Where Was Holidate Filmed? A Netflix Romcom Movie!


Are you searching for a rom-com movie to watch on Netflix? If yes, I recommend watching the Holidate (2020). To learn the movie’s plot and where was Holidate filmed, follow the article until the end.

The American romantic comedy movie Holidate is written by Tiffany Paulsen and directed by John Whitesell. The movie premiered on Netflix on October 28, 2020. The film received favorable reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 6.1/10.

Holidate is a feel-good movie, while the visuals are adorable over the top. So, keep reading the article if you are curious to learn more about the movie and filming locations.

Where Was Holidate Filmed? All The Location Details You Need To Know!

Where Was Holidate Filmed? A Netflix Romcom Movie!

The story of Holidate revolves around the two characters, Sloane and Jackson, two strangers who decide to hook up only on holidays, but soon their casual relationship turns into a serious one. It is a simple story, yet the chemistry between the actors worked out very well, making it a charming rom-com to watch.

Apart from the story and actors’ performance, the filming locations of romcom movies attract the audience a lot. This is why filmmakers always choose the most adorable locations to showcase beautiful visuals.

For the Holidate movie, the production team selected various attractive locations in Georgia for filming. The principal photography of the movie began in May 2019. Now, let me tell you the exact location details where was Holidate filmed. Meanwhile, you can check out other Netflix movie filming locations on this website, including Your Place Or Mine, Slumberland, and The Weekend Away.

Georgia | USA

Where Was Holidate Filmed? A Netflix Romcom Movie!

The entire filming of Holidate was done in and around the Georgia region. Georgia is an incredible country with majestic mountains, green hills, attractive beaches, and deep caves. This is why filmmakers considered it the perfect choice for this vacation-themed film.

The production team used the Gwinnett Place Mall located at Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth for filming. Next, many pivotal sequences were filmed in Atlanta City. It is one of the largest cities in Georgia and has many beautiful attractions to explore.

There are so many renowned locations in Atlanta, and the production team utilized one among them: Atlanta Botanical Garden, located at Piedmont Ave NE. The team used the Domaine Nightclub in Crescent Ave NE to shoot a few sequences.

With its many attractive locations, Atlanta served as the backdrop for movies like Love To The Rescue, Big Door Prize, and Dumplin.

Top Attractions To Visit In Georgia

Where Was Holidate Filmed? A Netflix Romcom Movie!

Georgia is one of the best tourist destinations, rich in culture and history. So, if you like to know more about the country, the architectural buildings and museums in Georgia will take you to the past. Not only history lovers but the stunning landscapes and the fun activities also engage travelers and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the vacation.

So, if you are visiting Georgia for the first time, it can be confusing where to start. This is why I have prepared the list of top attractions to make your vacation plan much easier.

  • Tbilisi: It is the oldest and capital city of Georgia. This is the first and best place to visit and explore the city’s history by taking a walking tour. By doing so, you’ll encounter incredible ancient churches, ramshackle buildings, and renovated modern buildings.
  • Svaneti: It is a private area in Georgia with only one long road to reach the destination. However you can get here by flight, but you have to book in advance to view this beautiful region.
  • Caucasian Mountains: If you enjoy trekking, then this is the best spot for you. While trekking through Caucasian Mountains, you’ll explore tiny villages, farmlands, and friendly local people.
  • Gergeti Trinity Church: One of the famous tourist destinations in Georgia is Gergeti Trinity Church, an iconic building. The best part about this place is you have to hike through the mountains of the Kazbegi region to reach this destination.
  • Batumi Beach: One of the best places to relax in Georgia is Batumi Beach. It is one of the unique places in Georgia, as you will not find any sand on the beach. Interesting, right?

Apart from these places, other interesting locations you can visit in Georgia are Martivili Canyon, Uplistsikhe, Gareji Caves, and Ananuri Castle. Well, these are all the details you need to know about where was Holidate filmed. Now, let me explain you the movie’s plot.

Plot Of Holidate | What Is The Story About?

Sloane Benson is a young woman who is only the single person in her family and hates holidays as everyone in their family is busy with their partners. On the other hand, Jackson is uninterested in dating his new girlfriend.

Sloane and Jackson meet in a store, and they get to know about their problems. Jackson asks Sloane to have quality time and let’s spend time together only on holidays. Sloane first hesitates, but she accepts, and both enjoy the New Year party together. Without any contact details, they leave for their own place. Again, they meet for Valentine’s Day and spend most holidays together. When will they realize their love? To find out, watch this cute romcom on Netflix.

Final Words

Well, readers! I hope now you know where was Holidate filmed. If you have any doubts related to this article, ask me in the comments section below. If you found this article helpful, check out other engaging filming locations articles, including Infamous, Midway, and Tall In The Saddle.

Who is the cinematographer of the film?

The cinematographer of the movie is Shane Hurlbut.

Who played the lead roles in the movie?

Emma Roberts played the female lead role, and Luke Bracey played the Jackson role. Other cast members of the movie include Kristin Chenoweth, Frances Fisher, Andrew Bachelor, and Jessica Capshaw.

Who are the producers of the film?

The producers of the movie are McG and Mary Viola.

Did the film win any awards?

Yes, the movie won one award.

What is the certification of the film?

The certification of the movie is TV-MA.

What is the best way to reach Batumi in Georgia?

The best route is from Tbilisi to Batumi, and you can take the train, the cheapest way to reach Batumi.

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