Where Was Next Of Kin Filmed? Locations Of Action-Thriller Flick!


If you feel lonely or want to overcome your negative thoughts, then watching action-genre movies is the best way to handle them. Because the fast actions and other thrilling aspects in the movie helps you in escaping reality for a while. So, in this article, you’ll learn about the best action movie Next Of Kin (1989), and other interesting details, including where was Next Of Kin filmed.

The American action thriller movie Next Of Kin is directed by John Irvin. Michael Jenning wrote the screenplay for the film. The film was released in theatres on October 20, 1989, and received average reviews from the critics.

Next Of Kin is an enjoyable action movie with intriguing locations. So, are you curious to learn more about this action flick? If yes, continue reading the article to find out all the details.

Where Was Next Of Kin Filmed? All the Location Details You Need To Know!

Where Was Next Of Kin Filmed? Locations Of Action-Thriller Flick!

The story revolves around Truman, who leaves his home to become a police officer in Chicago. The film gets moving when one of his young brothers is killed, and Truman and his other brother Briar search for the killer. Next of Kin is an entertaining movie with stunning action sequences and also covers the emotions of family beautifully.

The movie is set in Chicago, and the production team greatly used the locations in Chicago for filming. Chicago is one of the most popular filming cities in the USA because of its stunning landscapes and high-quality production units. Many famous movies filmed in and around Chicago include A League Of Their Own, Family Matters, We Have A Ghost, and The Sting.

The filming of the Next Of Kin movie began on August 22, 1988, and there were no issues reported during the shooting. Now, without waiting longer, let me explain the exact filming location details where was Next Of Kin filmed.

Chicago, Illinois | USA

Where Was Next Of Kin Filmed? Locations Of Action-Thriller Flick!

The major filming of Next Of Kin was done in Chicago, the largest city in Illinois, famous for its vibrant cities and stunning architectural buildings. The production team utilized the Checkerboard Lounge located at E. 43rd Street for filming. Some vital movie sequences were filmed in Cabrini-Green Public Housing Projects.

A few shots were filmed in Jimmy Wong’s Restaurant and Rosehill Cemetery. The team also utilized one of the popular attractions, Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica National Shrine, located at Jackson Blvd, for filming some sequences. This location also featured in the popular movie, The Untouchables.

The production team also moved to Kentucky and filmed a few sequences in Hazard City, popularly known as Queen City of the Mountains. Some popular movies filmed in and around the Kentucky region include Bones And All, Carol, Asphalt Jungle, and Goldfinger.

Top Attractions To Visit In Chicago

Where Was Next Of Kin Filmed? Locations Of Action-Thriller Flick!

Chicago is popularly known as Windy City, with its unique architecture, historical and cultural attractions, and entertainment activities attracting numerous tourists from different parts of the world. If you plan a trip to Chicago, below is a list of must-see attractions.

  • Lincoln Park: It is one of the oldest and largest parks in the country. This is the best place to visit if you prefer to enjoy the great outdoor space where you can walk through jogging paths, explore the green spaces, and find unique species in Lincoln Park Zoo and the Standing Statue of Lincoln.
  • Chicago Theatre: If you enjoy watching live shows, it is the best spot to visit in Chicago. With the stunning interior designs and amazing shows, you can have a good time. Even if you don’t have time to watch the show, visit the place just visit to explore the architectural design.
  • Michigan Avenue: If you prefer to know the city life of Chicago, this is the spot you need to visit. An attractive region with iconic landmarks, shops, and numerous boutiques to explore.
  • Field Museum Of Natural History: A popular museum in Chicago where you can find a collection of over 20 million specimens from all fields, including Zoology, geology, and anthropology.
  • Buckingham Fountain: One of the most attractive locations in Chicago where you can enjoy the water show, the best time to visit this location is evening time.

Other attractions you can visit in Chicago are the Adler Planetarium, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago, Willis Tower Skydeck, and 360 Chicago.

Plot Of Next Of Kin | What Is The Story About?

Truman Gates, a police officer in Chicago, asks his younger brother, Gerald, to join work in Chicago as the Coal Mines close in their town. Gerald joined as a truck driver in Chicago, but the gangsters snatched his vehicle and killed him.

Truman returns to his hometown after several years for the funeral. His other brother Briar is angry with the killer and decides to take revenge on him. But Truman says he will find the killer and punish him by law. However, Truman’s promise doesn’t convince Briar, and he decides to search on his own. So, who will find the killer? To find out, watch the film today.

Final Words

Alright, readers! The above are all the details you need to know about where was Next Of Kin filmed. I hope this article is helpful for you to know about all the filming and other interesting information related to locations. If you enjoyed this read, I hope you’ll also like similar content on this website, including Little Dixie, The Canyon, and The River Thief.

Who is the cinematographer of the film?

The cinematographer of the movie is Steven Poster.

Who is the editor of the film?

The editor of the movie is Peter Honess.

Who played the lead actors in the movie?

Patrick Swayze played the Truman role, Liam Neeson Played the Briar role, Adam Baldwin played the Joey role, Bill Paxton played the Gerald role, and Helen Hunt played the Jessie role.

Did the film receive any awards?

The movie earned one nomination but didn’t win any awards.

What is the certification of the film?

Next Of Kin is an R-rated film.


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