Where Was Inside Filmed? William Dofe’s Thriller Flick!


Psychological thrillers and crime fiction have become a favorite movie genre for many people. Elements like suspense, edge-of-seat excitement, and twists and turns draw huge audience attention. If you also prefer to watch thriller movies, I suggest adding the recently released movie Inside (2023) to your watchlist. Read this article until the end to learn more about this movie and where was Inside filmed.

The psychological thriller Inside is based on the story of Vasilis Katsoupis, who also directed the film. The script for the movie was written by Ben Hopkins. The film first premiered at Berlin International Film Festival on February 20, 2023. Later, the movie had its theatrical release on March 17, 2023.

The story of Inside revolves around Nemo, who goes to a luxury Penthouse to steal artwork but gets trapped inside the luxurious cage. The movie is unique, and the gripping scenes make you stick to the screen.

The Inside movie received positive reviews from critics and also earned two nominations. It has an IMDb rating of 6.3/10. The performance of William Dafoe was terrific and received great appreciation from the audience.

So, are you curious to know more about this plot? But before that let me tell you where was Inside filmed. Keep reading to learn the filming location details of Inside film.

Where Was Inside Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

Vasilis Katsoupis, with his story, approached the producers, and they liked the one-set movie concept. So, they asked Vasilis to work on the script and select the cast members. Vasilis selected Ben Hopkins to improve the script and add intriguing elements to the screenplay. 

After completing the script, the team began their discussion with cast members. Since it is a one-set movie and revolves around one character, the team required only a few actors. First, they selected Willem Dafoe for the lead role. Some other actors include Gene Bervoets, Eliza Stucyck, and Andrew Blumenthal.

The movie scenes are majorly set in a luxurious house. So, the team took little time to choose the filming locations as they were not required to shoot outdoors. But according to the movie theme, the team had to create some artwork and set the property with all the necessary things for the film.

The movie’s principal photography began on April 2021 and continued till June 2021. During the filming, the team did not encounter any issues, and everything was completed smoothly within the estimated time.

Now, without further ado, let me tell you where was Inside filmed. In the meantime, you can also check out other thriller movies’ filming locations on our website, including Beyond Paradise, Triptych, and School Spirits.

Cologne | Germany

Where Was Inside Filmed? William Dofe’s Thriller Flick!

The entire filming of the Inside movie was done in the Cologne region. It is the largest and fourth-most populous city in western Germany. Cologne is the old Cathedral city renowned for its twelve Romanesque Churches. The production team of Inside required only a few locations in this region and utilized some of the best attractions of Cologne for the movie.

Cologne is one of the best tourist destinations, offering everything from historical places to relaxing areas. Some historical attractions that you need to see are Majestic Cologne Cathedral, Historic Old Town Cologne, Cologne City Hall, and The Wallraf-Richartz & Ludwig Museums. For relaxation, you can visit Cologne Zoological Gardens, Cable Car, Chocolate Museum, and Rhine River Cruise.

Germany is a famous filming location, and its different regions served as the backdrop for movies, including Kleo, Uncharted, and Lassie Come Home. If you visit Germany, you can spot many movie locations that recall your memory of the film.

Other Interesting Filming Details

Where Was Inside Filmed? William Dofe’s Thriller Flick!

One of the interesting aspects of Inside filming is many movie scenes were created on the spot. Every day the director would get a new idea and discuss it with the actor and crew members. If everyone was satisfied with the scene, they proceeded with the filming. Also, in an interview, Vasilis said that 40 percent of the movie is unscripted.

Dafoe also enjoyed filming unscripted scenes and dedicated much to this film. The team planned to shoot in chronological order to showcase the differences in physical nature. So, these are the filming details of Inside you need to know. Now, let me tell you the plot of the Inside movie.

Plot Of Inside | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Inside Filmed? William Dofe’s Thriller Flick!

Nemo is an art thief and enters the penthouse to steal three artworks from the art collector. But he is unable to find the artwork that he sought. When Nemo tries to leave the house, the security system activates, and the apartment is locked.

Nemo attempts to escape, but nothing works in his favor. He faces many struggles, like a broken thermometer causing the penthouse to become alternately too hot and cold and starving for food and water. Will he find a way to flee from the luxurious house? Watch this gripping drama to find out what happens to Nemo.

Final Words

Well, we’ve reached the end of the article about where was Inside filmed. I hope you learned the filming location details and the attractions in the location. So, note down all these locations and take a trip on your next vacation.

If you have any doubts or need to learn about your favorite movies’ filming locations, let us know in the comments. If you have more time to spend on our website, check out other filming location articles, Conan The Destroyer, Great Expectations, and The Summit.

Who are the producers of Inside?

The producers of Inside movie are Giorgos Karnavas, Marcos Kantis, and Dries Phlypo.

Who is the cinematographer of the movie Inside?

The cinematographer of the movie is Steve Annis.

Which production companies have worked in the movie Inside?

The production companies that have worked on the movie are  A Private View, Bord Cadre Films, and Heretic.

What is the tagline of Inside?

The tagline of Inside movie is This is not William Dafoe.

What is the runtime of the movie Inside?

The runtime of the movie is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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