Where Was Iron Eagle Filmed? An Intriguing Action Flick!


Are you looking to watch an action movie? If yes, I suggest watching the Iron Eagle (1986) movie. If you are not aware of this movie, then in this article, I’ll explain the plot and where was Iron Eagle filmed.

The action movie Iron Eagle was directed by Sidney J. Furie. He also served as the co-writer of the screenplay with Kevin Alyn Elders. The movie received negative reviews from critics as it was compared with another movie released in the same year with a similar theme. However, the film’s cinematography is appreciated because of the aerial sequences.

So, are you curious to learn where was Iron Eagle filmed? If yes, keep reading to find out the filming location details.

Where Was Iron Eagle Filmed? All The Location Details To Know!

Where Was Iron Eagle Filmed? An Intriguing Action Flick!

The story revolves around Doug Masters, the son of a US Air Force pilot who gets into action when the government fails to rescue his father from a Middle Eastern country’s prison. If you like to watch the jet action movie, it is the best choice for you to watch. Also, it is a great inspirational film; if you don’t worry about the reviews, you can try it.

After a long discussion, the production team selected California and Israel for filming. The team utilized the hangars and barracks to create the above-ground sequences. The flight sequences were challenging for the production team to film and took six weeks to film. Jim Gavin choreographed the aerial sequences.

The aerial jet fight sequences are so intriguing to watch. The filming of the movie began on April 29, 1985. Now, let me explain the exact details of where was Iron Eagle filmed.

California | USA

Where Was Iron Eagle Filmed? An Intriguing Action Flick!

The major filming of Iron Eagle was done in the California region. The production team utilized different streets and avenues for filming. The significant Air Force scenes were filmed in the Camarillo Airport located at Airport Way in Camarillo. The Skyway Drive in Camarillo was also used for filming some sequences.

Dough is a high school student in the film, and some high school scenes were filmed in the Fillmore High School located at Central Avenues. A few Air force based scenes were filmed in the regions like Airport Way and W. Pleasant Valley Road, Rosamond Skypark in Knox Avenue, and Van Nuys. A few sequences were filmed on W. Ventura Street in Fillmore.

Other action movies filmed in and around the California region include Ahsoka, Rogue Warfare, and 65.


Where Was Iron Eagle Filmed? An Intriguing Action Flick!

Next, the team moved to Israel to film a few crucial movie sequences. The Airbase scenes were filmed in the Israel region. Although Israel is a small region, it has splendid scenic beauty and many popular landmarks, making it an ideal location for filming. Israel also served as a backdrop in many popular movies like Fauda, Schindler’s List, The Insider, and Spy Game.

There are numerous attractions and things to do in Israel. You can visit the Negev Desert, Avdat National Park, Dolorosa, Western Wall Tunnels, Dead Sea, Rosh HaNikra Grottoes, and Tel Aviv City.

Some Interesting Production Details To Know

Where Was Iron Eagle Filmed? An Intriguing Action Flick!

The movie’s initial title was Junior Eagle, and many studios rejected the script. But the 20th Century Fox production head liked the script as it was like the old John Wayne film. So, after getting approval for the project, the pre-production work started in 1984.

In the movie’s poster F-16 is featured, but the United States Air Force has a strict policy not to feature in any of the films. So, the production team moved to Israeli Air Force to film the pivotal aerial flight sequences. The team used Israeli jets to film the U.S. and Bilyan air forces. To differentiate the nations, the team painted the jets.

The fictional weapons were used for bombing, but the film’s effects seem real. So, these are all the interesting details about Where was Iron Eagle filmed and other production details. Now, let me explain to you the plot of Iron Eagle film.

Plot Of Iron Eagle | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Iron Eagle Filmed? An Intriguing Action Flick!

Dough Masters is a high school senior aspiring to join the Air Force. His father, Colonel Ted Masters, is an expert US Air Force Pilot, and Dough has many military kids as friends. Dough has experience controlling jet F16 with his father.

In one mission to a Middle Eastern Country, Dough’s father was shot down and prisoned by the government. When Dough heard the news, he asked the U.S. government to help, but they had no plans to rescue his father. Dough gets angry, and with the help of his father’s friend Chappy, he makes a plan to rescue his father. Will Dough be able to rescue his father with his skills? To find out, watch this intriguing action film.

Final Words

Well, I hope now you know where was Iron Eagle filmed. If you found this article helpful, you can find other engaging articles on this website, including Tall In The Saddle, A River Runs Through It, and Gran Torino. Also, share your feedback about the article in the comments section below.

Who is the cinematographer of the film?

The cinematographer of the movie is Adam Greenberg.

Who played the lead role in the film?

Jason Gedrick played the lead role in the movie. He is also known for his other works, like Dexter, Criminal Minds, and Backdraft. The actors, including Louis Gossett Jr. as Chappy and David Suchet as Minister of Defense, played some other important roles.

Who is the editor of the film?

The editor of the movie is George Grenville.

Who is the music composer of the film?

The music composer of the film is Basil Poledouris.

What is the certification of the film?

The certification of the movie is PG-13.

What are the best seasons to visit Israel?

The spring and autumn seasons are the best time to visit Israel. It is not recommended to visit in the winter season because there will be more rainfall.

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