior.

Final Words

Well, readers! The above are all the details you need to know about where was Gran Torino filmed. If you have doubts about this article, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below. If you find this article helpful, check out other filming location articles, including Conagher, Breakheart Pass, and The Comancheros.

Who played the role of Thao Lor?

Been Vang played the role of Thao Lor.

Did the movie receive any awards?

Yes, the movie earned 22 nominations and won 21 awards.

Who is the casting director of Gran Torino?

The casting director of the film is Ellen Chenoweth.

Who are the music composers of the film?

The music composers of the film are Kyle Eastwood and Michael Stevens.

Why is Michigan a popular tourist destination?

Michigan has many beautiful beaches, lakes, delicious food, and attractive spots, and tourism is one of the main industries in this state.


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